Summary Of The Great Gatsby Essay, Research Paper

Summary of The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a book about rich people that are

contending about adult females, money etc. After I read this book I

realized that even if you are rich you don Ts have to be

happy. There are two chief characters: Nick Carraway and Jay

Gatsby, both rich work forces. Here s the narrative in a short

version & # 8230 ; Nick Carraway is a immature adult male from a wealthy

household, populating in a Middle Western metropolis. The Carraway s are

something of a kin really. Nick s gramps came here

in 1851 and started a concern, which his male parent carries on

today. Nick graduated from Yale University in 1915, and merely

a small subsequently he was in the Great War. When he came back he

decided to travel East and larn the bond concern. He came East

for good in the spring of 1922. He found a house on the

island which extends due East of New York. He has a

beautiful house in a topographic point called West Egg. That was on Long


He made contact with his neighbour populating closest to

him, Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby was a really rich adult male with an

tremendous belongings. His house had a large lawn, a swimming pool

and an sole garden. Despite all his money, he wasn t a

really happy adult male. There was no adult female in his life, merely

& lt ;< br />

retainers. His manner of acquiring in touch with people was

through his parties. He had parties in his place all the

clip. The house ever got messed up, so the retainers had a

batch to make the twenty-four hours after the party.

Nick got to cognize a batch of people, some better than

others. One of the people he met was a adult male called Tom

Buchanan. He was the sort of adult male cipher likes. When he got

angry, he would take it out on his married woman, Daisy. He would

round her, one time he even broke her nose. He ever got intoxicated

at parties and started statements. He was besides a deceiver. He

had a kept woman named, Myrtle Wilson. She lived in an

expensive flat in New York, which Tom paid for.

Daisy knew about Tom s matter with Myrtle she merely

ne’er spoke a word to him about it. She really fell in

love with Gatsby and when Tom found out he got really angry.

What Gatsby didn T know was that Tom and Daisy had a

girl. When he found out that he didn T cognize what to state

or make. Daisy said that they couldn t meet any longer, that it

was over. Gatsby dies in the terminal. How you ask? I can t state

you everything, that would destroy the stoping for you. In the

terminal, Nick left the East Coast and went place. He had seen

nil but catastrophes and sadness after he came to West


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