Summary            In the article “Autism: CauseFactors, Early Diagnosis, and Therapies” Shreya Bhat, U. Rajendra Acharya, HojjatAdeli, G. Muralidhar Bairy, and Amir Adeli discuss the different types ofautism and several possible causes of autism. Out of all of the disabilities,autism is among the fastest growing, and according to the CDC, 1 in 68 are bornwith autism (Bhat, Acharya, Adeli, Bairy, & Adeli, 2014). Autism cannot becured. However, there are many things that can be done to help those who haveautism.

Bhat, Acharya, Adeli, Bairy, and Adeli (2014) discussed the three maintypes of autism as autistic disorder (or classic autism), Asperger’s syndrome,and pervasive developmental disorder.             Therehave been many different studies and lots of research done to try to figure outthe causes of autism. The authors also gave five possible causes of autism inthe article: “genetic/chromosomal variations, over-connectivity between neuralassemblies, under-connectivity of functional brain regions, environmental factors,and impairment in white matter connectivity and gray matter diffusivity” (Bhat,Acharya, Adeli, Bairy, & Adeli, 2014, p. 4). Because not every case ofautism is diagnosed at the same time or age, it can be difficult to know all ofthe causes of autism. Analysisof Author’s Key PointsAutism spectrum disorder (ASD) isdefined as “a complex neurobiological disorder characterized by neurobiologicaland behavioral deficits” (Bhat, Acharya, Adeli, Bairy, & Adeli, 2014, p.1). CHD8 or “chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 8” is a mutated genethat has been found to be associated with autism (Bhat, Acharya, Adeli, Bairy, &Adeli, 2014, p.

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4). GABA is a gamma-aminobutyric acid and elevated levels ofthis acid is thought to be a cause of autism. In individuals who have ASD, the neuralconnectivity is increased, causing various musical abilities to be retained. Thesevariations are classified as symptoms of autism. Virtual reality is used tohelp with early diagnoses of autism through helping to monitor eye gazes ofindividuals. PersonalReflection             One can see that, through this studythat there is constant research being done for people to learn more about thecauses of autism and what can be done to help individuals with autism livetheir lives to their full potential.

Many therapies and treatments have beendiscovered to help these individuals. The authors agree that because autism isa neurobiological disorder, it may be difficult to pinpoint one specific cause.However, because of the modern technologies, it is now easier to detect at anearly time in an individual’s life. 

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