Sexual maltreatment is one of the common diseases of our state. Wherever you go. there are instances of adult females being sexually assaulted. It may be in the household. in the workplace.

in the society and even in the Church where the individual belongs to. That she may dance once more by Sr. Nila V. Bermisa. MM. Tells about force against adult females go oning within the walls of the Philippine Catholic Church. Its major subject is justice seeking by and for adult females abused within the Roman Catholic Church.

Sexual maltreatment by the members of the clergy is one of the controversial issues that is often being masked by the Church and on which most are non cognizant of. The book fundamentally tells about the history and faces of force in our state every bit good as personal narratives from the victims and the impact that it has brought into their lives. The intent of the work is to promote and enable adult females. particularly those who were abused.

to seek justness. stand up against their hurting. and go the agents of alteration as good.In the first chapters. the writer tells her and her companions’ several journeys of contending force against adult females within the Catholic Church and the different organisations like the WGC ( Women and Gender Commission ) . AMRSP ( Association of Major Religions Superiors in the Philippines ) . SABAKAN. KALIKASAN.

and Talitha Cum that aid abused adult females to retrieve and to achieve justness. Even as a kid. the writer has already shouldered the load of these adult females. Together with their comrades they try to assist these adult females by assisting them seek justness and promoting them to go accelerators of for authorization of other adult females.

The writer tells her journey and experiences with these adult females and their battle to happen merely relationships with work forces. The first chapter besides accounts for scriptural poetries interpreted in a feminist’s point of position. The narrative of Jairus and the kiping small miss found in the book of Mark was given a different visible radiation.

For women’s rightists. the narrative Tells that when a miss reaches muliebrity. she is vulnerable to the illnesss of the society such as harlotry. human trafficking. etc. so it is the responsibility of the society to protect her and assist her rise to claim her topographic point in the church and society. The different faces of force were introduced in the 2nd chapter.

Violence against adult females is truly something that takes off the pureness and humanity of a individual. Violence against adult females can be seen in different sectors. Each of these sectors. each different from one another. are united by the fact that the male dominates over the females. In the household.

the adult females are homemakers whose duty is to take attention of the kids and most of the clip they are besides the breadwinners of the household whose undertaking is to do certain that nutrient will be put into the oral cavities of her kids and idle hubby. It is besides in the household that they are susceptible to mistreat. Womans are frequently abused by their hubbies and can non breakaway because of her kids. In the labour force and the military adult females are besides vulnerable to sexual maltreatment from their male colleagues and soldiers. They are normally being threatened by their higher-ups and could non state a word for fright of losing occupations. The church and the society besides play a portion in the disempowerment of adult females.In the society and church.

there is the image of patriarchate which has been embedded to our civilization up until now and which is difficult to contend with. Womans are deprived of their privilege to function the Godhead as grounds of the laterality of the male clergy. The Church and its early Bibles and instructors see adult females as malformation of work forces. St. Thomas Aquinas. for illustration. sees adult females as “misbegotten males” ( p. 53 ) .

Even in the bible. there are transitions that try to minimize adult females. Both the Church and the society see that work forces are superior to adult females and adult females are denied of their service. Sexual force is a disease that is difficult to contend with. In our state.

the Torahs such as VAW were implemented to protect the adult females form these maltreatments. The 3rd chapter Tells about the authorization and disempowerment of adult females throughout history and the impact it has brought to their lives. In the Philippines. before the Spanish colonisation and the coming of Christianity adult females are seen as equal to work forces. They are employed as the religious leaders of the society in the signifier of babaylans and therefore are respected. For some civilizations.

when a adult female is disgraced it is the whole folk or community is affected.It shows that adult females are extremely respected in the society. But when the Spanish came. they accused the babaylans of witchery and were stripped of their rubrics. The adult females were non allowed to function the society she belongs to. The Church and its early instructions fundamentally taught adult females to be submissive and gave them a position that adult females are inferior to work forces. The response of the society and the Church itself about the issue were besides presented. The response of the society and the Church gives about the issue are normally negative particularly to the side of the adult females.

For the eyes of the society. impeaching a spiritual leader might convey karma to the household and the people. There is incredulity and the adult females are normally the 1s who are got blasted alternatively of their maltreaters. The maltreaters. on the other manus. are the 1s being sympathized for being imperfect human existences prone to enticements. Somehow the issues are presented the other manner around. These issues are intentionally misunderstood.

ignored and oftentimes are being kept secret and the victims are asked to retreat the ailments in order to protect the image of the Church. Something that is powerful as the Church is truly hard to contend against with.The 4th chapter highlights the narratives of maltreatment that some adult females encountered within the Church and the impact that it brings to their life particularly to their spiritualty.

The victims reported to hold felt shame and that their spiritualty has been torn. They could no longer populate a normal life and could no longer attend mass. Their religion towards God was besides in the threshold of fall ining. They could non believe that the 1s they regard as sanctum will make something vile to them. The maltreatment they encountered brought a pestilence into their lives.

Their well-being and their spiritualty were lacerate apart. In the last two chapters. the writer portions her ideas about the new life waiting for the victims of sexual maltreatment within the Church. The book tells us that there is new way and life waiting for the abused and that they need to stand up to derive comprehensiveness of life. The kernel of the comprehensiveness of life is non merely for them but besides for all creative activities. The vision of Project Babaylan.

which is a undertaking of the Talitha Cum Center. is to promote adult females to recover strength. attain justness. and embrace the comprehensiveness of life. The writer besides portions her dream of reconstructing a new Church wherein adult females and work forces are equal.The book envisions a new Church wherein adult females are given the privilege to function the Godhead and Church alongside their male clergy members. The book is a strong work with steadfast statements and facts.

There is no uncertainty that such instances of maltreatment by the members of the clergy does go on. The work is a good instrument of educating the people about what is truly go oning inside the walls of the Church. The manner it is written is besides enlightening and non-sexist. For illustration. alternatively of land the writer writes it as kin*dom. This book is a good illustration of a literary work that empowers adult females.

The book’s chief statements and ideas besides possess strong impressions. The mode by which the book dealt with some of the bible transitions refering adult females was of great involvement. It was profoundly explored and was given a different type of interpretation- one which is acceptable to the women’s rightists and those who strive for equality.The issues presented are truly controversial but it is what is go oning in the present clip. These issues are deserving adverting and giving accent for it could no longer be hidden. What the book has said is practically true particularly in our state. Violence against adult females is a day-to-day societal world that we can non deny of.

Every twenty-four hours we can hear in the intelligence of such instances. It could besides no longer be denied that the Church sector has a portion in bring downing hurting on adult females. physically. emotionally and spiritually. Puting aside the negativenesss.

the book besides showed us the possibility of holding a society where adult females and work forces are seen as peers and that adult females can function the church alongside the male clergy. The book deserves virtue for it widens our range and aftermaths us from our ignorance. It tells us what is go oning at the present clip yet it does non besides fail to educate us the history of authorization and disempowerment of adult females.

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