Sugar Cane Plantations Essay, Research PaperSugar Cane PlantationsIn 1913 my Great Grandfather Man Kum Paik immigrated to Hawaii to work in the ill-famed sugar cane plantations. He foremost arrived in Koloa, Kauai. My Great Grandmother came over two old ages subsequently. They moved to the Big Island where my Great Grandfather worked in the Plantation Fieldss in the Paala works.

After holding his first kid he moved the household over to Hilo because the school that was around Paala merely went up to the 6th class. He wanted his kids to be educated at a high school degree so he moved the household over to Hilo.The offer that my Great Grandfather and many other took was similar to this bundle which included a fee transition to Honolulu from Korea, subsistence and medical attending during the journey. The contract kept work forces working for at least three old ages upon their reaching. The labourers would have free lodging for them every bit good as their household if applicable. Medical attending and medical specialty were both offered to the work forces and their households.

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The work forces were besides exempt from personal revenue enhancements, he and his household enjoyed the personal protection of the Torahs that existed in the district of Hawaii, and all of his kids who were under the age of 14 were allowed free public instruction. Work force were paid 15 dollars a month and raised a dollar after finishing each twelvemonth. His married woman and kids were besides allowed to work and the rewards were male childs got 50 cents per twenty-four hours, misss got 30 five cents per twenty-four hours, and adult females were paid 40 cents per twenty-four hours.A typical twenty-four hours would get down off with a whistling at five Os? clock in the forenoon. The typical twenty-four hours would last for 10 hours. The typical sugar cane cutter was paid 67 cents per twenty-four hours.

The Caucasic male was paid five 62 per twenty-four hours for making bookkeeping work. Womans were forced to wake up at four O? clock in the forenoon. They started earlier because they had to repair breakfast and tiffin for both themselves and their hubbies. At five Os? clock their hubbies or the work forces would wake up. At six O? time the adult females and work forces would garner at the train or walk to the field. At 11 they would blow the whistling for tiffin. At 11 30 they were put back to work. At four 30 the adult females would go forth and repair supper for their households.

At eight Os? clock visible radiations would be turned out. Womans were besides forced to take attention of the family, but adult females were besides forced to take attention of work forces that weren? T married yet every bit good. Some adult females were forced to make dual work because some unmarried mans didn? Ts know how to take attention of themselves so many married womans had to cook for her hubby every bit good as other unmarried mans.Plantation life was difficult and many households had no pick. Plantation life might hold really been the better pick for many households. My Great Grandfather opened up a Laundromat and had ten healthy kids.

The plantation occupation got him to the islands, but it was his hatred for the rough labour conditions that pushed him to happen a better occupation so that he could supply more for his household every bit good as his expansive childs and great expansive childs.

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