Technology And Media Essay, Research PaperLook around us today, what do you see? Technology being thrown at you from all sorts of topographic points. For one the media has brought engineering to another degree. But if you truly look at the whole image engineering is media.

The both of them interact with each other. We are swamped by media and engineering, holding no control over it, and wear & # 8217 ; t cognize what to believe about engineering any longer. Technology is blasted on 260,000 hoardings, 17,000 newspapers, 12,000 periodicals, 27,000 video mercantile establishments for leasing tapes, 400 million telecasting sets, and good over 400 million wirelesss.The media ever brings us the up to day of the month progresss in engineering, whether it is a new signifier of Internet connexion or diet pills.

Media is ever there for engineering. The telecasting is a beginning of media where a Television manufacturer or newsman does non has complete control over the contents of plans. The involvements and dispositions of the audience have every bit much to make with the what is on telecasting as do the thoughts of the manufacturer and newsman. But telecasting can non last without advertisement, so telecasting turns into the jobber and the true swayer of the bulk is publicizing. Which brings in society and what they want to hear. I am really certain that jobber that has late purchased a cellular phoNe that he saw in the newspaper as being the “must have” will do encephalon tumours for him 15 old ages subsequently.

Why doesn & # 8217 ; t the media protect the populace from harmful engineerings. Why doesn & # 8217 ; t the authorities measure into this job. Sooner or subsequently ( likely sooner ) Microsoft will hold a monopoly on the whole computing machine universe particularly those covering with package. I think this is pathetic. Bill Gates seems like a greedy small individual who will merely acquire greedier. The media supports engineering in every manner. How many times you do see Neil Postman on your Television set compared to Bill Gates.

Now a yearss no 1 has complete control over media or engineering, it is run by big companies that are deceasing to sell you the latest luxuries to inhance your intelligence or merriment. When you turn on your Television at dark and watch your favourite intelligence channel, all you can see force or the latest engineerings that were developed that twenty-four hours. I am non stating this is bad, merely makes you inquire what our society & # 8217 ; s compulsion are. Remember back a few old ages when England coloned Dolly the sheep, it was really controversial in the universe and this new experiment was captured by the media and every channel, newspaper and magazine was on top of the narrative.

But how many new channels coverd the narrative where cell phones are will do encephalon tumours down the line.

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