Task 3 – Compare and Contrast Current Interactive Websites for Performance and Security.

  M1  The WebsiteE-CommerceAmazon: Amazon.comAMAZON- is a american electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle Washington that was first started on the 4th of July 1994 by a gentleman named Jeff Bezos. this company is currently the largest internet retailer in the world. amazon also works alongside other retail companies including the uk the service provides a huge range of products such as  BOOKS, DVDS AND MUSIC, HOME AND GARDEN PRODUCTS, HEALTH AND BEAUTY ITEMS along with a lot lot more.amazon has been rated number 1 in america for being recognized as providing the best customer service and always trying to find new ways  to improvement the services that is given to its thousands of customers world wide one of those examples is the delivery service which it currently provides.amazon.com is a retailer and the job of the retailer is purely to sell its products to a range of customers at as reasonable price. however despite this being one of the largest online retailers it has a fair share of problems, back in October 2016 amazon was thought to be selling counterfeit apple products and advertising them as genuine.

it was discovered that around 90% of the apple accessories were in fact fake.there has also been suggestions of poor working conditions both from current and former employees having to work in temperatures of 100 f for long hours. so despite this being one of the worlds largest online retail companies we can clearly see that there is room for improvements such as ensuring customer quality and the work conditions of staff .one advantage with amazon it offers an E -COMMERCE solution which helps customers to manage their payments,shipping,sales tax,returns and charge backs. customers can pay without sharing financial information. a plus to this is they’re protected be amazon A-Z guarantee.amazon pay guarantees purchases from the third party sellers when payment is made via amazon.co.

uk it also guarantees timely deliver, so from the information we have gathered we can come to the conclusion that although this is one of the largest retail companies online offering thousands of different products it is fair to say along the way there have been a number of issues with the daily running of such a large company.Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/EBAY- is a multinational E – COMMERCE corporation based in San Jose, California that facilitates consumer to consumer and also business to consumer sales through its website. ebay was started by a gentleman named Pierre Omidyor in 1995.Ebay is considered a multi billion dollar business. ebay .

com is an online auction selling a variety of goods for both businesses and the general public, the website itself is free to use for buyers however sellers are charged fees for listing items not only this but the website  has now expanded to buy it now.much similar to amazon ebay also offers a wide range of products such as HOME AND GARDEN PRODUCTS, HEALTH AND BEAUTY, CLOTHES AND SHOES and ELECTRONICS.in terms of ratings and reviews ebay works slightly different to that of its opponent amazon. reviews and ratings can actually be found below the item that you wish to purchase by clicking on a small box below.ebay is basically a wholesaler who sells merchandise at the lowest possible price usually to retailers amazon} who will resell the goods to consumers.and yet again despite being one of the largest online retail companies it like amazon has had its fair share of problems. in 2010 ebay was charged for entering agreements involving highly skilled employees.

2014 ebay announced it would spin-off paypal the paypal spin-off was completed in 2015. over the years on more than 1 occasion ebay has been subject to a number of security breaches form hackers accessing personal data such as names,email, and addresses which affected up to 145 million ebay customers. Among it many security security breaches ebay have also been accused on late delivery of products almost up to two weeks or more finding them faulty or even broken. earlier this year once again problems were rising ebay users reporting outrage with the website in the uk as hundreds of buyers and sellers struggled to buy items, login and list items. in countries such as the us, Connecticut,Florida and Illinois all joined together to investigate throughout this incident millions of UK citizens were also affected by this. so obviously the questions were being asked how well ebay was safeguarding it customers data.

Although ebay has a ebay connector which allows you to list and manage ebay sales from the store directly ebay are a great marketing platform selling on ebay is simple and safe. but from what we already know this doesn’t seem to be the case. Promotional  Winter wonderland: http://hydeparkwinterwonderland.com/ WINTER WONDERLAND- is a large annual Christmas event held nearly every year from between mid-November to early January every year held in hype park London it is known to be one of the biggest and most attended events in the world.

 the winter wonderland over years attracted well over 14 million visitors.apart from the obvious this event also has a large number of attractions and rides available to guest which include:  1- An ice rink2- Santaland3- Christmas markets4- A magical ice kingdom RIDES:1- giant wheel2- view tower3- ice mountain4- north pole star flyer All of the details about his event are on the website  hypeparkwinterwonderland.com which has all the useful help and information you need to know when planning a trip .the website itself it very well laid out and easy to understand but more importantly has a huge amount of information about everything you would need to know from planning your trip to when you actually attend.

 For example: 1- opening times2- admission cost ( including any special offers for the elderly or disabled )3- a map of the wonderland4- safety instructions which must be followed5- details of various forms of transport that will get you to the park6- accessibility for disabled people7- special offers and events for groups and schools. Overall, the reviews for the wonderland were positive saying its a fun family outing with plenty to do and see the only complaint people did have was how expensive everything was. may be this aspect could be looked into because of how popular the event is and how many people attend.  Scouts website: https://stu049621.

wixsite.com/1st-emsworth-scouts  Scouts- the scouts association is the largest organisation in the united kingdom . scouting originally started in 1907 the association was brought together in 1910 and incorporated in 1912.the association claims to provide activities to as many as 452.

000 young people of ages 6-25it programmers include beaver scouts age 6-8 years, cub scouts age 8- 10 and a half, scouts ages 10 and a half-14,explorer scouts ages 14-18 and finally adult network ages 18-25. it aims to provide fun, adventure and life skills while giving the young people the chance of fun and new adventures both indoors and outdoor, as part of a community and on a international basis  long term with a view of aiming to them self confidence and being able to reach their goals.  the scouts association is very well known for taking part in a lot of community and fundraising events which in today world is not such a bad way to kids this is giving young people of all ages a chance a real life experiences away from the electronic way of life for example laptops, mobiles  which these days takes up a seriously huge chunk from their life, apart from this it is giving children a huge opportunity and is also very rewarding for them.

   Educational: Linguascope: https://www.linguascope.com/ LINGUASCOPE- linguascope .

com is a award winning trusted language learning website used daily by thousands of schools. it offers thousands of different activities around 140 it provides hands on learning it has a comprehensive and great learning system and it very good valve for money.it provides relevant and up to date information on all curriculum including special seasonal activities such as Christmas or the Olympics . it has three different stages to its learning programs 1- for ages 6-12 elementary2- for ages 9-14 beginners3- for ages 13-16 intermediate this website has a wide range of programs designed to help with learning a language from games to help cards this style of learning makes it fun and easy to understand.this website is also very beneficial for teachers by providing up to date curriculum and time saving material such as worksheets.

they is also a area on the website where teachers can share resources with other teacher along with being able to track the progress of their students learning and completed work. The reviews for this website are fantastic, all the teacher have made the same positive comments. For exaple It follows syllabus closelyhas easy access both in school and outside school brilliant for students fun and exciting ways to learnhas certainly provided a invaluable tool.    Duolingo:  https://www.duolingo.com/ DUOLINGO-is a freemium language – learning platform that includes a language learning website and app along with a digital language proficiency assessment exam.

As of the 16th of November 2016 the website and app offers 68 different language courses, it has been rated by far the best learning app. The website uses games to teach the language while at the same time earning point every time you give the correct answer and if incorrect you lose a life. But, importantly as you are playing you are also learning how to read, write,listen and speak in the language you have chosen. the best thing about this website is the fact that you can access it anytime anywhere and is completely free so you can enjoy the process of learning without having to worry about annoying ads or any other interruptions teachers have also rated this website and app from all around the world as being the perfect learning companion for their classroom it allows the teachers to be able to do a number of things, for example: In lesson gradingSteak counting which means recording how many days you have spent learning your language.The teachers being able to keep track of their students and the work that they have done all at the same time.

      Task 4 – Discuss the Impact that cases of Website Security have had on Society.   D1  The Security Breach YahooYahoo was first started at stanford university. It was created in january 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. Yahoo grew very quickly throughout the 1990’s but within this period of time so did the acquisitions like the one in 2013-2014 where it was believed that more than 1 Billion user accounts were compromised, making it known as one of the largest such breach in history. However by 2014 it had thought to have doubled. A conclusion was made that this was in fact the work of hackers, carrying out this breach on behalf of a government. It was said that accounts had been broken into with rumors following that it was being “state sponsored”, the hackers are believed to have used codes that remain in the users browser and can be accessed very easily and quickly.

This breach gave the hackers access to all sorts of personal information.A Verizon lawler said that this has clearly had a huge impact on the company’s reputation because it has also lost the trust of the user, as to this day this breach is still under investigation but is warning all users to keep tight security on email and passwords used. For example changing passwords now and then.

  Ebay Ebay was created in Pierre Omidyar’s San Jose living room in september 1995. It was designed to be a marketplace for the sale of goods and services for individuals but back in 2014 it came under a massive security breach, in this latest attack thousands of its databases have been hacked, these hold all of the users passwords to their Ebay accounts. On the 21st of may 2014, Ebay released a statement advising all customers to change their passwords. It is believed the breach comes from Hackers who tried to access details of employees, Ebay has commented that it is working with law enforcement and leading security experts to “aggressively” investigate the matter. Ebay Is used everyday by millions of customers to buy and sell goods, when a breach such as this happens it leads to a lack of trust which could lose Ebay’s customers long term.  Tesco Bank Tesco bank is a british retail bank which was formed back in the 1997 and since 2008 has been wholly owned by Tesco PLC.

It has reported that back in november 2016 Cyber-thieves/Cyber-criminals stole £2.5 million from over 9000 people online other the weekend, but following the beginning of a new week Tesco Bank reassures the customers that they have been refunded and normal services have been restored.Benny Higgins, the chief executive of Tesco Bank apologised to customers and assured them looking after our customers and protecting them is extremely important to us, it was also stated that all customers have been fully refunded, Tesco bank has said it will continue to work closely with the authorities and regulators in their Criminal Investigation, it was also confirmed that they were working alongside The National Cyber Security Centre. The breach was related to debit cards the hackers were looking for weaknesses and points of access to bank accounts. This is a huge reminder to all of us when entering any of our personal details online, stay safe and delete where possible. For example: if you log onto a public computer delete all history and log out when done.

 Equifax Equifax Inc is a consumer credit reporting agency, it was started in 1899, it was thought to have 699 million millions individual consumers and around 77 million business world wide. In may to july of 2017 Equifax Inc admitted that almost double the number of UK customers have had their information stolen in a massive breach, more than 700,000 were made aware of this. In september the company originally estimated that less than 400,000 had been affected but very quickly the number nearly doubled. The hacker’s stole information such as email addresses, passwords, phone numbers.

Weeks after the breach Richard Smith Equifax Inc chief executive stepped down from his position, Patricio Reman, equifax’s CEO/ president offered his sincere apologies and advised all customers that they are working closely with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre to prevent further breaches.   Home Depot The Home Depot Inc is and American home improvement supplies retail company that sells tools, construction products and services. It was first opened in 1978 in Atlanta Georgia between april to september 2014, it was announced that 56 million credit card details were compromised in a breach.  Not more than two weeks after an investigation had began, the Home Depot Inc made a statement saying that, ” All viruses have been cleared from the company’s system.

” Home Depot apologized to its customers and reassured them that they will no be liable for fraudulent charges. It has thought to cost Home Depot Inc around $61 million, following this breach.As of the beginning of 2015 all stores will be using more modern up to date systems such as a CHIP B pin which ensures protection to the stores customers as that is top priority.   The government in this country alone estimate that the total cost of cybercrime is £26 Billion a year.Some safety tips:Never click on a link you did not expect to receive.Always use different passwords on different sites.

Never reuse your email password, keep it different for every account you own.Always use a well known anti-Virus software, e.g. Norton Security , AVG.

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