1. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. slideshare. net/sc09b093/swot-analysis-tatamotors 2. The Nano could sell good in other geographic markets. Expanding markets such as China may happen the Nano merely the reply Jaguar and Land Rover supply Tata with an chance to set up itself in the luxury section ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. businessgrowthconsultant. com/swot-analysis/swot-analysis-of-tata-motors ) 3. In the summer of 2008 Tata Motor’s announced that it had successfully purchased the Land Rover and Jaguar trade names from Ford Motors for UK ?2. 3 million. Two of the World’s luxury auto trade name have been added to its portfolio of trade names. and will doubtless off the company the opportunity to market vehicles in the luxury sections. 4. Tata Motors Limited acquired Daewoo Motor’s Commercial vehicle concern in 2004 for around USD $ 16 million.

5. Nano is the cheapest auto in the World – retailing at little more than a minibike. Whilst the World is acquiring ready for greener options to gas-guzzlers. is the Nano the reply in footings of construct or trade name? By the way. the new Land Rover and Jaguar theoretical accounts will be up to 85 times more than a standard Nano! 6. The new planetary path platform is about to be launched from its Korean ( antecedently Daewoo ) works. Again. at a clip when the World is looking for environmentally friendly conveyance options. is now the right clip to travel into this section? The reply to this inquiry ( and the one above ) is that new and rising industrial states such as India. South Korea and China will hold a thirst for low-priced rider and commercial vehicles. These are the chances.

However the company has put in topographic point a really proactive Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) commission to turn to possible schemes that will do is operations more sustainable. 7. The scope of Super Milo fuel efficient coachs are powered by super-efficient. eco-friendly engines. The coach has optional organic clasp with booster aid and better air consumptions that will cut down fuel ingestion by up to 10 % . ( 3-7. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. marketingteacher. com/swot/tata-motors-swot. html # ) 8. The nano is the cheapest mass produced auto in the universe. This gives the maker a huge emerging market to sell merchandises with small competition. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wikiwealth. com/swot-strength: nano-car )

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Tata grind in Brazil


1. The Brazilian market is. in many ways. a curious 1. Through the early-1990s. big and luxury autos were dominated–reflecting an economic system with deep poorness and a well-entrenched elite. The authorities so kicked off demand for smaller autos by making the “Popular Car” programme. which targeted entry-level purchasers with stripped down theoretical accounts such as the original Volkswagen Beetle. Within a few old ages. such little and basic autos came to exceed the gross revenues charts. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. economic expert. com/blogs/schumpeter/2012/10/brazils-car-industry )

2. With Brazil’s economic system turning quickly. metropoliss have become progressively clogged by traffic—and. as in China. flush purchasers no longer accept “cast-offs” . the decades-old theoretical accounts that planetary shapers used to sell in backwater economic systems. Consumers want the latest and greatest. and competition is coercing car manufacturers to follow. frequently by developing offerings for Brazil. And even autos non specifically designed for the Brazilian market must be adapted: ethyl alcohol is the fuel of pick for many Brazilians ( the authorities is promoting its production from abundant sugar cane harvests in order to keep down expensive oil imports ) . ( applicable if nano is utilizing ethyl alcohol ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. economic expert. com/blogs/schumpeter/2012/10/brazils-car-industry )


1. Long-time automotive industry functionaries recall a old investing roar. a twelve old ages back. that led to overcapacity and a prostration of net incomes. The same could go on one time once more if the authorities cuts down on consumer inducements that have been shore uping up automotive demand. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. economic expert. com/blogs/schumpeter/2012/10/brazils-car-industry )

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