In my paper I will cover the attack my home-state has toward sexual marauders and the ways in which the marauders are processed through our province legal system.

I will besides cover the boundary lines that protect the common citizen from a marauder. My place province is California and I am proud to state that my province has one of the strictest sentencing agendas in the full United States. The sentencing agenda is called “The Three Strikes Law” . This jurisprudence mandates non merely sex wrongdoers but any felony wrongdoers. In some instances violent sexual wrongdoers are prosecuted with a jurisprudence called “One Strike” where as when a violent sexual offense is committed so they offender would be prosecuted with confronting life in imprisonment for their first work stoppage.It is strongly believed by me that we have a one work stoppage jurisprudence for all violent sex wrongdoers whose victims were bush leagues. Sexual activity wrongdoers whose offense is violent in nature are prosecuted one of three ways in California.

They are either prosecuted as a “one strike” . “habitual sex offender” or a “three strike” felon. Prosecutors that are faced with seeking these wrongdoers are non allowed in the province of California to plea deal with the suspect at all it’s at that place occupation to implement the jurisprudence to its fullest unless there is ground to believe that the suspect might be guiltless. ( Casteneda. 17. 9 ) I still strongly believe in the fact that all people are guiltless until proved guilty. That is where we may hold some kids that will lie about sexual Acts of the Apostless go oning to them merely to acquire attending. This is where utilizing Deoxyribonucleic acid to our advantage would pay off every bit good as utilizing colza DNA kits on kids describing to be a victim.

California every bit good as most provinces has implemented a jurisprudence called “Megan’s Law” . This jurisprudence requires sexual marauders that have been convicted of a sex offense to register themselves with the local governments. This information is besides public information that any individual can merely travel onto the cyberspace or to the local constabulary station to reexamine.

In the province of California the wrongdoer is non merely required to be registered with their fingerprints and image but they are besides capable to providing their Deoxyribonucleic acid and their Deoxyribonucleic acid is so placed into the system. In the event that there is a sex offense the Deoxyribonucleic acid left behind by the wrongdoer can be ran through the database to see if there is a lucifer. ( Harris. 2012 ) Some people may see this as a entire misdemeanor of a person’s rights as a citizen of the United States. It is in my sentiment that one time you have become an unpredictable marauder in our society you are non meriting of the same rights as a jurisprudence staying citizen. Rights in our state are fought for and earned in most instances rights are passed down to our kids and people that become citizens and they have every right to exert those rights until they cross the line.

I think if you are a good citizen that has no ailment will or perversions so giving your Deoxyribonucleic acid to be held on file should be no job at all. In fact I don’t see why we are non wholly registered by our Deoxyribonucleic acid when we go in to acquire our drivers license. Why non merely do certain we have tabs on everyone alternatively of doing people give up their Deoxyribonucleic acid or fingerprints after they become a menace. If we had everyone’s DNA and fingerprints so it would do it much faster to happen the marauder when there is a victim. When a individual is caught and convicted of a sex offense so they should be locked up under the “one work stoppage law” and ne’er allowed to be a member of the general populace in our society. ( Harris. 2012 ) This is the best preventive steps I can believe of and I believe it would take down the sex offense rate significantly.

Would it be a batch of money and make issues? Well the reply is yes but the benefit outweighs the bad and it is my sentiment that it is to the full deserving it.In my sentiment on if the legislative acts are excessively rough or excessively soft when sing sex wrongdoers is that I don’t believe it is rough plenty. I genuinely wish there was a manner to halt these atrocious Acts of the Apostless from of all time go oning to get down with. It is my sentiment that if locking up a individual for life after merely one sexual discourtesy would halt the marauders so I say lock them up and throw away the key.

It is excessively bad that there are really people out at that place in our societies that believe these people that are deviants and marauders deserve to hold rights and things to do their life more comfy. Soliciting is adequate in the province of California to bear down a individual with a sex offense. Enticing and beging a sexual act from a kid is against the jurisprudence in California.We as a whole demand to happen and utilize every manner we can in order to halt the sexual marauders from taking our households off from us. I was a victim of a sex offense when I was much younger and since it was in 1980 and the province of Oklahoma did non pick up the charges the adult male and married woman that kidnapped and sexually assaulted me was let travel to go on on as though nil had of all time happened. My sister was 19 and I was merely three old ages old.

She sold me for drugs to these people and they committed Acts of the Apostless on me that I would ne’er make bold wish upon my worst enemy. My female parent opted to non press charges at the clip because it would intend that my sister would besides be charged. I am really grateful that in today’s universe the parent of a molested kid or sexually assaulted kid is no longer able to do this type of pick. I frequently wonder if they did it to another small child or if they stopped assailing small childs after this happened. In a universe where it is Torahs and grownups that are all we have to protect our kids I applaud the condemnable justness system on our patterned advance and I will be looking frontward to our hereafter strides frontward in order to further protect our darling people in this great state.MentionsHarris. K.

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