Telemakhos Essay, Research PaperEarly on in the Odyssey we see Telemakhos as a roseola, untrained male child. He clearly is non Odysseus & # 8217 ; equal as a host, leader, or combatant. However, as the book goes on we see Telemakhos go more and more like his male parent, in every regard as he is taught and guided by some of the best illustrations he could hold, Athena, Nestor, and Menelaos. By the terminal of the battle with the suers we see him in a new visible radiation, he has matured from the young person we saw to the adult male he should be.

Telemakhos attempts to emulate his male parent to the best of his ability, endeavoring to be a good host as he did with Mentor. He succeeds more than we expect him to, for though he has had really bad illustrations to look up to for the last four old ages, he has heard about and dreamed of his male parent invariably. It is as if Odysseus did raise his boy in some ways, through dreams and narratives, possibly making an even better occupation that manner than he could hold in individual. In dreams and narratives, more frequently than non, the 1 who is fantasized about can make no incorrect and is the perfect icon to look up to. In individual you can see how flawed the individual truly is, take downing your sentiment and ideals.Telemakhos is forced to maturate at an amazing rate, going far from place and put on the lining his life to larn of his male parent.

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His trip teaches him more than he could of all time hold learned remaining at place with the suers. From Nestor and Menelaos he learns both bravery and courage, how to be both a adult male and a host. His apprehension of how the universe works evolves from abstract thoughts to pure ideals under their counsel.

He learns that he must contend against what the suers represent, to take his topographic point and non allow them take it. Nestor and Menelaos usher Telemakhos, with Athena & # 8217 ; s assist, toward manhood, a finish he is long delinquent for.When Odysseus eventually does make place Telemakhos is the first individual he reveals himself to. Their reunion is a really happy one, joy taking to cryings. Odysseus instantly treats him like an inferior nevertheless, stating Telemakhos his programs and anticipating him to transport them out. This is a function that, possibly, Telemakhos still deserves, though non by much. After the programs are laid Telemakhos is left with all the soiled work, garnering the suers arms and such, while his male parent gets an thought of the suers strength.

Telemakhos does really good in garnering the weaponries, maintaining the suers busy, and keeping his pique at the mistreatment of his male parent in his ain place. He acts really mature, holding learned from the best beginnings in the land, and keeps a really cool caput. He has most decidedly changed from the immature male child he was.Telemakhos does be his male parent by the terminal of the book. By about threading the bow that merely Odysseus could thread and merely allowing the cognition that it would destruct his father’s program stop him from threading it all the manner he shows that he can make whatever his male parent can. He may non be the same degree of contriver yet, but he evidently posses the strength and humor of Odysseus.It is besides clear the Athena favours him as she does his male parent, assisting Telemakhos in every manner she can as she did for Odysseus. She is the 1 who originally gave him his bravery and led him to larn from Nestor and Menelaos.

She guides him along every measure of his journey to manhood. She assists both him and his male parents in the battle with the suers, allowing them victory over about unbeatable odds. Without her aid, it is questionable if they could hold won over so many.Telemakhos alterations greatly during the class of the Odyssey. He matures, grows smarter and wiser, and becomes much more like his male parent. He learns much from his Nestor, Menelaos and Athena, but when Odysseus returns place he is eventually able to take the topographic point that he had wanted for so long.

He is eventually able to go Odysseus’ boy, and genuinely his father’s equal.Plants CitedThe Odyssey, Translated by Robert Fitzgerald? 1989 Benedict C. Fitzgerald

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