t was midnight and I couldn’t sleep. The terrifying movie I saw today kept spinning in front of my eyes. I couldn’t stop cursing the owl for its constant hooting. Every passing second reminded me that I was all alone. It has been a week since I moved into my new house and although I was in the same bed I always sleep in, I couldn’t break in. It was the creepy house I was in. I wanted to sleep but couldn’t since I was only able to think of the story my dad used to tell me and my brother “Night of the Bedbug Monster”.I’ve heard this story like a thousand times but it still scares the hell out of me and anything even if it’s remotely scary, reminds me of the Bedbug monster. Ironically my father has been telling us the story since we were like five years old.Suddenly the hooting stopped and it got quite….a bit too quiet I’d say. And then it happened, the air got misty and my vision got blurry. I rubbed my eyes and saw smoke coming from under my bed, I rolled over and fell the other side of my bed. And I saw it. I saw the Bedbug monster.I could only see its silhouette but it was enough for me. The height, the jagged hat, the long overcoat torn at its ends, and the flying scarf everything fit the description of the monster which was going to eat my brains out. Then it came closer and I could see its face in the dim lit lamp, the evil ugly face of a bug. My body froze. I tried to move my leg but it went limp I wanted to cry out loud but all that came out was a tiny squeak. Then I remembered something and instantly bit my lower lip so hard that it bled .The pain jolted my legs to life (Well now I knew pain can really overcome fear) and without thinking much I jumped to my feet and ran towards the toilet and shut the door.I was failing to catch my breath and my heart rate surely crossed all the limits. I couldn’t think of anything .So without thinking anything I pulled the heavy ceramic toilet flush cap and clenched it tightly. I could feel the adrenaline surge through my veins. I knew I had to do it, it was the only option. Ambush.I opened the door and screamed at the top of my lungs and sprinted towards the creep I clenched my weapon harder and put all my energy in on clean 360 swing. THUDD!!The monsters hat fell as he went flying towards the bed.Ill say,I was able to crack a smile but it faded away when I heard a familiar cry and saw my brother slowly remove his mask holding his bleeding ear. Ok now I’m in real trouble.

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