Survival In Solitude Essay, Research PaperAfter being stranded on an uninhabited island, Robinson Crusoe manages to detect his natural abilities that serve as indexs of his true character. At first glimpse the common proverb, & # 8220 ; Necessity is the female parent of all innovations, & # 8221 ; appears to account for the character of Robinson Crusoe ; nevertheless, farther analysis suggests that the intelligence, diligence, and optimism are built-in to Crusoe & # 8217 ; s personality. Sir Francis Bacon so competently stated, & # 8220 ; Prosperity doth best discover frailty ; but hardship doth best discover virtue.

& # 8221 ; From the minute that Crusoe was stranded on the island until the twenty-four hours he was rescued he exhibits these qualities.Crusoe & # 8217 ; s innate intelligence serves him good throughout his lone life on the island. After agonising over his predicament, he consoles himself, and collects himself in order to travel on. His astuteness and practicality help him to get the better of the obstructions that the island nowadayss. He has adequate premeditation to acknowledge that the ship might be swept off by the tides, and he works continuously in order to salve everything he can from the ship. He loses no clip to do a trip to the ship in order to drop the lading, and when he is in demand of a method to transport the lading to the beach, he constructs a raft that will make the occupation. He protects the commissariats from conditions and possible wild animals. Crusoe is intelligent and understands that by being entirely he might travel brainsick, and to battle this he keeps himself busy for the old ages he is stranded on the island.

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Crusoe & # 8217 ; s intrinsic sense of cognition is supported by the easiness with which he constructs things he needs although he has ne’er used a tool in his life. As he puts it in his diary:I had ne’er handled a tool in my life, and yet in clip, by labour, application, and appliance, I found at last that I wanted nil but I could hold made it, particularly if I had tools & # 8230 ;( 488 )Through his narrative it is apparent that this built-in intelligence allows him to accommodate to his long and alone life on the island. The format of the novel itself, that of a diary, indicates that Crusoe is extremely educated so that he is able to compose and show his ideas clearly. & lt ;/p >Furthermore, Crusoe & # 8217 ; s difficult working nature forces him to make more than what is purely necessary in order to prolong himself. When droping the lading off the ship, he works infinitely until the undertaking is completed although he could hold taken a lighter attack to the occupation. Rather than being self-satisfied about his amenitiess Crusoe was hardworking and salvages all that he could from the ship. He labors difficult to convey all the steel overseas telegrams, tools, and any weaponries that he could happen, even though he may non necessitate some of the points instantly. Crusoe besides gathers on his twelfth and last trip small novelties like coins and razor blades.

When he begins utilizing the cave as his shelter, he works hard in order to make shelves so that he can form his properties. He fashions himself with a goatskin jacket, skirts, cap, footwear, and pouches for his arms. If he is non inherently hardworking he would non exercise himself to this grade in order to maintain himself busy and comfy.Crusoe & # 8217 ; s optimism and motive are more than one can anticipate from a individual marooned on an island for so many old ages. There is ample grounds of his optimism in his journal in which he contrasts good against immorality, and finally views things in a more positive visible radiation. A brief extract from his journal is:EvilI am cast upon a atrocious desolate island, nothingness of all hope of recovery.

I have non apparels to cover me.GoodBut I am alive, and non drowned as all my ships company was.But I am in a hot clime, where if I had apparels I could barely where them.( 487-488 )He overcomes the desperation and letdown he feels after gazing at the skyline for a ship to go through by actuating himself to better his home ground. He besides makes a chair and a tabular array to bask the few amenitiess that he does hold.

Although Crusoe suffers these and many other adversities, he manages to happen a positive position of his lone lifeWhat sustained Crusoe during his 27 twelvemonth battle was his spiritual positions and philosophical thought. He possesses many other qualities like compassion and bravery ; nevertheless, they are non indispensable to the fibre of his character.

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