Thank you toeveryone on the team for their consistent hard work and dedication with theJordanian Mottaa Company for Ice Cream project proposal. I am fully behind thework we have done and I strongly believe that we will be traveling to Jordansoon. Since this is a likely possibility, we should discuss and review whatpasses as appropriate business behavior in Jordan. Since their culture differsfrom ours in many ways, and this business deal needs to go smoothly, it isimportant that we do our best to avoid offending anyone by being in tune totheir cultural differences. To start, weshould understand Jordan as a country. Jordan is located on the eastern side ofthe Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel,Egypt, and Syria.

In Jordan, Religion is extremely important. In fact, about95% of the citizens in Jordan are of Muslim faith, and the other citizens areChristian. Both groups have the right to worship according to Jordanian law. Also,the Jordanian people are well known for their hospitality, friendliness andrespectfulness.

 Jordan’s normalbusiness hours are from 9AM to 7PM Sunday through Thursday. It is typical forthose who live and work in Jordan to take a two-hour lunch break in theafternoon. Because of this, it is likely that our business meetings withJordanian Mottaa Company associates will be luncheons. Jordan’s government is aparliamentary monarchy with both a king and queen. The economy of Jordan isprimarily agriculture based but is starting to emphasize the importance of ITand tourism.

Their official currency is the Jordanian Dinar. Proper etiquettefor greeting the Jordanian Mottaa Company team constitutes handshakes with a firm,full grip for the men. As for the women, a light and gentle handshake or graspof the fingers is appropriate. The use of titles is also extremely important.In the business setting, titles such as CEO or Chairman are acceptable.

As forspecial events, luncheons and other less formal events, titles like Mr., Mrs.,and Miss are acceptable.

Some appropriate topics for light conversation beforeour meetings begin includes where you are from, the duration of time you’ve beenin Jordan, and what other areas you’ve visited. When conducting business, youneed to maintain eye contact. Without doing so, the conversation can becomeuncomfortable, they can become offended or start to question your integrity. Our businessmeeting with the Jordanian Mottaa Company will be with a group of all men.

SinceJordan is a socially conservative nation, women and men are not entirely equal.With great strides forward, the number of Women in business environments inJordan is increasing. With that being said, the women members of our team areencouraged and expected to participate fully, but you may have to alter yourstyle of dress for this trip. As for what towear, clothing should be kept conservative. For women: Dresses are more common than suits Longer dress is preferable (Please let the hemline be below mid calf) Sleeves must cover the elbow, but closer to the wrist is ideal Low necklines and cutaway backs are not allowed You are not required to cover your hair with a hijab, but you may if you’d like toFor men: Suit and tie Darker colors – grey, black, or dark blue Avoid brightly colored ties or vibrant patterns Solids or stripes is appropriateAlthough othersmay dress casually, we are in Jordan for a business meeting. Therefore, at alldinners and luncheons, please wear business attire. Althoughpersonal conversation is encouraged and important to business in Jordan, it isimportant to keep in mind that it is considered rude to discuss yourrelationships.

It is also considered impolite to comment on current events.Please try to redirect any questions concerning your opinions on currentevents. It is important for our social image for you to frequently complimentthose we are introduced to and to accept any compliments.

 As mentionedabove, religion is very important to Jordanian people. Because 95% of thecitizens in Jordan are of Muslim faith, they will probably mention or referencethe Quran or the Bible to support their actions. Hence, it is common forreligion to be incorporated into business discussions. If directly questioned aboutreligious opinions, try and be positive or supportive.

With that in mind, makesure there are no negative remarks concerning god or holy texts.  Hospitality andkindness is a priority for Jordanian citizens. Please be aware of the fact thatwe will be treated as guests, and we should accept their hospitality graciously.Our invitations will most likely be extended to us at least three times.

Although different from our culture, we will reject it twice before we acceptsince it is considered respectful in their culture. There will be no tardinessfor events, nor will be early. Showing up on time is considered to be mostrespectful.

At luncheons and dinner events, please sit next to someone of thesame gender. It is respectful to hide the bottoms of your feet and to keep yourarms folded in your lap or on your sides. Although some courses may need theuse of American utensils, with traditional meals, eat with the right hand. Food will mostlikely be passed around with bare hands. Although it is unsanitary, pleaseaccept the food and eat at least a part of it (that was not touched).

Refusingthe food is considered an insult. Also, leave some food on your plate todemonstrate that the mean had filled you.Some foods to avoid while in Jordan include: Pork Alcohol Seafood that isn’t crustaceous or lacks scalesIt is extremelyimportant to avoid alcohol. Even though some Jordanians drink in private, it isnot acceptable in a business setting. Please avoid it at all costs.  Please keep inmind that Jordanians have different tones and demeanors than we do. Pleaseabide to the following:·     Avoidspeaking loudly; they relate loud speaking to strong emotions·     Quietvoices indicate respect·     Smallhand gestures are encouraged·     Excessivehand gestures are considered uncultured ·     Pattingan arm or shoulder is a sign of acceptance. The person doing the patting isconsidered dominant in the situation.

Do not pat the arm of the same personmore than once as to avoid cultural conflict.For the ladiesof our group, it is uncommon for men and woman to physically interact. Pleasetry to avoid physical contact. If you have anyother questions, feel free to reach out to me, or check out www.,which has great information on business etiquette while traveling abroad. Thankyou again for your continued hard work and dedication. I greatly appreciateeverything you have done to make this proposal possible.


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