The case study illustratesthe Birmingham Fitness Gym, a much known fitness centre situated in the heartof Birmingham. However, the case study has analysed that due to the change andexpansion of gym members, the employees were quite disturbed and were exposedto stress which was badly affecting their work behaviour. Moreover, the reportcomprises of motivational theories and steps to cope up with stress and stepsto improvise leadership styles that will help the BF gym to make a healthystrategy to enhance the organisational behaviour in an effective manner. Conclusion                       Moreover,the leaders must be active in building good relationships with the employees toknow the real strength and weakness of the employees as this could make theleader to help the co-workers to cope up with their weaknesses. Last but notthe least, the characteristics or trait that every leader must have is he orshe must be humble as modest behaviour makes a great leader and through thisthe employees will trust in the vision and words of the leader that is highly mandatory(Munnich and Schmit, 2017).

There are some recommendations toimprove the leadership style and skills of the employee as it is important toenhance it and it directly affects the organisational behaviour of theemployees. In order to become an effective and a talented leader, it isimportant for the employee to find passion to inspire other employees, improvecommunication skills as the leader is always positive and less aggressive thatmakes him or her a good communicator (Rock, 2014). Recommendation to become better leaderThe autocratic leadership styleleads the manager to become extremely dominant that makes the employees feelthat there is no such respect of their opinion. This dominancy is not good forthe organisational environment as it makes the employees behaviour unsatisfactory 2010). The employees in the BF gym were not happy withthe autocratic leadership style of Philip as it made them to become lessresponsiveness in the meeting. Autocratic (Philip)Participative leadership style issometimes called democratic style as in this style and approach, the teammembers have a right to speak up their problems and issues and they are allowedto give suggestions (Cummings et al., 2010). Kate seems to be participativeas she invited all the group members to openly negotiate with her in order tosolve the problems and in order to decrease the turnover rate to make the organisationalenvironment sustainable and healthy.

Kate ensures the employees that they cangive their opinion and she will respect their opinion and will take correctiveactions to improve the situation. The participative behaviour of Kate motivatesJane to give a creative idea to resolve the problem. Participative (Kate)For discussing the problems inthe organisation, Kate had invited the employees in the meeting so that theycan put their viewpoints with respect to the present situation of the organisation.While only two of the employees speak up in the meeting that were Jane andPhilip consequently Kate and Philip showed their leadership in coming up withthe problem. The leadership style that Kate showed was participative whilePhilip was bit dominant and showed autocratic style of leadership. Leadership Style of Kate and Philip The above described steps are some of thehealthy approaches that could lead the management and the employees toimplement stress management in an effective manner to enhance the organisationalbehavior. On all of the above steps, the most important step that coulddecrease the stress factor in the gym is negotiating with the employees.

Thecase study describes that during the meeting all of the employees were notparticipating actively while there were two employees who showed theirleadership skills which is not acceptable as by not negotiating with the uppermanagement the problem could not be solved. ·       Negotiate openly with the Supervisor(Bird, 2018)·       Stay Calm and relax ·       Be active ·       Establish Limitations·       Build up Healthy Response ·       Follow the StressorsThere aresome of the factors that could be managed to deal with stress in the organisationhowever; some effective points could let the management of the gym to deal withthe stress in an effective manner. Those steps are:Dealingwith Stress ·      Less participationin changing the routines and alignment of tasks·      Less Flexibilityin the environment·      Biasness with theemployees·      BureaucraticStructure in the organisationThere are so many reasons that have made theemployees discourage from the work and they started to get into chronic andacute stress. Stress factor does not always work negatively as sometimes itmakes the employees to work with more energy while sometimes it affects thebehavior of the employees in a worst manner. Stress prevents your body andbrain to work and this cause the employees to become ineffective in the organisation (Seaward, 2016). Some of the stress factors inthe BF gym are:StressFactor at BF gym·       Unfair treatment with new appointedemployees ·       Less participative environment·       Unchangeable and fixed Routines·       Changes in the gym by expanding theamount of members in one class ·       Bored and uninspiring environment Birmingham Fitness gym was lagging behind withthe management perspective due to lack of motivation to the employees. Abovestated motivational charts are the main elements of influencing the employeesand one missing factor discourages the behavior. Some of the reasons due towhich the employees were not motivated are:Reasonsof Lack of Motivation at BF Gym  ·      Administrative Quality (Band, Shah, Sriram andAppliances.

, 2016)·      Financial payment and compensations ·      Assurance of Job Security·      Presence of Flexibility in the workingenvironment ·      Interpersonal relationships·      Managerial Structure of the company·      Policies and procedures of the companyThere are some of the hygiene factors described in theHerzberg Theory of motivation that either leads the employee behaviour towardssatisfaction or dissatisfaction. Those important actors are:HerzbergMotivation Theory is another motivation theory for employees which is a twofactor theory that defines the aspect that leads to job satisfaction anddissatisfaction. Moreover, according to the theory, there are different factorsassociated to the job satisfaction and dissatisfaction (Alshmemri,Shahwan-Akl and Maude. 2017).

HerzbergMotivation Theory The physiological needs are oneof the basic needs without which the employees are deprived off including food,thirst and sleep. While other steps leads to safety needs that describes thesecurity of the employees, social needs in which the employees needs to engagewith their loved ones, self-esteem needs in which the employees have a desireof gaining self-respect and self-actualization that develops the potential ofemployees. After the advancing on these steps, the employees can be motivatedtowards their work (Botana and Neto, 2015).Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is amotivation theory that is very useful for the organisations to satisfy everyneed of the employee in an effective manner.

The theory states all theimportant needs of the employees that includes physiological needs, safetyneeds, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs. According to aneffective hierarchal, representation all needs are important to be fulfilled andthe absence of one need can discourage the employees that directly affect theprogress of the organisation (Metzler, 2017). Maslow Motivation TheoryMotivation Theories As the structure of BF gym isbureaucratic, there was a well-built chain of order and specialisation but theemployees were still dissatisfied because they were not feeling comfortable indoing their duties. Lack of flexibility and openness has made their behaviourbored and disruptive due to which they were unable to think creatively to makeadvancement in the gym. The bureaucratic structure of theorganisation makes the company’s environment very strict and rigid that reducesthe innovative and creative side of the employees.

Due to this, the employeesexert limited efforts in the organisation and do not think innovatively and outof the box to promote advancement in the organisation (Metzler, 2017).Lack of Creativity and AdvancementDue to the implementation ofBureaucratic structure in the organisation, the employees of the company feelsless flexible and open to speak up for something. However, the responsivenessrates of the employees becomes low which is a drawback for the company as theemployees will not be productive if they are not granted flexibilityLack of Flexibility and Openness Some of the disadvantages ofBureaucratic management in the organisation are:The structure that was organisedthrough bureaucracy always influences the level of interest derived from thetask as every department has set up some of the rules, regulation and structurethat lead the employees to perform particular task according to his or herability. This advantage influences the organisation in a broader perspectiveespecially when the company is expanding or appointing new employees (Potts,1992).SpecialisationImplementation of Bureaucraticstructure in the organisation leads to a well-built chain of order that makestheir business structure stable.

In this structure, the chain of order startsfrom the upper hierarchy that includes the president, a chairman who orders themiddle managers to plot the duties to other staff members. While, everyone isstrictly liable to the one who is giving order and this makes the environmentof the organisation stable and steady.  Well-built chain of orderSome advantagesthat the BF gym gained by imposing the bureaucratic structure are:The case study analyses the factthat the management structure of the gym was Bureaucratic and the employeeswere not satisfied with their duties as their schedule and tasks were same frompast several years that had made them bored and disruptive. In a bureaucraticstructure of organisation, there is a strong dominancy of upper management thatleads to severe boundaries and lessen the flexibility in the organisation. Thisstructure is sometimes effective for the organisation but sometimes it makes abad effect on the behaviour of the employees that directly impacts their workin the organisation (Hanks, 2018). Advantages and Disadvantages of BureaucraticStructure at Gym Discussion Kate is thehead of BF gyms and manages the behaviour of employees while analysing thesituation of the gym every week to evaluate the functions of the gym. Presently,Kate analysed that many of the employees are not satisfied with the job and aregiving up on the jobs and this makes Kate worried.

She decided to look into thematter seriously to know the real cause behind the high turnover rates ofemployees. There were 5 employees who were distressed and their behaviourtowards the work had changed unfavourably and those are Philip, Jane, Jo, Robinand Nick. Kate decides to organise a meeting for the employees to know theirview points and to know some recommendations and solutions to cope up with thisissue. In the meeting Philip and Jane speak up for the issue while Philipsounds to be very dominant in the meeting and the idea of Jane looks very participative.

Other group members look very disinterested andtired during the discussion (OB, 2018).The case study elaborates aboutthe Birmingham Fitness Gym which is one of the popular fitness centres for thepeople of Birmingham city. However, it is a standard sized fitness centre thataims to provide best healthy benefits to the people. The gym is located at themiddle of the city so that everyone can easily approach it.

Moreover, friendlystaff members and social atmosphere makes the reputation of the gym better thanother fitness centres. The management of the gym is distributed in an efficientmanner; about 50 employees are giving their time to serve in this gym that includes personal trainers, instructors of class,administrative authorities and lower staff (OB, 2018).Introduction

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