Good technology and engineering research capableness Able to raise big sums of capital First mover advantage ; the first company to offer a comparatively practical to the full electric auto. clients include high-profile figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger. George Clooney. and Jay Leno Designs and builds many of the constituents in its autos. including the power electronics. motor and battery battalions Weaknesses • • • • Doesn’t have much trade name acknowledgment among the general populace A really little company with little gross revenues volume. so no economic systems of graduated table Possible supply jobs with constituents. particularly if demand additions.

The Tesla Roadster hasn’t been on the market for really long. the length of service of to the full electric autos remains to be proved Opportunities • • • Moving towards the household saloon market and doing a merchandise that is meant for more of the automotive market Price of oil and gasolene skyrocketing. doing the monetary value premium for an electric auto less of an issue Expanding into developing lithium-ion batteries and other energy engineerings. partnering with a battery company to better battery engineering Threats • • • •

Wrightspeed X1. a prototype high public presentation electric auto that caters to the same market ; the lone direct rival to Tesla that offers a similar merchandise Large car companies come ining the market with full and intercrossed electric autos. the GM Volt and Toyota Prius The monetary value of oil falling dramatically in the short tally A rival holding a discovery in related energy engineerings. like H powered autos. natural gas. or ethanol 2 2 Six Force Analysis Competitors • WrightSpeed X1 – little two-seater public presentation electric auto based on bing design. meant for partisans instead than day-to-day drivers.

Entrants • • • Large mass-market makers ( Chevrolet. GM. Toyota ) Luxury public presentation athleticss autos ( BMW. Porsche. Mercedes ) Other dress shop makers ( Italians. Aston Martin. etc. ) Rivalry • Low ; high entry barrier. market sector is niche and mostly untasted Buyers • • Individuals o Bargaining Power: Small. since demand is really high Licensees for EV engineering o Bargaining Power: Unknown Suppliers • • • • • • Battery Companies o Bargaining Power: Low. since Tesla buys Li-ion cells from many different makers Engine Manufacturer ( In-house ) Chassis/Engineering ( Lotus ) .

o Dickering Power: High. sole partnership. no clear option for current market Transmission ( In-house. antecedently Magna ) o Dickering Power: Supplier failed. now production in-house Magna case [ 7 ] Patent licence ( AC Propulsion ) [ 1 ] o Dickering power: high. as Tesla develops motors. power electronics. etc. utilizing AC’s tech Substitutes • Hybrids ( plug-in and otherwise ) o Toyota FT-HS O BMW 1 and 3 series ( mild loanblends ) 3 • • Small public presentation turbodiesels Small non-hybrid athleticss autos o Mazda Miata o BMW Z4 o Honda S2000 Complements • • • • • • • • 3 CAFE Standards – must be 35mpg fleetwide by 2020.

High oil monetary values – now at $ 125/barrel Low electricity monetary values Solar/renewable power Dealerships/service centres Electric “gas stations” . place power Stationss Tax/parking inducements – similar to hybrid revenue enhancement interruptions Battery engineering Analysis of Competitor Strategies Toyota Motor Company Tesla Motor’s response to Toyota Motor Company’s longstanding intercrossed engineering and possible entry into the plug-in loanblend and to the full electric auto market: • • • • • • • • Toyota’s Prius foremost took the route in Japan in 1997. arrived in America in 2000. doing it the most prevailing intercrossed auto.

As of September 2007. 430. 000 have been sold in the US entirely Toyota’s intercrossed engineering has been applied to a broad scope of autos. runing from the $ 21. 000 Prius to the Lexus flagship LS600h with a starting monetary value of $ 104. 000. The LS600h. which is a big executive luxury auto. falls in the same monetary value scope as the Tesla Roadster. though they serve really different intents. The LS600h is meant to be a comfy luxury saloon and still uses 20 stat mis per gallon because the intercrossed power train is mated to a 5 litre V8 engine. which is far from fuel efficient.

As a consequence. the LS600h is targeted at a wholly different market than the Tesla Roadster. Tesla should be wary of Toyota offering a larger battery battalion and a place bear downing station as options for the Prius. as this could finally take to Toyota offering a full electric version of the Prius. This would cut into Tesla’s plans to offer to the full electric saloons at different monetary value points. the WhiteStar. priced at around $ 50. 000- $ 70. 000. and a more low-cost BlueStar at around $ 30. 000 down the line.

At those monetary value points. Toyota can offer a to the full electric saloon under Lexus to vie with the WhiteStar. and another to the full electric version of the Toyota Camry. their staff of life and butter auto for many old ages. to vie with the BlueStar. 4 • • As a response. Tesla should concentrate on bettering their technological advantage in to the full electric autos so that by the clip Toyota enters the electric auto market. Tesla has a technological advantage. Besides. Tesla with their first mover advantage should construct their trade name name to go as prevalent a name in the electric auto market. as Toyota Prius. is in the intercrossed auto market. BMW.

Another possible rival to Tesla is BMW. which continues to set attempt into come ining the luxury. high-performance. low-emissions. low-consumption car market. • • • EfficientDynamics o “Mild hybrid” engineering o Uses many of the energy-saving elements of intercrossed engineering without electric motor help Small 4-cylinder gas and Diesel engines Regenerative braking “Start-stop” system. shuts the engine off when non needed O BMW avoids selling as “hybrid” since there is no electric motor O Used on the 1 and 3 series. which are BMW’s lower-cost. little sedans/coupes o Lower cost. easy integrated into bing autos.

Hybrid engineering O BMW demoed an X5 Diesel Hybrid SUV at Geneva Motor Show ‘08 o BMW Vision EfficientDynamics A paradigm 36 mpg SUV. using a solar panel roof and intercrossed engineering o 5 & A ; 7 series loanblends on the skyline Hydrogen engineering [ 2 ] O BMW Hydrogen7. a double hydrogen/gasoline powered version of their luxury 7 series saloon Merely 125 stat mis on H. 300 stat mis on gasolene “World’s foremost hydrogen-drive luxury public presentation automobile” GM GM represents a important hereafter menace to Tesla. if. as planned. Tesla decides to come in the lower terminal of the market near the $ 30. 000 monetary value point.

• • The current development of the Volt. although it is non a true electric auto. indicates that GM remains interested in the electric/hybrid auto market. and will go on to prosecute the market in the foreseeable hereafter. A practical waiting list surpassed 20. 000 as of May 4. 2008. bespeaking that there exists a important market for the Volt. [ 3 ] 5 • • • • • • 4 Currently the estimated first twelvemonth end product is about 10. 000. but if the Volt proves successful. GM will be able to sharply increase production due to the huge resources at its disposal.

Designed for about 40 stat mis of battery powered driving before the 1. 0L turbocharged gas engine automatically begins to reload the battery. therefore widening the scope of the Volt to up to 640 stat mis of main road drive. This divergence from a purely electric auto solves the scope job of vehicles run strictly on batteries. but promotions in battery engineering could take to the remotion of this system in the hereafter. The engine can be configured to run on gasolene. E85 or biodiesel.

The E-Flex thrust system being designed for the Volt represents an effort to standardise many constituents. which would let GM to take advantage of big economic systems of graduated table for possible hereafter electric vehicles. In the instance of important battery engineering betterment and increasing demand. GM would be able to rapidly increase its production of electric autos and present new theoretical accounts with significantly less development. The Volt. with four riders siting and a comparatively attractive monetary value of about $ 35. 000. entreaties to a wide client base. in contrast to the current niche market of Tesla.

If Tesla were to come in the lower terminal market. it would without uncertainty face strong competition from GM. The lone manner for Tesla to vie efficaciously would be through distinction. which would concentrate chiefly on engineering. Conclusion • • • • • • Tesla is now faced with a inquiry: Do they desire to be a high terminal. low volume car trade name like Porsche. or do they desire to be a low terminal. high volume trade name like Volkswagen? The other scheme that Tesla can see is to place themselves to be bought out by a big car maker. going their electric auto division.

Tesla wants to go a high terminal. low volume maker. as that would let them to remain alive in the current market. Since other. much larger car companies are positioning themselves to vie in the loanblend or electric auto market. Tesla is likely to acquire muscled out of the market unless they distinguish themselves as the world’s premiere electric auto company. Tesla’s best scheme is to carve out a niche out for themselves as the high terminal electric auto shaper and to prolong themselves on the same people who buy public presentation athleticss and luxury autos.

Tesla’s current programs to spread out into the lower terminal of the market with a theoretical account priced around the $ 30. 000 scope would necessitate them to vie with GM and Toyota. Although Tesla presently has a technological advantage. both rivals have committed big sums of resources to develop their engineering and will be able to offer really competitory options for the monetary value scope within a few old ages. 6 • • 5 The optimum option for Tesla would be to avoid the extremely competitory lower terminal market. where they would be forced to vie on monetary value. and to concentrate on their niche market.

As planned. Tesla should present new theoretical accounts but should curtail itself to the $ 60. 000 and above monetary value scope. while go oning to construct its trade name as the luxury electric auto company.

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