Teenss Are Stereotyped Essay, Research Paper

Have you of all time met person who acted merely as teens are stereotyped? Not many people have because they do non be. Real teens are ill portrayed in the media and are the complete antonym of their stereotypes. Books and Television shows make teens out to be wild or brainsick, irresponsible and out of control. One barely of all time hears about teen-heroes. Alternatively, newspapers and magazines are plastered with narratives of teens and offense. And while looking at commercial hoardings and other related media, the regular adolescent seems to be sex-crazed and image-obsessed.

First of all, whenever person opens a book or magazine or turns on the telecasting, they see a clump of teens holding merriment. Immediately, because of how society sees teens, people think that the teens must be making something incorrect. Peoples think that teens are out to do problem, when in world, most of them mean no harm.. Many people may believe that teens are unsafe and eschew them for their ain safety. It is about a bias against the teenage race.

To go on, it is really rare that one reads or hears about the good teens do for society. Rather, journalists and publicizers seem to bask foregrounding the Acts of the Apostless that hurt teens & # 8217 ; images. For illustration, in an article of last twelvemonth & # 8217 ; s ( 1998 ) & # 8220 ; Teen People Magazine & # 8221 ; , an article told about the recent high-school shots. One of these incidents occurred when a immature male child brought his

father’s rifle to school and started hiting people. As a consequence, the male child shooting and killed four classmates and a 32-year-old instructor. This and other incidents of the kind give adolescents a really bad image. The article shows that some teens are irresponsible and non really smart.

Furthermore, teens are frequently seen in ads intentionally seeking to look and move older than their age. They seem to be obsessed with sex and looking good. In the film & # 8220 ; Clueless & # 8221 ; , the chief characters are all from Beverley Hills. This would be an highly exaggerated portraiture of the teens of today. In this film, everyone is caught up with purchasing the latest name-brand manners or befriending childs in the popular crowd. Besides in this film, most of the characters are about fifteen-years-old but are already get downing to experiment with sex. Although teens may believe about sex a great trade, non all teens think that holding sex is right at such a immature age and are non so eager to & # 8220 ; make the deed. & # 8221 ;

In decision, one can state that teens are ill portrayed in the media. From what is seen and heard in Television ads, on hoardings and in magazines and newspapers, one would believe that teens are bad people while in world, many people do non give teens a opportunity. With so many articles socking teens, one would believe that teens are atrocious when so many of them are great. It is so sad that people of higher cognition really hold such small regard for an amazing group of people.

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