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& # 8220 ; Success is counted sweetest/By those who ne & # 8217 ; er win & # 8221 ; Emily Dickinson

Since the beginning of my life I have been analyzing. In the early old ages of my childhood I didn & # 8217 ; t rather understand what my function was all about. I ever wondered why is it that I have to travel to school everyday even on Saturday because my ma said that it is good to be around smart people. When I was turning up I found the reply by myself. I started to understand when I was eight old ages old. I began to see school as the topographic point to acquire knowledge this that my parents cant learn me at place. I besides saw ( and really see ) School as a topographic point to play, have positive ideas and bask life without forget about category and what society is anticipating from us, and to socialise to hold good friends, friends that attention and have the same involvement in success as I do.

Now being 18 old ages old I know a batch more of myself. I can do and I have made determinations that truly have a direct consequence on me. Three old ages ago I decided make my best at school to hold a good high school instruction and do myself better every twenty-four hours. Since I am in love with my school I have accomplish many thing like making extracurricular activities.

On March 1998 I joined United Talents a group of pupil that help the Parents Association to form activities. We use to dance our Dominican Republic common people music for our parents and do each presentation more gratifying for them each clip. Actually I am take parting in a batch of activities, which are the cheat nine, yearbook as staff and lensman, swimming pool taking a class to be a lifesaver and assisting in the computing machine lab.

In the cheat nine as I heard I will be elected as a vice-president of the nine do to the fact that I have accomplish mulct in the metropolis tourneies ( every last Sunday of each month ) . The yearbook is really interesting for me because I like taking images and Mrs. Serrano gave me a workshop working as a lensman which I enjoy a batch. Those images I take travel to the yearbook staff and they decide what to add to the school twelvemonth book. In the computing machine La

B, I use to assist because I have some experience utilizing computing machines. Some people don’t cognize how to utilize the computing machine at all. In the computing machine lab, I am at that place to assist them happen what they want and show them how to make it.

All these activities that I merely mentioned and item have a great influence assisting me even more to hold a college instruction to be more utile in society. I like Electrical Engineering because I use as a child I use to rupture apart wirelesss and electrical things merely to see the interior ( the circuits ) . I besides decide to go and Electrical Engineer because I like to make things, to assist in this modern society and to better even more solar energy usage. Photography is one of my aspirations because I like to do my ain massage in the images I take. I have been working in picture taking since I came to this state in 1995. First I merely was larning how to enlarge exposures to go and lab technician in the darkrooms but so I started to take images and know I have ( I would state ) a basic cognition about picture taking and all the procedure.

In many undertakings that I have participated in school and out of school & # 8220 ; History Is Our Story & # 8221 ; was the most interested one ( for me ) . That undertaking was about composing essays from a point of position of a individual that lived a historical event such as a war or a holocaust. In that undertaking we have to portion with pupils from others high school our experience being that certain individual and acquire into phychology to explicate the individual & # 8217 ; s feeling. We besides make a montage, which I name Past, Present, Future and Us. This montage subsequently would be exhibit in Brooklyn museum.

I have ever say that all I have I ever carry it with me. That include my female parent & # 8217 ; s love because clasp onto each other. We are really confident. She decided to come to USA.The job we faced was that by coming here everything would alter for us. I was afraid of that. I didn & # 8217 ; t speak English but she it was O.K. , that we should come to seek a better hereafter and do best of our ego working and believing positive ever. That feeds my bosom every twenty-four hours.


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