In Sharon Draper’s fresh Tears of a Tiger assorted character trade with a peculiar challenge or obstruction. Andy Jackson face struggles with other persons. their societies. and themselves.

Andy struggle with his male parent shows through out the narrative and is consistent. Mr. Jackson pressures Andy manner excessively much which leads to statements between them. “You seem to be doin’ a all right occupation of dreamin’ my dreams and be aftering my hereafter. Possibly I don’t pale na be accepted to white folks” ( Andy Page 153 ) . Mr. Jackson pressures Andy a batch with school and maintaining his classs up. so Andy can acquire into college and work in concern disposal. Andy does non desire to make that with his life. it’s non his dream but his father’s dream for him. Mr. Jackson want Andy to hold a bright hereafter but does non see his boy feeling or what he wants to make with his hereafter. Andy and Mr. Jackson arguments come from exclusion his male parent has for him.

Racism in this narrative plays a reasonably large function. Andy puts up with his instructors being racialist and besides with society. Mr. Jackson tells Andy how society works “ But you must. That’s the lone manner to do it in this universe – to absorb into the society in which we live in that’s why you must draw up your classs and better your attitude. ” Mr. Jackson tells Andy that he must work hard in life to be accepted by white people. He said that how society works. Andy does non wish what his male parent is stating to him because it doesn’t bother him that black people are unimportant to white people. Andy feels white people look down on like his instructors do.

Depression is a truly consistent struggles that Andy tries to cover with but battles with it. Andy’s depression takes over him. he could non command it any longer because he couldn’t get over the decease of Rob. In Andy’s Poem he state how he truly feels interior. “ it’s dark where I am and can non happen the visible radiation. There are shadows all around me and my bosom is full of fright” . The verse form shows the province of head in which he’s in. He feel that he has no 1. The loneliness comes from him losing his best friend. Andy can’t think directly because he is so depression he doesn’t cognize what to make any longer he believe he has no 1 to speak to be he does non gain that so many people are seeking to him throught thing but Andy merely doesn’t see it. The Depression is what makes Andy battle with life.

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