Teenss Essay, Research Paper

The adolescent is a animal far different from that of any other. These

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unusual existences are classified into the species of the gay sapiens runing

from 13 to 18 old ages of age. Through the old ages, it seems that a

adolescent has grown more to be a separate category in itself instead than a

certain clip period in life.

Although adolescents are truly about a separate sub- species of the

human race, none of them are truly rather the same. The adolescent may be

divided into three separate classs runing from the extremist, moderate,

and conservative. The & # 8220 ; extremist & # 8221 ; adolescent may be best described as one

traveling to all extremes to seek and turn out something that cipher else can

truly understand. Punkss, lapidators, new- wavers, skaters, surfboarders, and

other similar people fall into this class. The & # 8220 ; moderate & # 8221 ; sub-species

of the adolescent may outdo be described as the authoritative adolescent, or truly a

adolescent who epitomizes most of the qualities of a & # 8220 ; normal & # 8221 ; adolescent. This

class comprises the widest scope of people and could decidedly be sub-

divided within itself. This peculiar class of adolescent is somewhat

vague as it can run from adolescents such as & # 8220 ; athletes & # 8221 ; to & # 8220 ; brains & # 8221 ; . The last

of these classs, the & # 8220 ; conservative & # 8221 ; teenager depict the category of

adolescents who follow the regulations and instructions of the grownup universe without a

ailment or rejection. One will most likely find a & # 8220 ; conservative & # 8221 ; adolescent in

the forepart of the schoolroom seeking to acquire as near to the instructor & # 8217 ; s desk as

possible. One will happen that this individual is normally rather timid and quiet

the bulk of the clip.

The description of any of these abstract animals is rather hard

because of the huge difference in each one & # 8217 ; s characteristics. These existences may

scope from 3 pess in tallness up to around 7 pess. They can be either tall,

fat, thin, short, ugly, attractive, intelligent, slow, fast, responsible,

irresponsable or a assortment of several more characteristics humanly possible. The

& gt ; & # 8220 ; extremist & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; moderate & # 8221 ; adolescents are normally rather unpredictable and can

normally ne’er be trusted. The huge bulk of adolescents begin to really

think and ground for the first clip in their life and get down to hold

contrasting beliefs from what they have been taught by their seniors for 13

to 18 old ages. Before hitting the teenage old ages, most every individual accepted

merely about everything taught by their parents as they had no ground non to

believe in their parents, and besides knew no better. As these teens begin to

think, they find logic in new and different beliefs and happen many old

beliefs obsolete. Teenss could be a major advantage to the human race if it

were non for their tragic defect in which they think that they have had so

much experience in life that they are ready to manage it all and take on

the universe with their & # 8220 ; huge cognition of life & # 8221 ; .

Although teens are far from perfect, they are still non treated to the

best of the older coevals & # 8217 ; s ability. The mean adolescent is & # 8220 ; abused & # 8221 ;

by their seniors. Teenss are forced to make assorted odd occupations non

respectable to the human race. One may happen a adolescent making such

degradable jobs runing from taking out the refuse, making the dishes, to

plundering food markets at the local food market shop. Although for the most portion

adolescents are mistreated, being a adolescent has its definite advantages. For

in being a adolescent, non much is mentally expected of you, for the senior

coevals has accepted the fact of the difference between them and the

adolescent. As the senior coevals was besides forced to travel through this demanding

clip in life, they realize how & # 8220 ; hard & # 8221 ; it is, therefore a adolescent can

practically acquire away with & # 8220 ; slaying & # 8221 ; .

As the adolescent can ne’er to the full be described because of their broad

assortment of qualities both mentally and physically, many people struggle to

happen out precisely why adolescents act as they do. As one may see, the

differences of the adolescent are rather obvious and contrasting to that of

any other period in life.

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