When you think about what you have learned about the sass’s, or even watch a movie from that era, what are a few things you see or think of? Maybe you think of drive-in movies, poodle skirts, or neon signs, but what about the advertisements? The sass’s advertisements used the basic American family illusion as a way to sell their products. Looking back on them now, they look funny to us. The people in the ads looked glamorous and always happy.

The advertisement makers wanted the public to see their ads and aspire to be like the people in the pictures.The sass’s glorified things like smoking. Smoking was also a big part of the sass’s, and the ads were very different back then. As the reader can see in the two different smoking ads, advertisements from the sass to now have drastically changed. The first add shown is the popular cigarette brand, Marlboro. The ad has the face of a baby on is supposedly saying, “Before you scold me, Mom…

You better light up a Marlboro”. The baby in this ad tells his mother she should smoke before she scolds her child.This suggests that the smoking will calm his mother down and her scolding will not be as bad. For the reader that lives in this day and age, this ad should be upsetting.

This cigarette ad is trying to display that even innocent children approve of this deadly habit. The makers of the Marlboro were clearly trying to appeal to mothers with young children. They make the ad sound like they should smoke around their children because their kids want them to. Down in the bottom corner there is a young, attractive girl holding a lit cigarette.This is to appeal to women so that they want to be more like her. Back in the sass’s, smoking was seen as a fancy habit, but little did they know that smoking was endangering not only their own lives but their family too. The second advertisement is similar to the first. This advertisement also has a baby in it but for the completely different reason.

This ad from a more current time has a different message. The ad reads, “Tobacco smoke can harm your children”. The ad displays a young child with smoke surrounding him.The baby looks upset and slightly scared.

The ad also has a dark tone to it. The only color on the ad is from the cigarettes. The designers also put the word “Brand” at the bottom. This is trying to tell the observer of the ad that no form of smoking is good for you. It tries to show that all cigarette brands are the same, and no matter how much they try to glorify heir product, it will still be bad.

One of the reasons that smoking ads have changed is because the public more educated on the effects of smoking.Now that people are more educated about smoking, it is seen as a horrible and life threatening habit. As you can see, these two ads have the same general idea, but they are totally different. The first ad has a baby in it that is trying to convince the public to smoke because is will calm people down. The second ad also uses a baby but it has a different goal. The baby is trying to convince smokers that it is not only bad for the smokers, but the hillier too.

Another thing that makes these ads different is the tone.The sass’s ad has the child longingly looking up, while the newer ad has a sad child surrounded by smoke. In the end, advertisements have completely changed the way that the public looks at certain products. Unlike the sass’s advertisements some advertisements today are looked as something that the public should not trust.

As the reader discovered, smoking ads have gone from using babies to look more appealing to using young children to scare people out of smoking. Two different ads can be completely different but with similar ideas.

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