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Subway Challenges

Driving to work with my Windowss down, Moon roof unfastened and the beating sound of Nate Dog? s music tintinnabulation in my ear, I was holding a all right forenoon. Even though I knew Saturday forenoons get busy I figured I would acquire through it merrily. Many people are rude in their ain ways and eating house employees have to larn how to cover with them. As I got ready for work I didn? t realize that I would be acquiring the most atrocious client in all of my old ages working at Subway. I tried giving superior client attention to the middle-aged adult females but she threw the money at me and took her sandwich and repast and stormed out of the eating house. Small did I know that my? all right? twenty-four hours would be a black 1. Consumers do non recognize the torment and hurt that Subway employees have to travel through to fulfill a client.

Knowing that my displacement at work Begins at nine in the forenoon I decided non to put my dismay. Not waking up to the disconnected pitch sound of the dismay leaves me with an ear to ear smiling. I loved working Saturday forenoons because every Saturday I worked from nine in the forenoon to four in the afternoon, which leaves the remainder of the twenty-four hours free. I normally go out for a dark of merriment with my cousins and friends. Knowing that clients drive brainsick and that they might hit my auto, I had my favourite parking infinite, which is normally taken but this forenoon it? s non. I parked in the infinite next to a tree where merely one vehicle can park following to my auto. I had full position from work of who parks following to my Ag BMW. Not excessively much clip passes before I got into work and took the cold containers full of chopped ruddy tomatoes, white American cheese, cut green Piper nigrums, and the deli manner jambon and Meleagris gallopavo out of the icebox and prepared it for the clients. Filled to the top of the

container all the cold? cut-meats are ready to function. I like when everything is cleaned and filled to the top. I so conveying the black mats out and set one under the sodium carbonate machine so that the floor will non be sticky from the fountain drinks and I put the other mat at the entryway of the door so clients can pass over their places.

Standing all forenoon functioning clients with attention, my legs Begin to dribble with hurting. Rush hr is get downing and I can? t even think of taking my interruption. ? White or wheat sir? ? No reply. ? Sir would you like white staff of life or wheat staff of life? ? No reply once more until I raise my voice merely a small to acquire his attending. Almost every individual that comes in is either speaking on their cell phone or shouting at their childs, with approximately 10 clients waiting in line to be served and I normally get a ailment about how long it took for a individual to be served. I can? t base and explicate to the client why people are speaking to their household or friends while I? m taking an order. Or why it took so long for the client before them to order, so I merely take it to the bosom and I apologize for the delay. After all the apologizing for other people? s errors, and sometimes mine for seting green sliced bell-pepper on a client? s sandwich when they asked non to, or when they ask to set excess mustard when I didn? T. I stride to the electric refrigerator pleased that the first-come-first-serve hr is over and take out nutrient apparatuss to make full the bain ( where the nutrient is set-up for clients ) . Following I take out frozen dough from the deep-freeze to prepa

rhenium it for baking.

After cleaning the bain, front tabular arraies, and steamy sodium carbonate machine I decided to take my interruption. My sandwich is ever simple because I merely want to sit down and loosen up. I took out a white soft six-inch sandwich and set cheese, three pieces of Meleagris gallopavo, boodle and tomato with a small elan of salt and Piper nigrum. Tired but happy that its eventually clip for me to

take my interruption, I sat in the forepart corner by myself off from all the demanding clients.

Merely as I took a large bite of my sandwich, a herd of people came into the shop. Soon after sitting down I got up and helped the employees go forthing my repast and soda sit as the ice in my cherry Pepsi melted in the office. I later put my baseball mitts on and a middle-aged adult female with large ruddy spectacless and ruddy bushy hair approached me. She ordered a figure four six-inch on wheat staff of life. Briefly I took out the staff of life and cut it into half. ? Is the staff of life fresh? ? She asks spitefully. ? Yes it is. ? I said courteously. I asked if she wanted all the veggies in her sandwich and she said no. ? All I would wish is lettuce and tonss of onions. ? Shortly I finished her sandwich. Afterwards she asked for the other half of the sandwich. I made the sandwich and I wrapped it up. ? How much are the cookies? ? I pointed to the mark where it says three for a dollar and one for 40 cents while I rang her repast up. I looked out the window to look into if anyone is around my auto. Equally shortly as I did that a auto pulled right following to it. I heard the client mumble something about non desiring the cookies but at that point I didn? T attention. I wanted to watch out for my auto. The client parked really closely to my BMW, but they didn? T hit it. ? That was rude. ? She said really approximately. Because I wasn? T paying attending to her and I paused a piece to watch out for my auto, she all of a sudden changed to merely a ill-mannered client to a awful horrid individual. I apologized and explained that I was pealing her repast up and I wasn? Ts truly paying attending. Her face wrinkled up, superciliums raised, and her eyes stared grimly into mine. ? Four-ninety-eight for your repast mom? am. ? She pulled out a five-dollar measure out of her cragged immense ruddy bag, crumbled it plus threw it at me and marched really rapidly out the

door. I can non believe she did that, all I did was look out for my auto a minute. I didn? t give her a bad attitude, I even apologized. I felt so atrocious that I didn? Ts take my interruption or finish my sandwich because I have ne’er been treated like that. I felt like I was a peasant merely doing sandwiches for the? Kings and Queens. ? She or anyone else is non any better than I am and I should non hold been treated that manner. I wanted my displacement to be over shortly. She ruined my twenty-four hours.

Finally my displacement is over and I? m glad my twenty-four hours at work is done. Although there are good clients that come in and I enjoy functioning, there are ever the bad 1s that devastate my twenty-four hours. Not merely do I have to watch my manners because I have to demo

courtesy to the clients I have to be careful of my auto because I don? T want any wild client hitting it. I feel that I have to populate and larn from this and other state of affairss. I so met my friends at Denny? s and we ate at that place. Recognizing what sort of a twenty-four hours the

waitress is likely traveling through, I treated the waitress with extreme regard and I gave her a large tip.

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