Survival In Auschwitz Essay, Research Paper

Hatred Leads to Persecution of Minorities

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Primo Levi? s book, Surviving Auschiwitz, tells about the consequences of one group of people detesting another group of people, the Nazis ; hatred for the Jews. The Nazis justified their actions, nevertheless, in an effort to explicate the atrocious things done to Primo Levi and his fellow victims. There were effects of this hatred for both the Jews and the Nazis. Still, today there are groups that are hated in this state and it would be foolish to believe that it could ne’er go on here.

Hate is something that people get from experiences that they need to fault person for. Often, hatred is generalized at one certain group of people. Hitler blamed the Jews for the First World War, and built up an ground forces to kill of the full race. It was his manner, and in bend a per centum of Germany? s manner, of faulting guiltless people for something that angered them. The Nazis justified their barbarous actions because they claimed they were following orders and felt they could non travel against their leader. However, there were frequently times many of the inhuman treatments could hold been avoided. Many got carried off.

The Holocaust had effects for both the Nazis and the Jews. The Jews suffered tremendous losingss of belongings and self-respect. They were tortured and killed. Their life incubus will go on in subsisters? dreams

everlastingly. The Nazis suffered many effects every bit good. When soldiers were forced to kill Jews, some did experience an tremendous guilt. Some had incubuss. After the war ended, Nazis began to be tried for

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war offenses. This was a more serious direct penalty. It may hold even been mortifying for some Nazis to confront the past and the atrocious things they did.

Persecution is non merely a portion of the past, but besides the present. Today hate offenses occur in the U.S. all the clip. The most common and widespread hatred is toward inkinesss. Today the KKK still exists and they are a big organisation dedicated to detesting inkinesss. They work at seeking to maintain them out of concern ; if inkinesss were to thrive, they might go better than the white adult male. White supremacists fright this. I believe that a Holocaust could go on to inkinesss ; it started to take off for a piece before the 1960ss. White persons used inkinesss as slaves in early history. They were frequently beaten and tortured excessively. I besides believe that it could go on to any group of people with adequate clip. Anything is possible.

The Holocaust is one of the most hideous times in history. An full race of people was about wiped out. And it? s go oning once more internationally. As seen in Kosovo and Yugoslavia, non much has changed. Peoples thought nil like the Holocaust would of all time go on once more. But it has, and it will go on to go on.

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