PEST stands for Political Economic Social cultural and Technological factors that are impacting or act uponing the concern environment. The SWOT half of the analysis trades with the company ‘s interior workings including its strengths and failings. In the concluding phase of the SWOT/PEST Analysis, the two analyses are combined in order to acquire an overall image of the menaces the company faces and how to cover with them and besides in order to convey into focal point the possible chances for the company so that they may be taken advantage of. In other words SWOT looks at the concern itself while PEST looks at the environment/market.

In this instance a SWOT/PEST analysis of British Airways, an air hose company is traveling to be carried out.

British Airways is the UK ‘s largest air hose in relation to the figure of finishs it covers worldwide and besides the big figure of airplanes that are owed by the company. It was established in 1971 in order to take over control of two state-owned air hoses, British Overseas Airways Corporation ( BOAC ) and British European Airways Corporation ( BEA ) . The air hose is chiefly based at Heathrow airdrome in London but besides has a base at London ‘s Gatwick airdrome. The airliner carries largely riders within Europe and besides overseas ( flies to over 150 finishs covering all 6 continents ) but besides carries lading and mail. It besides has the largest fleet of long draw bearers in the universe with about around 60 Boeing 747-400 aircrafts.

In this essay we will foremost hold a expression at the PEST analysis of British air passage in order to find what sort of environment or market BA has been working in and how it has managed to remain in front of most of its competition.

PEST Analysis:

Political factors

This refers to the consequence of Torahs, revenue enhancements and political determinations on the manner a concern is run. As of this twelvemonth the political environment in the UK was unstable because of the alliance authorities and the major disbursement cuts that are to be made in order to do nest eggs and cut down on the national debt. This might impact BA in a manner that the planned enlargement of Heathrow airdrome which would hold brought in more gross with increased figure of flights might non travel in front due to the budget cuts.

European Torahs have hit BA hard in the recent yesteryear. In April this twelvemonth the Iceland vent crisis caused flights into/around and out of Europe to be grounded as a consequence of the vent ash impacting the plane ‘s engines. As a consequence many riders were stuck on vacation while seeking to come place and had to pass more money on adjustment. European Torahs dictate that the air hose companies have to return the money spent by the riders. It was estimated that BA lost & A ; lb ; 20million daily during this period.

A recent addition in flight revenue enhancements means that riders will hold to pay higher revenue enhancements when go forthing England depending on your finish but most rider responsibility is expected to raise by up to 50 % this affects the concern in the sense that less people will be able to afford household vacations as a consequence of the increased air menu.

Further more on 9th November this twelvemonth ( a few hebdomads ago ) BA along with 10 other air hoses were fined by the European committee for repairing air lading monetary values between 1999 and 2006. The 11 air hoses colluded in maintaining the monetary value per kilogram for all lading at a level rate for this whole period of clip. As a consequence of an probe into this by the European committee BA were fined 104 million Euros ( BBC intelligence 9th November, 2010 )

Economic factors

The economic system has had a major negative consequence on the Numberss of BA riders of late. Because of the recognition crunch less and less people have been taking abroad vacations intending that air hose rider Numberss are down.

Sociocultural factors

BA chiefly targets people traveling off on vacation be it in Europe or anyplace else around the universe. BA flies to all the 6inhabitted continents and has the largest fleet of long draw Boeing planes to reflect their committedness to this. Compared to many air hoses which have merely chiefly local or long draw flights BA does both and has managed to set up a good repute for itself and is normally regarded as a friendly safe air hose. For domestic flights within Europe BA has managed to remain in competition with budget air hoses like easy-jet or Ryan air by bear downing more for their flights but giving a better quality experience to its clients seeing as budget flights do n’t normally function repasts and siting agreements are uncomfortable.

Technological factors

BA has managed to increase its client satisfaction springs and bounds with the aid of engineering. Self service check-in machines at Heathrow airports terminal 5 average riders do non hold to line up up for several proceedingss if non hours in order to acquire their embarkation base on ballss and to look into into the flight. It makes look intoing in an easy fast procedure and all the rider has to make is drop off their bags.

The air hoses website offers riders and possible clients a batch of chances. Passengers can look into in online while possible clients can easy shop the site for inexpensive tickets and trades. The web site besides has the added advantage of cutting travel agents out of the equation salvaging the air hose money and besides this means riders do non acquire a false image of the company in instances where the agent is unprofessional.

British air passages besides has a figure of call Centres which people can name in order to book, amend and purchase tickets for travel. These call Centres besides assist riders with any jobs or ailments. This feedback helps the company better its service in order to maintain the clients happy and coming back.

Now that the PEST analysis has looked at the external factors impacting the concern, it ‘s clip to look within the concern in order to find what affects in from the interior. This is the SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and these are the four facets of the concern we will be analyzing.


BA has managed to set up itself as the 3rd biggest air hose in the universe with largest fleet of long draw aircraft in the universe. In the United Kingdom it has managed to rule the market for a figure of old ages before easy-jet took over as the air hose with the most riders in 2008. Despite this, BA carries out a figure of long draw flights ( which easy-jet does non make ) to assorted parts of the universe and many different capital metropoliss like Abuja, Paris, Sydney and New York to advert but a few as in flies to every individual continent.

BA is good known worldwide for its great cordial reception and this is as a consequence of its friendly cabin crew. This repute keeps the clients happy and coming back


British air passages have been holding ongoing jobs with its cabin crew as of recent. There have been several work stoppages which have led to flight cancellation and have cost the concern a batch of money. The brotherhood which represents the cabin crew, unite and BA have failed to come to understandings several times bing the air hose and damaging its repute due to work stoppages.


There is a large chance for BA to present a series of inexpensive ‘budget ‘ flights within the UK and Europe. With this debut BA can vie against easy-jet for this market as they offer a much better service and have a better repute. The riders they have lost to easy jet due to higher menus would quite easy return.


The major menaces to BA at the minute are the hapless economic system, work stoppages from the cabin crew and competition from easy-jet. The hapless economic system means that there are fewer riders and hence planes are under filled taking to losingss.

Competition in domestic flights has seen easy-jet return over the lead in UK when it comes to passenger figure as a consequence of their inexpensive flights and the cabin crew work stoppages are damaging the good repute the company has ever had.

In decision, although BA has been holding problem with their cabin crew of late they have managed to run a sensible service during work stoppages and decide the differences with their cabin crew. Despite easy-jet pickings over when it comes to passenger figure BA still manages to wing 34million people in the Europe every twelvemonth devising certain it turns over a fine-looking net income.

The economic system though it affected rider Numberss for a piece is acquiring back to normal and BA managed to turn over a sensible net income during that clip and maintain traveling. If it keeps running this manner British Airways will be runing for old ages to come.

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