1. 1 I work as a Particular Education Needs Teacher Assistant ( SEN TA ) in a twelvemonth two schoolroom in a primary school ; it is a little school with one category of around 30 kids for each twelvemonth. runing from response to twelvemonth 6. In twelvemonth two I work with aged 6-7 twelvemonth old kids. one instructor and a instructor helper. The school had a friendly ambiance about it and seemed really much like a large household as it had strong outside support from many parent assistants who voluntarily came in frequently supplying excess aid. While there I feel I built up a good working relationship with both staff and students.

As SEN TA my duties are to advance the inclusion and credence of all students. promote school policies on pupil behaviour. back up the execution of schemes and marks to pull off behaviour. contribute to the direction of student behaviour. employ schemes for behavior direction and describe any jobs to the instructor. describe any advancement towards marks for kids with Behavior Support Plans. supply degree of attending appropriate to pupil’s demands. modifying attack to guarantee that coveted results are achieved. trade with any break and study to the instructor any troubles that I was unable to get the better of. supply support for larning activities. feeding back to the instructor on advancement made. advance independent acquisition. encouraging pupils to take duty for their ain acquisition and advancing development of self-pride.

1. 2 Practitioner’s outlooks should be to go a valuable practician. to be dependable and construct good relationships with kids and parent callings. encouraging drama whilst acquisition. and by holding children’s best involvements e. g. physical activities. excursions. this would assist them to bask their growing in cognition and aid in heightening their development as a whole. Besides practicians should work as a squad with other staff members and parent/careers in order to back up the kids to advance the children’s initial larning so that the kids will experience confident and would be able hike up their self-esteem. and this will besides assist them in their hereafter. and fix them in farther instruction when they move onto school. Besides the outlooks that are to be done in arrangement at a relevant criterion is to oversee the kids this plays a large function in kid protection Act and wellness and policy.

Practitioners should ever watch the kids closely to forestall and cut down the badness of hurt to kids. Children frequently challenge their ain abilities but are non ever able to acknowledge the hazards involved. Practitioners need to oversee kids and place any hazards and minimise hurt. Keep is besides a relevant manner that ensures practicians are kept to rush with criterions as they are reviewed on a regular basis and must reflect KEEP ( the key elements of effectual pattern )

Keep provides model for the practicians to understand what effectual pattern expressions like. explicate their self-development program and to reflect on their work. “KEEP has been developed aboard and is consistent with the common nucleus of accomplishments and cognition for the children’s work force. which sets out the six countries of expertness that everyone working with kids. immature people and households should be able to show effectual communicating and battle with kids. immature people and households. kid and immature individual development. and safeguarding and advancing the public assistance of the kid.

Result 2

2. 1 Contemplation is the scrutiny of personal ideas and actions. This means concentrating on how you interact with co-workers. service users and the environment. It means believing about how you could hold done something otherwise. what you did good. what you could hold done better. How you can better what you have done. It besides means reflecting your ain values. beliefs and experiences which shape your ideas and thoughts. This will let you to obtain a clearer image of your ain behaviour and a better apprehension of your strengths and take appropriate future action. It is indispensable that we respect the accomplishments and expertness of other practicians we work aboard. To work as a squad we need to listen to others and take on board what they are stating. As person new to the function we can larn a batch from our more experient co-workers. To hold a good relationship with other co-workers we need to demo them that we respect their positions. cognition and sentiments.

In my short clip at Cranmere Primary I already feel that I have learnt a great sum from the other staff. peculiarly the support staff. This cognition is critical and priceless and will remain with me throughout my calling. A instruction helper who may experience the demand to better her cognition on covering with kids who have behavioural jobs would necessitate to make a college class. where she would necessitate to utilize the cyberspace and books for both her resource and mentions and excess information. To which she would so set all this into pattern and have a new knowing accomplishment that would be priceless to her professional function. While in your chosen profession. to hear the positions of what others think is besides another manner of developing yourself. they see you in a different manner to how you really see yourself.

They may give you advice on how you could better on a peculiar manner that you handled a difference between two kids. or how you had helped/or how you could assist a group of kids with a topic or even making a wall show. Their advice is an priceless manner of bettering one’s ego development. Another manner of bettering on your development is to larn from yourself. Reflect on how your twenty-four hours has gone and what you could hold improved. 2. 2 In order to go an active participant in the procedure of brooding pattern I answered 11 inquiries about events from past hebdomad. This exercising helped as to decode what we have learnt about ourselves. to happen our strengths and failings. what is our favourite undertaking and what we find hard and how we could set our manner of pattern to have the best consequences. See attachment 1 I completed a SWOC analysis from which stands for strengths and failings. chances and challenges.

In this signifier I listed 3 strengths and 3 failings. specified current chances available and challenges that prevent success. This helped me to pull up marks to input in my personal development program. See attachment 2 2. 3 Everyone has different values. beliefs and penchants. What you believe in. what you see as of import and what you see as acceptable or desirable is an indispensable portion of who you are. The manner in which you respond to people is linked to what you believe in. what you consider of import and what involvements you. You may happen you respond positively to people who portion your values and less heartily to people who have different precedences. When you develop friendly relationships. it is natural to pass clip with people who portion your involvements and values. However. the professional relationships you develop with people you support are another affair.

As a professional. you are required to supply the same quality of support for all. non merely for those who portion your positions and beliefs. This may look obvious. but cognizing what you need to make and accomplishing it successfully is non the same thing. Working in a school. you are bound to come across people whose positions you do non hold with. and who ne’er seem to understand your point of position. Awareness of differences. your reaction to them and how they affect the manner you work is a important portion of personal and professional development. If you allow your ain penchants to rule your work with people. you will neglect to execute to the criterions of the Codes of Practice for kid attention workers set out by the UK regulation organic structures.

All the codifications require child attention workers to esteem and advance people’s single positions and wants. But how do you pull off to do the right responses when there is a clang between your positions and those of the people you are working for? The first measure is to place and understand your ain positions and values. We each conveying our backgrounds. beliefs. values. endowments and behavior criterions to work. Take together. these specify how we treat others and how we expect to be treated. They define what makes each of us alone. To esteem diverseness is to acknowledge each person for his/her unusual and alone endowments.

Result 3

3. 1 Once I have analyzed the demands and outlooks of my occupation function. the following measure is to see what I can already make and which countries I may farther necessitate to develop. This learning result looks at how I might measure my ain public presentation and how I might utilize feedback to inform me. It is of import to believe about what I can make already and which countries I need to develop farther. I besides need to happen ways of measuring myself. Reacting to feedback one of the ways in which I can measure my current province of cognition and public presentation is by inquiring others for feedback. This is of import because it can be difficult to be nonsubjective about your ain public presentation. Besides I may miss accomplishments or cognition to be cognizant of what else you should be making or other ways in which I might work.

Feedback may come from a assortment of beginnings. including parent and co-workers every bit good as early year’s advisors. Feedback works best if I trust the people it comes from and if they feel that they can give me an honorable position. It is a accomplishment in itself to be able to listen to feedback carefully without going defensive. It is frequently easy to get down to support the grounds why I do things. but the key is to retrieve that the focal point is on bettering public presentation. It is my duty to guarantee my cognition and accomplishments are up to day of the month. It is of import to regularly attend preparation and refresher classs such as First Aid. wellness and safety preparation. Legislations and processs are invariably altering and it is of import to keep your cognition and maintain it right. I am responsible for the kids hygiene and to maintain them healthy. to esteem the safety regulations and to forestall and avoid the unsafe state of affairss.

Result 4

4. 1 As a instructor helper. I have a duty to prosecute in uninterrupted professional development. This means taking action to maintain my accomplishments and knowledge up to day of the month and seeking to better my capablenesss across the scope of undertakings I carry out daily. Continually bettering my cognition is indispensable to my function and ensures that I have the accomplishments and cognition needed to make the best for the school that I work for. To better my ain cognition is really of import to me and I truly bask larning new accomplishments which can profit my functions or future functions. In making this I feel I am come oning in my calling. maintaining myself desirable to other employers and maximising my possible to make good within my calling. Therefore if I continue to develop professionally and better my cognition ensuing in me bettering my pattern I will: Become a positive function theoretical account to other staff

Be confident in my ain abilities and future employment

I enjoy larning and widening my cognition of kids and kid development. I have exhaustively enjoyed my work arrangements. as in the arrangements I have been able to widen both my practical and theoretical cognition. I feel that my strengths include being a good hearer ; I have good communicating accomplishments which I feel are indispensable for a instructor helper. I am a difficult working and enthusiastic individual who exhaustively enjoys a challenge and the duty being placed in them. I am a originative individual who enjoys planing and doing resources which can be used in planned activities my arrangements. I enjoy working in a squad. as this gives me a sense of satisfaction. 4. 2 Continuing professional development raises the criterions of your accomplishments set and I think that to ever be able to update your accomplishments and develop cognition and happen ways to make this is a positive attitude to take.

As a instructor helper it is really of import and it takes a acute involvement in go oning professional development. it means its criterions are likely to be high and would do it more appealing to parents seeking a arrangement for their kid. In the schoolroom it is of import for me to be proactive in my ain go oning professional development. In order to experience more positive and confident about my profession and to maintain motivated and inspired by new thoughts. It besides means maintaining up to day of the month with the latest instruction techniques. regular reappraisals of processs and patterns. such as first assistance and kid protection. Most significantly is the benefit to the children’s instruction. I think that it is of import to go on my professional development throughout my calling. as this will assist my cognition to turn and spread out and as a instructor helper are many ways in which I can invariably maintain bettering. There are many courses/classes at college ; attend conferences and or workshops every bit good as the option of larning via reading books or utilizing the cyberspace.

There are many classs for a big assortment of topics as kids with behavioural jobs and making this class I will would necessitate to utilize the cyberspace and books for both my resource and mentions and excess information. To which I as a instructor helper I can set all this into pattern and have a new knowing accomplishment that would be priceless to my professional function. Another manner to see what professional development you can make is to hear the positions of what others. they see you in a different manner to how you really see yourself. They may give you advice on how you could better on a peculiar manner that you handled a difference between two kids. or how you had helped/or how you could assist a group of kids with a topic or even making a wall show. Their advice is an priceless manner of bettering one’s ego development.

Another manner of bettering on your development is to larn from yourself. Reflect on how your twenty-four hours has gone and what you could hold improved on. 4. 3 Working as a instructor helper made me realized that I have to develop my accomplishments to be able to take part in the acquisition development of kids. Developing my professional accomplishments and cognition attained for both personal development and calling promotion. There are many types that can ease learning chances. runing from college grades to formal coursework. conferences and informal acquisition chances situated in pattern. There are a assortment of attacks to professional development. including audience. coaching. and communities of pattern. lesson survey. mentoring. brooding supervising and proficient aid.

I think that personal development is to make with developing the personal qualities and accomplishments that everyone demands in order to populate and work with others. such as understanding. empathy. forbearance. communicating and relationship-building. As a instructor helper I found many chances to develop my cognition and my ain pattern. like happening a class to better my math accomplishments or ICT accomplishments or sometimes I can merely better my phonics watching a picture on the cyberspace. As a instructor helper I have to better my accomplishments because I have to assist the kids with their acquisition and understanding what they are making.

Result 5

5. 1 As a pupil at SCOLA I learn about all the policies in a school and to esteem them. My clip in school has developed my doctrine of valuing each kid as an person. every bit good as portion of a community. I aim to give kids as many larning chances and experiences as possible in order to prosecute. motivate and fix them for future life. An appropriate. balanced. disputing and originative course of study is indispensable in developing children’s accomplishments. cognition and apprehension. I have in peculiar semen to understand the value of sharing larning aims and success standards with kids. Knowing precisely what is expected and how they can accomplish allows kids to concentrate more clearly on undertakings. This besides facilitates effectual ego and equal appraisals. as there are clear standards and aims to measure against. promoting kids to take more duty for their ain acquisition.

During my arrangement I had the experience of some confidential information being shared with me by the instructor. refering child protection issues with a student in the school ; as I have knowledge of confidentiality of children’s information I understood I was trusted with this information which was non for me to portion with anyone. Wayss in which confidentiality is kept in early old ages scenes includes guaranting that all staff are cognizant of the policy and are kept informed of Torahs and ordinances sing the handling of a child’s personal information. Information should non be shared with anyone other than professional staff who need to cognize and should be stored off someplace merely certain staff can entree. While in arrangement I had the chance to run into parents of some kids ; in one state of affairs I sat with and cared for a kid who was ill in school and waiting to be picked up to travel place. when the parent arrived to roll up their kid I greeted them in a respectful and accessible mode. presenting myself so that they knew my function in the school. I explained to the parent what had happened ; how their kid had been badly and what had been done to assist her and do her every bit comfy as possible while waiting to travel place.

This parent was friendly and polite in return and was happy with me giving her the information. As pupils in a scene I think coming across respectful. welcoming and polite is necessary in this state of affairss and you have to demo a professional attitude throws any job that may come across. Working as a instructor helper I discovered that much of our work with kids is about the universe around us and I feel that an involvement in this and some experience of it is more likely to do it look more interesting and accessible to the kids. 5. 2 At school I had to work with the lower ability group to assist them with numeracy At first session I had a group of 5 kids. I was experiencing nervous and some of the kids were excited to hold this session with me.

I started the session by explicating the exercising and I give them some to make by them self’s in this manner I was doing certain that they understand. During this session I had to explicate the exercising in different ways so that everyone can understand and do certain that the lesson includes everyone on any degrees. I try to do certain that the clip that I was working with them will non be tiring or really difficult and dispute them when I show that they needed. At the terminal of the session I realized that even throw the kids understood the exercising. I have to be more organized and at the following session to be after more different activities for them. Is of import to maintain a record because in clip is possible that you have to make the same thing and you can better by seeing what you have done incorrect or what didn’t work last clip. Brands you see your work from a different point of position.

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