As we know from the first 5 chapters, a group of friends convince their parent’s to let them go on the camping trip. Each one of them loved the trip but they are yet to find out the worst periods of their life. As Elli and her group of friends were returning from there camping trip, they headed straight to Else’s first to only find out that her dogs were dead except the oldest, Millie. They then rushed inside to also see no sign of life and an empty, neat house.The first thought they could think off was to ring one of the other parent’s but hey soon realized there was no power and this is when the panic really started to kick in. Homers house was next but it was also in the exact same state, empty house with no sign of life anywhere in it.

Terrible assumptions started being made then and the group ended up deciding to walk to Seven’s and then Carries next after yelling and crying at each other. Once again, same result for Kevin and carries, dead animals, empty house but Kevin was delighted to see his pet corgi alive.Once they got to carries, they had their first meal for a while and got the chance to discuss and liaise what had most likely happened.

Just as they were leaving to head to Robin’s, Elli found a note on the wall from Carries dad explaining what had happened and where to go. After reading that note, it confirmed that they had been invaded but it gave the group a burst of energy so they set off to Robin’s because they felt it was only fair if everyone saw their home. After seeing what they expected at Robin’s- an empty home- they decided to split into separate groups because they felt it would be safer.So Homer headed off with If to her house, Robin went with Lee to his whilst Elli, Courier and Kevin headed off to see what was happening at the show grounds.

After creeping through trees for some time, Elli, Courier and Kevin finally got the chance to see what was happening in the show ground but they did not like what they were seeing. It was big tents with people inside them and soldiers on the outside. Whilst peeking through the trees, a soldier got a glimpse of them and fired away before chasing them for some time.As the Soldiers got closer and closer to the group they got blown up by a gas bomb that was set out. Around about the time that they were meant to be meeting the others they were delighted to see Homer and If but there was no sign of Robin and Lee. Without worrying about the other two yet, they quickly rode off to Carries.

Everyone was explaining what had happened to them in the last few hours, then they planned out their plan off attack for later on that day and finally got some rest. Summarizer By Sediment

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