As engineering has advanced over the old ages. and go a more prevailing facet of both work and ‘non-work’ life. it has opened the door to obstructions and chances as it relates to work and household. Coupled with technological progresss. we have seen many transmutations from a societal. demographic and work topographic point position. Turning up in the 1970’s. I had a stay at place ma. and a male parent who worked outside of the place. My ma looked after my sister and I. and my male parent was the ‘breadwinner’ . I recall my male parent being home weekday eventides after work. and every weekend. We participated as a household in many activities. and my father’s work ne’er seemed to slop over into our household clip. There were no computing machines at place. and cell phones were still a thing of the hereafter.

Work stayed at work and clip at place was spent on personal lives. Fast frontward to 2012. My life with a full clip calling. hubby who works full clip outside of the place. three kids. and two Canis familiariss. is a really different narrative. In add-on. engineering has exploded. with computing machines at place that allow entree to work. and BlackBerries that allow 24/7 contact with work. I have selected the subject of engineering and work life balance. as it impacts me straight in my functions of female parent and calling adult female. The opportunity to further research the challenges and chances presented by engineering is selfish. as I hope to bring out some secrets to work life balance as it relates to households ( including mine ) !

Technology and Work Life Balance 4 OVERVIEW OF Telecommuting
Telecommuting is the term we see used today for conveying work place. besides referred to as distant work. off-site work. or working-at-a-distance. Baruch ( 2001 ) . referred to these footings as something you do. non someplace you go. This ‘anytime. anywhere’ work civilization. has been emerging since the beginning of the twenty-first century ( Van Horn & A ; Storen. 2000 ) . Telecommuting can take many signifiers. as organisations may offer a assortment of options. such as full-time. part-time. informal. employee and employer initiated footings. Shifts in engineering have been altering the manner we do work and concern. leting for more flexibleness in clip spent at work. as we traditionally know it. In my current function. as a Human Resource Counselor. I have an informal option in topographic point. that allows me to work remotely. including from place. on an as needful footing. The outlook is that I am by and large working from the office ; nevertheless. some of my responsibilities take me to off-site locations. and on occasion I have household demands that need to be taken attention of during working hours. whether planned or non. With a BlackBerry and a lap top. I can be off from the office. but still be connected to cover with issues as they arise.

I should besides observe I support employees in a 7 twenty-four hours work environment. so the ability to be ‘on call’ is besides of import in the event of an exigency. In a more formal state of affairs. organisations may hold contracts in topographic point that outline the agreement. including yearss worked off-site. hours available. and frequence of contact. Some telecommuting agreements are employer initiated. while others are employee initiated. Not all agreements seem to work for all organisations and/or persons. therefore much of the ability to telecommute prevarications within the type of concern and the type of single involved. Although my ability to telecommute is informal. the fact that I have engineering that connects me to work. creates an chance for work to farther encroach on my household life. Whether one chooses to telecommute or non. I believe progresss in engineering push employees to be more affiliated. and for some. disconnecting is the hardest portion. For others. it seems to be necessary to work at all times and in all topographic points. in order to maintain up and be successful.

For me. it is a combination of both. I feel an implied demand to be available. and a demand to react rapidly. as I have been provided with a BlackBerry. I besides feel that in order to maintain up with my work load. I need my BlackBerry. and distant lap top entree. so I don’t fall buttocks. I should ; nevertheless. confess that I am besides one of those employees who experiences a difficult clip turning off from work. Harmonizing to a study by Dell and Intel. ( Technology hurts work/life balance: Survey. December. 2011 ) 75 % of respondents said engineering enables more flexibleness in their workplace and productiveness is measured by end product instead than clip spent at work. However. the downside to this flexibleness is that 43 % of respondents said they have problem exchanging off from work during their free clip and 48 % said they have more work than can be handled in a traditional 9 to 5 agenda. Profit

As a full clip calling adult female. and full clip female parent. there are both chances and challenges to being connected to work through engineering. To get down. I would wish to research the chances that engineering offers that support Work Life Balance. In my sentiment. the biggest benefit to connectivity is flexibleness. The engineering I carry provides me with the chance to work where. and frequently when plants for both myself and my organisation. This can be an tremendous benefit if I wake up to a ill kid. would wish to volunteer at the school. or leave early to see one of the kid’s featuring events. It besides allows me to work hours outside of the standard work hebdomad. so if I do go forth early one twenty-four hours. I can do up the clip from place. This flexibleness gives me the peace of head that I have some control over my agenda to equilibrate both my work and household demands. As the population ages. this flexibleness can besides profit employees who find themselves in the ‘sandwich’ coevals. This is the coevals that finds itself squeezed between the demands of dependent kids and aging parents.

I excessively. anticipate to pass more clip in the close hereafter with my aging parents. who besides live in another state. Undoubtedly. I will trust on plans my topographic point of work offers. such as Leafs of Absence. to back up my parents in a greater capacity. when the clip comes. With connectivity ; nevertheless. I can be out of state. while go oning to cover with a figure of aspects of work. In add-on to flexibleness. I consider engineering as an assistance in finishing work at a faster and more efficient gait. Not merely does this increase my productiveness. which is a positive for my organisation. it reduces the figure of hours required on my portion to acquire a occupation done. Theoretically. this should assist maintain my work hours to a sensible degree. The 3rd benefit I see is the ability to maintain up with my occupation. without holding to pass the excess hours required in the office. This besides saves me commute clip. which involves both a thrust and a public theodolite drive. Reality dictates that my work burden is on a regular basis non accomplishable during a 37. 5 hr work hebdomad. While this is non a surprise to me. the chance to finish some of the ‘overload’ at place. is decidedly a benefit. Challenge

On the opposing forepart. there are a figure of drawbacks to being connected. This is heightened when the employee has trouble ‘shutting it down’ . As person who does happen being disconnected a challenge. I have looked at some of the grounds why. An interesting study was published by MIT Sloan for Alumni. in 2005. named engineering and the work-life balance. In this study. it was identified that “technology-enabled flexibleness comes with a monetary value: employees with uninterrupted. distant entree to their work topographic points frequently find themselves ‘on call’ . expected to react to employers and coworkers around the clock” . Besides mentioned was that with laptops and manus held devices on the rise. employees are invariably faced with the determination of whether or non to react.

In my state of affairs. although the direction squad has outlined their outlooks around reacting to electronic mail. when they are send oning correspondence during non-work hours. it does make the feeling an immediate response is required. Besides – “Are others replying. and I’m not” ? “Am I decreasing my chances or being viewed as a lower performing artist if I’m the lone 1 who follows the guidelines? ” “Will I be running behind if I wait until Monday to respond” ? To further perplex the issue. I am required to be ‘on-call’ for after concern hours exigencies. In the event of an exigency. I would be contacted via BlackBerry. so it needs to remain on.

When my BlackBerry is on. I am notified of all e-mail that comes in. making the demand to see them. The determination so revolves around. make I merely react to those non-emergency points? In a study reported by Human Resource Executive On-Line. of 627 employees across multiple industries. 42 % said they believe being given an electronic device means they need to be available to the company 24/7. while 57 % said they prefer clear boundaries between work and non-work. My sentiment is that clear boundaries are critical. which leads me to oppugn that if these boundaries are in topographic point. where does the job prevarication? I lean toward the response that Sean McDonald documented April 30. 2009 on the antseyeview. com web site. “The job is human behaviour and the mute outlooks at work. ” Both apparently play a function. Decision

So where does this go forth employees who reap a figure of benefits by holding the flexibleness to work ‘where and when’ with some grade of flexibleness? On the impudent side. where does this go forth employees. who suffer an out of balance state of affairs. as disconnecting is a challenge? As a female parent. who has a full clip calling. I believe that I need to have and take control of the benefits and challenges that I am presented with. Below are some stairss I have either taken. or program to take. after researching the pros and cons of engineering. My hope is that I can break incorporate my household and work clip. while guaranting my figure one protagonists ( household ) . win in the terminal. * Blackberry programmed to travel on and off each twenty-four hours based on my employer’s stated outlooks around handiness. * Resist the enticement of reacting to e-mails every clip they come in by scheduling clip each twenty-four hours specifically for the undertaking. * Designate household clip and commit to the activities/time. * Use stead clip instead than lose path of it – good chances arise when kid’s events come up. A give and take relationship with the employer creates great employee satisfaction. * Finally. do a conjunct attempt to maintain direction cognizant of any instabilities that are prolonged or doing a negative impact and be unfastened to same from other employees.


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