I’m Ramon B. Adora Jr. and I’m the eldest among the five siblings of Mr. and Mrs. Ramon O. Adora Sr.

My Father is a Professor at University of Eastern Philippines Laoang Northern Samar. My Mother Anastacia is an Elementary Teacher at Laoang I Central School. I have two Brothers and two Sisters. Following to me is my Sister Melanie who is besides a CPA and presently working at Bayer Philippines and is presently analyzing Law at Adamson University.

Manila. My other Sister Miss. Janessa is a registered nurse and soon working at Qatar for quit sometime now. 2nd to the last of my two brothers is Mr. Julmar. a Accredited Teacher and is presently Teaching at Laoang National Trade School and the youngest is my Brother Romel who is besides a accredited criminology and holding his preparation at Camp. Vicente Lim Calamba.

Laguna.I have been in the General Accounting. analysis and describing fiscal Statements internally and externally including BIR reportorial demands ( monthly. quarterly and annually ) for the past six old ages. One ground I peculiarly enjoy this concern. and the challenges that go along with it. is the chance to see and use all the cognition that I have during my university instruction and work related experiences. My existent strength is my attending to detail.

I pride myself on my repute for following through and run intoing deadlines. When I commit to making something. I make certain it gets done. and on clip. ” What I am looking for now is a company that values my cognition and accomplishments where I can fall in a Strong squad and have a positive impact on what we can make for ourselves and the company as a whole in doing it more valuable towards the aims of the company in general.

5 STRENGHTSOne of my cardinal strengths is being organized. If you were to inquire one of my colleagues. they would state you that I’am the ultimate contriver. From what I have heard throughout the interview. it sounds like you’re looking for person to come in and convey order to undertakings here. Since I am known for my organisational accomplishments.

I know I would be a existent plus. ” Failing:
Must non be work related. non portion foremost. to do certain your failing isn’t a accomplishment they need person to hold command of instantly. and 2nd. to see how you handle yourself under force per unit area and when asked tough inquiries. We advise our campaigners to be honorable and concentrate on a failing that is non one of the top three qualities required for the occupation. Besides.

be certain to depict how you’ve already taken stairss and made paces in beef uping this accomplishment. demoing your ability and desire to constantly learn and turn.WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU.I have what it takes to work out jobs and make the occupation. with the cognition and work related experiences I can be able to manage undertaking that in demand of me. Give the fact that I’ve been managing general Accounting and Bir reportoral demands.

I think if you hire me. decidedly I will be an plus to the company. * Where would you wish to be in your calling five old ages from now? * What’s your ideal company?
* What attracted you to this company?* Why should we engage you?* What did you like least about your last occupation? I know that my former company is seeking to make its best under the fortunes.

I’m looking for a company that’s a better tantrum for me. ” * When were you most satisfied in your occupation?

* What can you make for us that other campaigners can’t?* What were the duties of your last place?* Why are you go forthing your present occupation?* What make you cognize about this industry?* What make you cognize about our company?* Are you willing to relocate?* Do you hold any inquiries for me? No. I think you merely about covered everything I wanted to cognize. I’m certain I’ll have more inquiries if I get the occupation. ” If you are questioning with the hiring director. inquire inquiries about the occupation.

the coveted qualities and the challenges. If you are questioning with the human resources director. inquire about the company and the section. If you are questioning with direction.

inquire about the industry and future projections. This is your opportunity to show your industry cognition.

WORK STYLE:A. While I do my best work entirely. I like input and feedback along the manner.

” B. Open to any thoughts or through coactions. happening the best solutions to the job.

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