Summary – Advneture is the best way The article Guidelines For The Sandhan Valley Trek One of the greatest canyons in the Sahyadri mountain range, Sandhan valley, is a very popular Valley for trekking.

Set in the Nagar district, in getting proximity to the fort Ratangad, Sandhan valley is also known as the ‘Valley of Suspense’.The Mystic Sandhan Valley Trek The 200ft deep and about 2kms long, water-carved valley, is a sight for the beholder. Trekking over the narrow strip of the valley between 200ft rock walls is a breath-taking experience that is a must-have for young adventure enthusiast.

 Descending the Sandhan valley is a great adventure trip that is mixed with a bit of stargazing, and camping under the sparkling sky. The Valley of shadows is named so, owing to the trek where at some places the sun rays are unable to even reach the ground. The trek involves crossing 2 water pools before the gorge ends, the level of water may vary upon the season, in winter water it is waist high and in summer the water may be knee deep.The adventurous trek involves rappelling down 1 patch of the famous Sandhan Valley rock patches.

The Sandhan Valley trek is a unique experience of trekking in a beautiful natural gorge, with an abundance of adventure activity such as Rappelling and Camping.  Sandhan Valley Trek time:  The complete time for the trek is around 5 hours, which includes rappelling, crossing the 2 pools of water, deep gorges and dwelling in the breath-taking view at the end of the gorge. Getting there – The Central Railway train bound for Kasara is the best way to get to Sandhan Valley from Mumbai.

The journey is about 2 hours, 40 minutes long and. one must check the railway time-table before setting out. From Kasara to Samrad village for a distance of 80km, it is recommended one opt for a jeep, that takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the base village. One can also opt for an ST bus from Kasara or Igatpuri station to reach Sandhan Valley. Few Things To Know Before Venturing On The Trek To Sandhan Valley1.     Th trek to Sandhan valley is very physically challenging, which involves walking for an extended period of time over the sometimes rough terrain.

2.     It is required one has no health conditions, such as diabetes, heart problems or asthma when opting for such strenuous treks and adventure activities. 3.     One must be in excellent physical fitness, carry all necessary equipment, and planned appropriately for acclimatization. 4.     Sandhan valley trek is rated as a challenging trek, with most of the trekking here being a descend, with the need to negotiate huge boulders. One may have to use ropes and rock climbing gear on some parts of the descent.

  5.     There are no stay accommodation options at the mystic Sandhan valley, and one needs to camp in the open or use tents if intending to stay overnight.6.     Tents, sleeping bags, ropes, rappelling gear, food, first aid and safety equipment’s, warm clothing and, water are quintessential on the trek to Sandhan valley.7.     Mobile network connectivity may not be strong and even unavailable in some areas in the valley.

The Sandhan Valley trek is the perfect place for adventure enthusiast to have a perfect city detox and pump their veins with adrenaline. However, it is advice one select the right adventure tour providers which are well-equipped and experienced to guide the trek with safety and comfort by researching and reading online reviews.

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