Teenss And Sex Essay, Research Paper

An increasing job on high school campuses and one of the chief

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concerns of parents, school functionaries, and the authorities is adolescent sex. It

is on the rise, and they are disquieted that it may acquire out of control. Teenage

sex can be a job because of the gestations and many diseases it can

cause. One solution that has been proposed is to administer rubbers in

public high schools. This is a subject that is controversial and has been

heatedly debated for old ages. There are people who think it would be a good thought

and those who think it may decline the job instead than work out it.

The ground that people want to administer rubbers in high school is to

attempt to forestall adolescent gestation, sexually transmitted diseases, and ( I

divide this from the class of STD & # 8217 ; s because it is so widespread, lifelessly,

of import, awful, etc. ) H.I.V infection. The theory is that if rubbers

were given out or made available at high schools, so the pupils would be

more inclined to utilize them. They would hold them or be able to acquire them if

they need to utilize them. This would cut down on unprotected sexual intercourse

and forestall the gestations, sexually transmitted diseases, and H.I.V.

infection. If a pupil was at a party and decided, on the goad of the

minute, to prosecute in sexual intercourse, so it is more likely that they

hold a rubber if schools distributed them. This sounds good in theory, but

will it truly work? If schools distribute rubbers, shouldn & # 8217 ; T they besides

learn the pupils how to utilize them and learn them a small about sex ( sex

instruction in schools, another controversial subject ) ?

The universe surely needs to seek to diminish teenage gestations, STD & # 8217 ; s,

and H.I.V. infection. In an article from the New York Times, the United

States studies that adult females, particularly sexually active teenage misss, have a

higher rate of H.I.V. infection than work forces in that age group. It cited the

slow development of mucose membranes as the ground for the lower protection

against infection and increased hazard of acquiring H.I.V. It mentions that in

Rwanda, 25 % of pregnant adult females are infected, and 17 % of those who have teenage

sex will be infected. Those Numberss are reeling. In the United States,

if even 5 % of adolescents who have had sex become septic with H.I.V. , so

that would interpret to 100s of 1000s of adolescents. This shows that

H.I.V. could be a bigger job than it already is if nil is done about

it, and some people think that administering rubbers would assist maintain the

job from acquiring worse.

Condom Dis

tribution might work, but what if the pupils do non utilize

them? Besides, administering rubbers might get down a pupil to go sexually

active that otherwise would non be. Wouldn & # 8217 ; t condom distribution so

addition teenage sex therefore increasing the opportunity of acquiring pregnant and

undertaking H.I.V. ? Once this pupil becomes sexually active he or she

might non utilize a rubber every clip they have sex. Even if they do, condoms

are non 100 % effectual. I repeat-CONDOMS ARE NOT 100 % EFFECTIVE. They

are merely 92-96 % effectual against gestation and non at all effectual for

barricading H.I.V. transmittal. Wouldn & # 8217 ; t a better option so be to command

teenage sex?

Making love is non something to play around with. When people decide to

make it, they make a life and decease determination. If they contract an STD they

put on the line their life for decease. And if a adult female gets pregnant, the adult female is non

guaranteed to populate through it ( although opportunities are that she will ) , and the

kid is non guaranteed to populate for many grounds including abortion.

Shouldn & # 8217 ; t stairss be taken to educate adolescents about what they are

acquiring into before schools start passing out rubbers? This would be a

better manner to forestall the spread of gestations and of STD & # 8217 ; s and H.I.V.

If adolescents do non hold sex to get down with the hazard of infection goes down

because, like I said, rubbers are non 100 % effectual. If they know more

about the hazards, so they can do an educated determination about sex, and so

it will be really likely that they will utilize a rubber if they decide to hold

sex. This is one option and might be a better policy to implement than

rubber distribution.

I think that get downing in junior high school, pupils should larn about

gestation, sexually transmitted diseases, and H.I.V. There would be a class

or a subdivision of a class dedicated to wellness where pupils learn about these

topics. Then in high school, pupils should make a more in-depth survey of

the effects of gestation and sexually familial diseases. This could

be done as a portion of a biological science class or as a research undertaking in an English

category. Finally, pupils should larn about H.I.V. and AIDS, how it affects

the lives of those who have it, and what can be done about it. Again, this

could be a separate class that is required or a portion of another needed

class. Then, booklets about all these things should be made available at

the wellness ( or nurse & # 8217 ; s ) office and suggested for the pupils to read before

they receive rubbers. If this is done, so I believe that teenage sex

should be less of a job than it is now.

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