17:59 Nesrin A batch of people audition to endowment shows – really few of them really got talent. Manyattend merely so they can be on telecasting. even though they get humiliated in forepart ofthe whole state. The Judgess are ill-mannered and the audience is shouting deprecating words. People place in the life suites are besides knocking participants. It is silly what peoplewill do for 5 proceedingss of celebrity. And it is unbelievable that they really do it. There areactually some of them who believe that they are good vocalists. terpsichoreans etc. . becausenobody have had the backbones to state them that they truly suck at it. I feel really regretful forthem and I think it is the parents’ occupation to state them. that they should non try out to theshow. It is really irresponsible to allow your childs get humiliated in that manner. I must non bury that there besides are people who audition who are outstanding.

Some of them have a truly particular gift and so the endowment shows are good to acquire peopleconscious about the endowment. I think the endowment shows are held excessively frequently ( particularly in Denmark ) . in the provinces thereare tonss of different shows: The X-Factor. American Idol. Americas Got Talent etc. Ido non believe that endowment shows in Denmark should be hold every twelvemonth. because we aresuch a little a state and it is limited how many endowments we have got. That is non aproblem in the provinces. because they are so many people. I think the endowment shows have become more and more an entertaining show than ashow with focal point on the endowments. So when it is held so frequently over half of the people whotry out have no endowment at all. It is really obvious that all the TV-stations attention about is themoney and how many viewing audiences they can acquire. In the United States and the United Kingdom the participants get a batch of promotion. and a batch admire them. Peoples get success. and they keep being successful after manyyears. Some illustrations are Kelly Clarkson. Adam Lambert and One Direction.

KellyClarkson won American Idol in 2002 and is still bring forthing popular music. In Denmarkthe victors are forgotten after a few hebdomads. That is a shame because they are reallycompetent at executing or singing or what of all time their endowment is. In Denmark a new sort of endowment show has started. The new thing is that when theperson who tries out is executing. the Judgess can non see him. If they want the 17:59 Nesrin participant on their squad. they press a button. Then. their chairs turn around so theycan see each other. I think that is a really good thought because the first feeling formsthe footing of how you regard the individual. In this show the first feeling is theirvoice. It is a first-class manner to do certain they do non state no to you. merely because youare fat. ugly. from an other race or what of all time ground they could contrive.

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