Executive Summery

Swanee Batiks and Handy Crafts ” will get down up advancing its Travel Agency by concentrating on its bing client base. Its mark clients will chiefly include foreign tourers meaning on carry throughing the client outlooks. Its selling scheme will be concentrated and highlighted on developing the travel bureau and the Batik merchandises to the high criterion by utilizing new ways of spread outing the concern. Since Swanee Travel Agency is a new company to the market, fundamentally it has to concentrate on certain sorts of travel bundles with certain sorts of clients/tourists.

The concern will concentrate on spread outing subdivisions in foreign market as clip progresses, and as it additions the necessary experience. Therefore the preliminary purpose will be to promoting consciousness and assurance in its services. In order to accomplish its end of going the best Travel Agent in Sri Lanka every bit good as spread outing quality service to the tourers around the universe.

Developing client base, distinguishing the service comparing to the rivals peculiarly through service and staff behave of Swanee. The rules of client satisfaction, service bringing, monetary value attraction to staff attitudes are to be looked at exhaustively in the initial stagesA and to better every bit much as it can. Swanee will be working on to do understandings and partnership with five start hotels, lodges around the county and besides to acquire the enrollment with the Tourist board in Sri Lanka. After enrolling the staff, its initial outlook is to develop the employees in regular footing to guarantee that the staff is to the full capable of run intoing client outlooks.

Through the execution of committee systems among the hotels and people who are willing to advance Swanee concern every bit good as giving effectual and sensible wage strategy to the employees, will ease the concern to be promoted in a short period. Very foremost Swanee wants to enroll the right individual in the right topographic point at the right clip and besides better employees ‘ capablenesss by offering preparation and development programmes. Chiefly, the Director wants to develop his squad and carry throughing their demands since he believes if the employees are happy the company will turn fast since it ‘s a common beneficial relationship between the company and the employees.


1.What is MARKETING? 3

1.1 Marketing Procedure 4

2.Situation Analysis 4

2.1 Models 5

2.2 Selling Schemes 5

2.3 Marketing Mix 5

2.4 Implementation and Control 5

3.Introduction – Company background and state of affairs analysis 6

3.1 Swanee ( Batik and Handy Crafts ) 6

4.Macro environment 8

5.SWOT Analysis 8

5.1 Strengths: 8

5.2 Weakness 8

5.3 Opportunities 8

5.4 Menaces 8

6.PEST Analysis 9

6.1 Political Factor 9

6.2 Economic Factor


6.3 Social Factor 10

6.4 Technology Factor 10

7.Target Market 10

7.1 Mission 11

7.2 Aims 11

8.Positioning and Pricing 11

8.1 Business traveler ‘s bundles. 11

8.2 General Tourist Package 12

8.2.1 Destination choice: 12

9.Promotion Strategy 15

10.Market Development 16

11.Product Development 16

What is Selling?

Selling can be defined as a procedure of understanding the clients ‘ demands and wants in the class of developing the schemes to acquire the most benefit by fulfilling clients ‘ demands ( Goods or services ) with continual betterments.

“ Selling ” is the human activity directed at fulfilling demands and wants, through an exchange procedure ” – Philip Kotler 1988

“ Selling is the activity, set of establishments, and processes for making, pass oning, presenting, and interchanging offerings that have value for clients, clients, spouses, and society at big ” – The American Marketing Association

Selling Procedure

Situation Analysis

This is the procedure of analyzing both internal and external environments of an organisation to place its ain place at the market every bit good as to understand the capablenesss of the organisation and the environment in which milieus it operates. Through the state of affairs analysis the organisation can place its ain place at the market every bit good as the place of its merchandises.


SWOT Analysis

5Cs Analysis

Plague Analysis

Porter ‘s five forces analysis

Selling Schemes

Marketing Schemes can be fundamentally defined as the consequence of Market analysis. It allows an organisation to understand its ends and aims and how to increase the gross revenues and every bit good to accomplish the given marks.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is used by an organisation before establishing any new merchandise and it helps to do strategic determinations when it is necessary to run the organisation swimmingly. Four variables which is known as 04P ‘s i.e. Product, Price, Place, Promotions.

Implementation and Control

This is the procedure of placing and guaranting the reaching of the new product/Service to the market and monitoring or placing its jobs.

Introduction – Company background and state of affairs analysis

Swanee ( Batik and Handy Crafts )

Company Detailss

Business name

Swanee Batik and Handy Crafts

Business construction


Business locations

No. 28, Stratford Avenue, Colombo 6


Kandalama Hotel

Heritence Hotel Ahungalla

Date established

06th December 2008


Handy trades, Batiks i.e Sarees, Kaftans, Sarongs, Beach wraps, Tapestries, Shirts, T-Shirts, Frocks, Skirts, Blouses, Bed Linen, Cushions, Curtains, Wall Hangers, etc.

Exporting the above said points to major finishs such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada and India.

The Future

Vision statement

To be the best maker of Batik and supply good quality garments to the local and foreign market.

The Market

Target market

Regular clients

To creative persons who understand Batik

To the immature coevals who are interested in 70 ‘s manner of manner ( Batik ) .

To the aliens who like the traditional Batik.

To other Handicraft mercantile establishments

To the Sellerss who are interested in Batik

To Resort Hotels ( interior decorations/ Employee uniforms.

Table 1.0

Since Swanee has been in the Batik concern over 40 old ages and the production has expanded locally and internationally, are chief focal point is for the International Clients. Constructing a good loyal relationship with international clients for over 40years, they have decided to unify a travel bureau to the bing Swanee ‘s to assist spread out the concern farther by offering the foreign investors or purchasers something more than what is expected. i.e. helping clients about passport/Visa requirements/ travel advisories and other domestic travel demands, booking air hose tickets and reserving seats, reserving hotels and other adjustments, set uping transit, doing them experience more cognizant of our beautiful state, educating them about our history.

As per the followers inside informations about its clients, during the period of 2006 to 2011, it shows a rapid growing where the foreign purchasers have been purchasing the Swanee merchandises during the period of 2010 to 2011. Harmonizing to the Managing Director of the company, he shows the chief ground was to be increased the foreign purchasers is after stoping of the cultural war period in Sri Lanka and because of that the touristry industry is besides blossoming up late. The company outlook is to develop the on-going merchandises uniting the Travel Agency to provide a good service to the foreign investors and purchasers.

Customers summery from the period of 2006 to 2011 % p.a







Potential Customers

45 %

55 %

60 %

58 %

42 %

40 %

Foreign Buyers

20 %

20 %

18 %

15 %

35 %

38 %

Handy Craft Mercantile establishments

25 %

15 %

15 %

12 %

15 %

10 %


10 %

10 %

7 %

15 %

8 %

12 %

Table 02

Macro environment

At the big graduated table research establishes that in Sri Lanka, touristry is undergoing a fast growing after the cultural war. The tendency is now to acquire maximal visits by remaining short period. Tours can be arranged having most attractive archeological, ancient and cultural sites of Sri Lanka to catch the attending of aliens. Expanding the installations and pulling of tourers to the state has become an easy undertaking in the travel and touristry industry.

SWOT Analysis


Existing client base

After stoping the cultural war.

High client trueness among repetition clients.

Existing resources ( Space for the new bureau, vehicles etc. )

Connections with domestic hotels.


Lack of selling expertness and repute.

Not placing the rivals.

Government Taxs


Fast traveling development of the state.

Current thrust by Government towards promoting enterprisers to travel parallel with Tourisum.

Current growing rate of touristry.

hotel development undertakings presently ongoing in Sri Lanka


Existing competition.

Established Travel bureaus and hotels and Lodges may look at the development of new lines and vertically integrate transit so as to supply extra services to clients.

Plague Analysis

Political Factor

The Tourism industry has become one of the fastest turning industries in Sri Lanka. It has been recognized as capable of efficaciously driving the state ‘s socio economic development. As per the study which has been done late by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development, it shows the growing of the tourer reaching has been increasing quickly when comparing to the 2011. Because of that ground the Government is promoting people to make more activities based on Tourism.

Diagram 01

Political sphere has a immense influence upon the ordinance of Travel Agencies and since there is a direct engagement from the current authorities to the Tourism Industry, more travel ordinances and legal Acts of the Apostless are introduced and the Taxes are more to be paid at the start up of the Travel Agency. .

Harmonizing to the researches today ‘s the political environment of Sri Lanka is rather stable than the old old ages. Therefore the company stableness would be non in a hazard.

Economic Factor

The start-up cost of the company is high since the Cost of Gross saless, Professional fees, Technology cost, Gross saless and Marketing Cost, Registration Fee and Taxes and Wages and Benefits are chiefly involved for a new company. The accurate start up cost estimation is extremely indispensable before puting and passing money for the new bureau.

Since the touristry is dining up, the ability to gain the “ outside income ” in the signifier of income from investings and payments from foreign states will be bit by bit increased.

Social Factor

Travel bureaus should ever accommodate their services to reflect a changing society. The demand of service could be different from state to state and faith to faith. In this instance the Travel Agency has to place the exact demand and the rightness to the client when set uping the travel bundles.

Technology Factor

The rapid development of engineering is impacting the Travel Agencies. Internet booking for tickets and vacations, adjustment agreements, promotion are some of the countries which help to turn fast in the industry and besides fast altering development in engineering provides an effectual and efficient service to the costumiers.

Target Market

Basically as per the inside informations extracted from the company proprietor, their demand is chiefly to advance this service to their existing client base. The nature of their client is they fundamentally come for concern trips. They usually do non pass more than three yearss in Sri Lanka. They specially want to discourse and look into the quality and criterions of the Swanee merchandises. At the same clip there are some clients who come for holiday with their households and they spend in Sri Lanka more than 10 to 15 yearss and the connotation is to acquire done the concern and pass the holiday enthusiastically.

At the same clip with the major development in the state it shows the tourer attractive force to the Sri Lanka is more than comparing to the old old ages. “ It was reported that in the twelvemonth 2011, entire gross from the tourer ‘s reaching to the state is USD830.3 million from 850,000 tourer ‘s influx. Further, the touristry board expects over 1 million tourers in 2012 with gross of more than USD1 billion ” .

Majority of tourers come to Sri Lanka from America, Australia, Canada, China, England, Germany, India, Italy, New Zealand and most of the Middle East states. Swanee wants to provide this service chiefly to the tourer from above states and present the bundles as per the state and besides to supply an unforgettable journey at low-cost rates.


Swanee ‘s mission is to supply escapades, memorable and choice service to the tourers all over the universe.


Maintain positive, steady growing each one-fourth.

Experience a growing in new clients who are turned into long-run clients.

Swanee ‘s Buyers/ Dealers/ Investors who are interested in Swanee Products ( Business Travellers ) : This group of people are professional people who come down merely with the purpose of purchasing Swanee merchandises. There mean income is over USD 50,000. Their purpose is to acquire the best monetary value for the Swanee merchandises and to look into the equality of them. These clients are truly clip oriented. They prefer customized Travel Packages for them to acquire the maximal out of their visits.

General Tourists ( Family, Individual, forte group Tourss ) : They can be placed into upper, in-between and lower budget class. They fundamentally come for a holiday or to see their relations or etc.

Positioning and Pricing

Swanee intends to offer its services as client ‘s oriented and advice clients about VISA, travel advisories and domestic travel demands.

Business traveler ‘s bundles.

Package I:

Paging and Picking up from the airdrome.

Hotel Accommodation two darks plus repasts

Visit to the BOI Zones, Factories and transit back to the airdrome.

USD1000 inclusive authorities revenue enhancements per individual. ( Capable to alter )

Package II

Paging and Picking up from the airdrome.

Hotel Accommodation two darks plus repasts

Visit to the BOI Zones, Factories and transit back to the airdrome.

A circuit to any pick of finish and back to the airdrome. ( Tickets and Lunch will be provided. )

USD1500 inclusive authorities revenue enhancements per individual ( Capable to alter )

General Tourist Package

Airport pickups

Transportation system in a quality air-conditioned car/van with an English speech production driver/tour usher.

Hotels adjustment on half board footing 01 night- Colombo, 1 night- Kandy and 1 dark in Sigiriya ( in official Hotels or other options ) .

Free entryway tickets.

In this bundle chiefly tailored to the involvements and demands of peculiar tourer or a group. Swanee has introduced three finish choices by covering the most attractive topographic points in Sri Lanka ;

Finish choice:

Topographic point to topographic point in 4 Dayss

In this circuit, Swanee will be able to cover the most absorbing archeological, historical and cultural metropoliss of Sri Lanka.

Tour Highlights:

Shopping and rubber-necking in Colombo

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya Kandy

Temple of the Tooth Relic Kandy

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Anuradhapura and Polonaruwa

Day 1: Shopping and rubber-necking in Colombo

Paging and picking up from the airdrome and be transferred for cheque into one of the official hotels in Colombo as per the client ‘s demand.

City circuit begins in the afternoon, taking around in Colombo ( Fort, Pettah, Main brach of Laksala, Shopping promenades ( Crescat, Majestic City, and Liberty Plaza and back to the hotel for dinner and nightlong hotel adjustment.

Day 2: Travel to Kandy and see the Elephants Orphanage Pinnawala/ Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya/ The Temple of the Tooth

First finish – Elephants orphanage in Pinnawala.

Second finish – Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya Kandy. Lunch will be arranged in its premises.

Third finish – The Temple of the Tooth

On completion, return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Anuradhapura and Polonaruwa

First appellation: After breakfast in Kandy hotel, visit and mount the Sigiriya stone fortress.

Second finish: In the afternoon, travel towards Anuradhapura and Polonaruwa.

Tax return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Travel back to Colombo

After breakfast you will be travel back to Colombo or to the airdrome.

End of our service.

Package Rate:

Single Adult: USD 1,250

Child below 12 old ages: 50 % ( USD625 )

A group more than 10 will be given 10 % price reduction. Above rates are inclusive authorities revenue enhancements every bit good.

Around circuits in Mother Lanka ( 09 yearss )

Swanee ‘s chief purpose through this bundle Sri Lank is to take tourers to some of historical topographic points together with attractive rubber-necking in Sri Lanka.

Day 1 and 2: Pick up from Airport to straight to Hikkaduwa

Pickup from the airdrome and transportation to Hikkaduwa. Check-in at the official hotel or other alternate hotel as per discussed in the understanding and hold a good remainder and experience the appeal of the Hikkaduwa beach.

Day 2- 4: Yala Safari

Following breakfast, travel on to Yala and check-in to the in agreement hotel.

Early forenoon campaign of the Yala National Park in the 2nd twenty-four hours. Breakfast battalions will be provided from the hotel at the clip of going.

Overnight in the Yala jungle. ( nutrient ( tiffin and dinner ) will be provided by the hotel )

Back to the hotel and hold a good remainder.

* Yala National Park Jeep Safari at USD 50.00 per individual.

Day 5-8: Nuwara Eliya

In the Morning, you will be heading towards Nuwara Eliya and will be remaining four darks.

Day 9: Travel Back to Colombo ( Shopping and sightseeing )

Check into one of the official hotels in Colombo as per the client ‘s demand.

City circuit begins in the afternoon, taking around in Colombo ( Fort, Pettah, Main brach of Laksala, Shopping promenades ( Crescat, Majestic City, and Liberty Plaza and back to the hotel for dinner and nightlong hotel adjustment.

Package Rate:

Single Adult: USD 2,750

Child below 12 old ages: USD750

A group more than 10 will be given 10 % price reduction. Above rates are inclusive

authorities revenue enhancements every bit good.

Tour of south seashore in 06 yearss

Swanee has introduced this to pull tourers who admire the ocean and the beauty of the beach of the south seashore of Sri Lanka. This is a customized circuit where the clients can orient to their specific demands.

Day 1: Depart from Colombo airdrome to Galle

Leave the airdrome and caput off towards the hotel in down South.

Day 2: Discovering Galle

Coral observation

Whale and dolphin observation

Boat drives

*Coral observation at USD 60 per person/ Whale and dolphin watching USD 90 per person/ Boat Rides USD 105 per individual.

Day 3 & As ; Day 4: Tangalle

Day 5: Yala Safari

Day 6: Capital of sri lanka and going

Package Rate:

Single Adult: USD 2,200

Child below 12 old ages: USD1,100

A group more than 10 will be given 10 % price reduction. Above rates are inclusive authorities revenue enhancements every bit good.

Promotion Strategy

Swanee ‘s first twelvemonth of operations will keep into two major classs such as Business Travellers and General Tourists. The Tourists who are interested in Swanee circuit bundles will be offered a gift battalion ( Swanee Bathik T-Shirts, a Tie and Die sarong and a Handmade keepsake ) . It will assist to advance Swnaee ‘s Baitk merchandises every bit good as its other merchandises among the aliens. In peak seasons the particular publicities and price reduction strategies can be introduced to the tourer. It will assist to acquire more tourers to Sri Lanka through the Swanee Travel Agency.

Giving low-cost rates to the clients will assist to the company to acquire more concern at the start up. Swanee will go around few advertizements in the Travel magazines and make a FB profile aiming the international market. Swanee will get down personal merchandising such as advancing and educating Swanee ‘s bing clients by directing formal letters and electronic mails.

Market Development

This service can be expanded to other states by get downing up subdivisions in other states to form Tourss from Sri Lanka to the several state and supply accurate and efficient service to the possible clients in here every bit good as at that place.

Introducing online booking system to the tourers to set up the Tourss via the company web site and besides presenting the installation of picture conferences with our Customer attention Executives to acquire the proper counsel and information utilizing Skype.

Merchandise Development

Since this is a service, it is chiefly concentrating on client satisfaction, service degree and the quality of the service provided. Therefore the employees should be under gone with good linguistic communication preparation programmes to pass on with foreign clients and besides the professionalism should be maintained of each and every employees.

Enrolling experienced tour ushers or develop immature people as tour ushers will assist to set up more trips in a month and besides buying ain vehicles without outsourcing will be easy to make up one’s mind trips tours so and at that place harmonizing to client ‘s demand.


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