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Event: The Lost Colony of

Date: August 1590

Description: The Roanoke Colony
was established in 1585 by Queen Elizabeth to establish a settlement in
America. The colony was led by Sir Walter Raleigh. During the Anglo-Spanish
war, it was hard to travel to the settlement to check on them and deliver supplies
so no one knew anything about the success of the colonists. After the war,
three years later, the colonists disappeared. There are a few good clues about
the people’s destiny but no one knows what happened to the colonists today.

Major Players: John White, Sir
Walter Raleigh, Virginia Dare, Queen Elizabeth

BIG IDEAS: Mystery, Bravery, Confusion,
Hope, Fear



Event: Gutenberg’s Printing

Date: 1440

Description: When Gutenberg
invented the printing press, he changed the world. True, printing had been
invented a long time before this discovery (in ancient China), but most books
were still copied by hand, which was a slow and meticulous process. Because of
this, very few books were published- until Gutenberg’s invention came into
play. His idea means that these productions of copying books were done faster,
resulting in greater numbers of copies. This led to a changed world of more
books which meant more readers which meant more educated people.

Major Players: Johannes Gutenberg

BIG IDEAS: Education,
Revolution, Future, Modification, Literacy





Event: Oprah for President 2020

Date: January 7, 2018, to
present day

Description: On the night of the
2018 Golden Globes, Orpah Winfrey was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille award. She
gave a beautiful speech that electrified America and left everyone thinking-
Could she be president? Her speech was very presidential, but most people
believe that she isn’t qualified enough because of her background. She is an incredible
person but certainly isn’t involved much in politics. Nevertheless, she is a
new possible contender in the 2020 election.

Major Players: Oprah Winfrey

BIG IDEAS: Presidential,
Inspiration, Women’s Rights, Qualifications, Modern



Event: Southern California

Date: January 8, 2018, to
present day

Description: On January 8, the
first mudslide was reported in Southern California. These mudslides were said
to be caused by the winter rainstorms California has been receiving lately.
Torrential rains have caused flash flooding and tons of houses and buildings
have been damaged. So far, there has been 43 reported missing and 17 dead.

Major Players: South California

BIG IDEAS: Devastation,
Destruction, Weather, Flooding, Danger




Event: Harry Potter

Date: The first year of Harry’s
wizard life


 Harry’s first year of learning about his
wizard past would have been overwhelming enough without Voldemort in the mix.
Harry was the only person who had ever survived an attack by Voldemort and
Voldemort is out to get revenge. At the end of Harry’s first year of Hogwarts,
Voldemort is back. Harry teams up with his friends to defeat his enemy and
bring peace to the school temporarily.

Major Players: Harry, Voldemort,
Ron, Hermione

BIG IDEAS: Bravery, Wizard,
Legacy, Hero, Friendship



Event: The Outsiders

Date: The end of Johnny and
Dally’s lives


Johnny saves kids from
a fire when he’s off on the mountain and comes back home to recover.
Eventually, he dies and the boys are all heartbroken. Especially Dally. He runs
off to rob a store to get the police following him an eventually he is caught.
Dally pulls out an unloaded gun to force the police to shoot him. It becomes
clear that Dally got the one thing he wanted- he wanted to die.

Major Players: Johnny,
Dally, Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry

BIG IDEAS: Family,
Sacrifice, Hero, Unfair, Hard work



PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (Experience that has had a
profound effect on you)

Event: Moving to Texas

Date: Summer 2007

Description: In 2007,
our small family made the big move from Washington D.C to Spring, Texas.
Although I was a young kid in Virginia, it is a big part of my character. We
visit yearly and I love going up north. When I moved to Texas, I learned many
important life lessons. Making new friends was important to me, so it was great
that I grew up in the street I live on now, with plenty of other kids my age. I
am still friends with those kids now and I love Texas just as much as I love

Major Players: Me, My
family members, Olivia Campbell

BIG IDEAS: Friendship,
New Chances, Childhood, Life Lessons, Change


(Experience that has had a profound effect on you)

Event: Losing my

Date: January 12, 2016

Description: I am lucky
because I can say that I know all my family members, up to my
great-grandparents on both sides. So, when my friends talked about losing a
loved one, I couldn’t relate, that was until my great-grandpa passed away after
fighting a hard battle against cancer. I was very close to him and I considered
him a friend. I am lucky that I got to know him for so long and I know how to
live life to the fullest.

Major Players: Grandpa

BIG IDEAS: Sadness,
Mourning, Family, Pride, Reputation

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