Teenage Smoking Essay, Research Paper

Teenage Smoke

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There are several causes for teenage smoke, every bit good as many effects. There are

no positive effects of teenage smoke, so there are no lone negative causes for teenage

smoke. The effects of teenage smoke can be both physical and mental. Despite all

of the warnings there are, adolescent smoke is non on a diminution.

Teenage smoke has many causes. Several teens take that first whiff merely to seek

something new. One might see his or her equals smoking and believe it is the? coolest?

thing. One that has grown up with a parent that smokes might believe that smoke is all right

and is incognizant of the dangers smoking causes. Other teens may get down smoking to arise

against parents or other authorization.

There are several physical effects of teenage smoke. Some of these physical

effects include emphysema, lung malignant neoplastic disease, pharynx malignant neoplastic disease, and other assorted types of

malignant neoplastic diseases. Lung malignant neoplastic disease is a really serious disease that kills 1000000s of people every twelvemonth.

many of these lung malignant neoplastic disease victims are tobacco users. Another physical consequence of smoke is

the existent visual aspect of a tobacco user. Many old ages of smoke causes the tegument to purse

and age. Smoking causes the dentition to turn xanthous, and finally black. One who

fumes might hold xanthous finer tips. Cigarette

fume besides has a really strong and

recognizable odor. The odor sticks to all cloth around the tobacco user, every bit good as the

tobacco user? s hair.

There effects of teenage smoking other than the physical effects. The chief

non-physical consequence of smoke is dependence. Peoples who begin smoking as adolescents are

more likely to go addicted. Many people become addicted to smoking every twenty-four hours.

Smoke is one of the most hard dependences to interrupt. The dependence of smoke besides

leads to people passing much of their money every hebdomad on coffin nails. Another

non-physical consequence of teenage smoke is the bad influence it has on younger

coevalss. Younger kids ever look up to adolescents as illustrations and function theoretical accounts.

When a little kid sees a adolescent smoke, he or she might believe that smoke is a

behaviour to mime. Another consequence of teenage smoke is that coffin nails could take to

other drugs. After smoking for a piece, a adolescent might make up one’s mind to seek marihuana, which

might take to other drugs, and so on.

There are many causes and effects of teenage smoke. Unfortunately, both the

causes and the effects of teenage smoke are negative. Despite the many warnings of

smoking? s dangers, more and more teens begin smoking every twenty-four hours. Childs are

get downing to smoke at younger ages. ( 439 words )

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