Switching to Single Sex Schools: Is It the Right Thing to Do?It has been proposed by the school board to switch to single sex education in the classroom.  For many years, kids normally went to a coed school, but since 1999, when the Jefferson Leadership Academies opened, same sex schools have become more and more popular.  The district has noticed that student’s grade point averages increased for certain same sex schools.  On the contrary, most researchers have found that single sex schools and education has no notable academic advantages or disadvantages.  Trying to decide whether or not your child would be better off in a coed or single sex school is difficult.  Even though there are advantages and disadvantages in single sex classes and schools, an alternative plan would be beneficial.  Based on research on this topic, the research team has found that each student is unique and has their own diverse needs, therefore we propose that students be evaluated and placed in either same sex or coed schools.After single sex schools gained popularity, researchers have had multiple discoveries.  For girls, there are many good and bad things that come with single sex schools.  In the article, “Single-Gender Classes: Are They Better?,” when boys called out, teachers thanked them for their participation, however, when girls called out, teachers reminded them to raise their hands (Sharpe).  In the same article it states, “Teachers responded to girls with a simple nod or an OK, but they praised, corrected, helped, and criticized boys,” (Sharpe).  The educators seem to be paying more attention to the boys which isn’t fair towards the young ladies.  In contrast, a different article states, “Single-sex education is unlikely to offer advantage over coed schools, research finds,” it says that (same sex education), “increases student achievement and academic interest,” (Pahlke).  In addition to increasing student’s interests, based on the article, “Old Tactic Gets New Use: Public Schools Separate Girls and Boys,” it allows girls to be taught in specific ways to help them learn better (Rich).  It almost seems as if girls have more problems relating to teachers than with the actual learning. In summary, same sex and coed schools have certain pros and cons for girls. Not only do girls have many advantages and disadvantages in education, boys do as well.  According to the article, “Single-Gender Classes: Are They Better?,” it states, “Boys’ reading and writing problems often go unnoticed,” … “Teaching methods fail to take into account boys’ unique learning styles,” (Sharpe).  In addition to that, teachers sometimes think that boy’s behavior is a discipline problem and don’t meet the boy’s emotional needs (Sharpe).  On the other hand, “Boys were encouraged to solve problems on their own,” …and, “Teachers valued boys’ comments,” (Sharpe).  Educators praised boy’s contributions in class, even if they yelled out (Sharpe).  Boys compared to girls, have more problems with teachers not understanding them or not noticing their needs.  Since there is evidence to support that single sex and coed education are both beneficial, an alternative plan should be recommended.  Furthermore, different articles claim that there is no sufficient evidence that proves that single sex schools work better than coed schools (Sharpe).  Meanwhile, one article states that student’s grade point averages have increased for those who previously attended the same sex school (Sharpe).  This proposed plan combines both education styles under the same roof.  Each student will be evaluated to determine which educational environment is best for them, placing them in the appropriate learning conditions.  For instance, students who want to come to the school would come in and perform a series of tests.  Based on the results, the people who are testing the kids will be able to tell whether or not they should be in single sex classes.  Before placing the child, the proposed placement would have to be approved by the kid’s parent or legal guardian.  If later on in the year the child isn’t doing well, teachers and/or parents can request that their child be switched to the other classes.  This single sex school issue can be solved if the school board approves the proposed plan.  Instead of having to register for a school that only offers one of these two education styles, you could register for one that offers both!  This way, students who struggle in their assigned classes can be switched easily, with their parent’s permission.  Overall, both school settings offer just as much as one another; both have equally balanced pros and cons.  If the school board chooses to incorporate this plan into their schools, student’s could possibly look forward to an easier and brighter future.   Work CitedSharpe, Wesley. “Single-Gender Classes: Are They Better?” Education World.  Education World. 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