SWOT Essay, Research PaperQuestion A? Analyse Market chances utilizing S.W.

O.T analysis.Strength& # 183 ; Meadow Lea is regarded as an icon trade name? consciousness is high and it has been a top merchandising trade name for 26 old ages. Consumers clearly understand that that it is positioned as a household trade name.& # 183 ; ? You ought to be congratulated? is an icon ad run, looking in assorted pretenses on T.V screens since June 1977.

? Few people under the age of 50 can non sing the Meadow Lea jangle.& # 183 ; Meadow Lea has been the market leader since 1973.& # 183 ; There is a big sum of capital available for Goodman to pump in to Meadow Lea? s advertisement budget. In 1995-1998 Goodman doubled Meadow Lea? s advertisement budget to $ 3 Million.& # 183 ; New low-fat formulas& # 183 ; Goodman invested to a great extent in new machinery which mad the production procedure more efficient.& # 183 ; Lisa Miles was employed by Goodman in July 1997 as Meadow Lea? s Marketing Director. She has had 15 old ages experience and? ? knows her manner around the maze of selling.Failing& # 183 ; Consumers have started to see Meadow Lea advertisement as antique and irrelevant, a perceptual experience that could hold harmed gross revenues.

& # 183 ; 3 % monetary value addition in Meadow Lea, gave Unilever ( a stopping point rival, the shaper of Flora oleos ) the chance to derive market portion since July last twelvemonth.& # 183 ; Meadow Lea is seen as a mainstream household trade name, although Justin Miles ( Meadow Lea? s selling manager ) claims that recent advertisement has confused consumers. ? Meadow Lea is al about Dendranthema grandifloruoms and childs? , she says. ? It is mainstream in footings of entreaty and gustatory sensation. It is ne’er the trade name that brings merchandise invention to the class.

?& # 183 ; Research showed that the hapless selling scheme sing the? Muffins? and? Cyclist? ads did non appeal to consumers? ? ? consumers did non like them and thought that they were condescending to female parents. ?Opportunity& # 183 ; With Australian economic conditions as they are ( Australian populace portion ownership at an all clip high and Interest rates besides high ) should Goodman necessitate to raise enlargement capital the stock exchange is in a good place to make so.& # 183 ; Demographic patterns in Australia show that people are taking much healthier life styles? hence there lies an chance in low-fat and diet oleo merchandises even though the oleo market is easy catching.

& # 183 ; Substitute merchandises competition & # 8211 ; The lone market section in? yellow-fat? spreads that has grown is dairy blends ( which rose last twelvemonth by 4.3 % ) . This would be an easy market to perforate as it is non extremely competitory and is closely related to Meadow Lea? s bing merchandises.Menace& # 183 ; Changing consumer tendencies to populate healthier life styles, and hence purchase less oleo and butter merchandises.

& # 183 ; Margarine is a mature class. There are some growing pockets, such as low fat merchandises but the overall market is shriveling. ( In the past five old ages margarine gross revenues have fallen an norm of 4 % , this can be stipulated due to consumers continually taking healthier, low fat eating wonts. )& # 183 ; Rivals ( chiefly Flora? s ) ability to lower retail cost of their merchandises

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