Suffering… The inquiry “Why a agony became” appears in human. who faces with jobs and enduring. “If the God is sort. why I am enduring? ” . . And the agony has non pass me. In the Book of Job an writer attempts to give right reply to the inquiry. The Book of Job is the most profound and literary work of the full Old Testament. It relates the narrative of Job. his tests at the custodies of the Satan. his challenge to God. his theological treatments with friends on the beginnings and nature of his agony. and eventually a response from God.

The chief thought of the book – the secret of enduring. Peoples believed that all their wickednesss were causes of their ain agonies. But God`s merely wages of His people and penalty of enemies. as they deserved. was a job. which ever a testing of Old Testament Saints` religion. As Job suffered really much. his friends believed that he made some large wickedness. Though the book does non give full reply to formulated inquiry. it shows that enduring and sorrow sent by God non merely as penalty ( Job`s illustration ) . but besides as challenge and as development of human`s character. for exhortation and instruction. Unintelligible and unpointed agony of Job terminals. when tired by everyday`s wisdom of Job`s friends. The God replies to the sick person in the air current and the storm ( 38:1-40:2 ; 40:6-41-34 ) . reminding to Job about His glorification and magnificence. about difficult construction of the universe and its admirations. Now Job says: “I know that You can make all things. And that no intent of Yours can be thwarted” ( 42:2 ) . Job`s friends can non reply to the inquiry. there is no reply even in the terminal of the book ( Job`s book ) . The writer conveys God`s words – naming to Job. but this words don`t give any accounts. neither Job`s agony. nor obvious meaningless life.

Alternatively of this. we read fantastic. great verse form about God`s Godhead. about Creation`s flawlessness. and ipso facto God`s glorification ( and glorification of the created universe ) eclipsed all Job`s jobs and agonies ( Ch. 38-41 ) . If Job can non explicate simple and well-known facts of the nature and scientific discipline. how can he explicate the secret of God`s waies. The fact that God did non explicate the secret of enduring. learning us that He wants our trust. In the face of this single disclosure and God`s moving. Job admits. that all life events should be accepted with trust. idolizing to God. The inquiry of causes of human enduring can non be solved on rational degree. and there is no topographic point in Bible with rational reply. Job`s friends were happening simple account to presence of the immorality and below the belt agony in the universe. but writer of the book wantonnesss of royal roads. Presence of immorality in God`s universe is still insolvable conundrum. but those. who tries to work out the conundrum. draw encouragement in the Book of Job. Job understands that he can non hold on his ain destiny and he is obliged to trust merely on God. That`s why his dog-tired bosom finds a remedy. because God enters into his life and one time once more surrounds him by love and attention. Constant. restarting in any state of affairss swearing to God is the lone manner to defy to falseness of human life.

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