Executive Summary

Ever since the find of the spherical nature of the Earth, began a revolution in the manner human sort travelled. Over the old ages the dramatic development of the agencies of conveyance meant that even the vastest distances could be travelled in a affair of hours. Today traveling is n’t approximately undergoing a boring journey but about sing the alteration as one traverses through the distance seeking to make his or her finish.

Al Aziziya Travels Ltd. Not merely another travel bureau. An experience generator in itself “ we do n’t sell tickets… .we sell experiences… we sell tracts to your finish… ” At Aziziya Travels we do n’t merely make the normal things you would anticipate from a travel bureau, we go beyond the merchandising procedure. Right from be aftering your trip to supplying you with finish inside informations to supplying tickets at optimum monetary values and further to supplying complimentary travel paths for leisure trips. Al Aziziya Travels ltd. redefines your travel related undertakings non merely the manner they are done but we make them funaˆ¦ .

With support from our internationally celebrated spouses and the broad overplus of air hose and other conveyance bureau link ups we offer you a broad scope of options to take from.

Al Aziziya Travels unlike any other travel bureau is upfront and alone. Committedness to client demands is our precedence and a content client means a loyal client.

Al Aziziya travels is a full services bureau that provides all travel and trip facilitative services for the clients as mentioned before. Our employees and agents are enthusiastic and dedicated professionals working together to guarantee maximal client satisfaction.

We struggle to guarantee your comfort because a troubled client or client normally converts into a off trip and a off trip means dissatisfaction and loss of concern. With our advanced ticketing methods and able agents and employees we offer up to the grade service forestalling all the defeat because a trip is n’t approximately going from a beginning to finish travel is about the experience and we give you experiences to care for right out of your dreams.

Al Aziziya travels indulges in national and international travel through a multiplicity of agencies Airways, Road travel or H2O ways and cruises we ‘ve got it all. .

Right from booking that concern trip and right down to doing that headlong exigency trip to another state, straight through to do your spiritual pilgrim’s journey a simple and holy experience… . ” we ‘ll assist you through it because we want to acquire you to it. ”

Afford ability and sensible pricing is our strength while other bureaus charge you heavy committees and engagement charges at Al Aziziya travels we keep the restrictions of your pocket in head when puting ticket and trip monetary values, moreover we offer package benefits and price reductions on our leisure trips at multiple finishs around the universe every bit good as with our Hajj and Umrah Packages. Corporate engagements and batch engagements have core benefits as we offer immense price reductions to our corporate associates. .

We work difficult to do perfect engagement and ticketing determinations for you whether it be a last minute engagement or an unfortunate delay and cancellation and rebooking we run the stat mi for you. .

“ Sit back and loosen up… think travel… think Aziziya Travels…

Our Servicess Include:

Ticketing ( one manner, round trip ) , Internal transit engagements to and from the airdrome ( we help you with your trip right from your doorsill to your finish ) , Travel Packages, Hajj and Umrah Packages pick of air hoses, trip finishs, theodolite fluctuations, shortest routing in instance of theodolite to finish, budgeting of trips, complete itinerary solutions and excess installations, ticket cancellation, pre-bookings, last minute alterations… . and much more. .

Marketing facets:

Al Aziziya travels targets its clients in a major manner from commercial houses and on the bundle travels which does chiefly include hadj and Umrah and leisure class. in order to acquire maximal commercial houses and transnational executives, there will be a demand of professional attitude which includes a proper selling scheme. there are several beginnings of publicity used by AAT amongst which one of the beginnings from which AAT to a great extent relies is internet. AAT will maintain a information base to acquire the demographic and physiographic information. There will be besides marketing aims which does includes to be recognized as Prime Minister journey supplier.


Travel bureau is a rather competitory market, there is a really tuff competition amongst the bureaus due to the prevailing fortunes. In malice of rivals in market AAT will get a market portion through sheer professional attack towards valued clients pricing scheme and service criterions. Computerized reserved system ( CRS ) are really effectual with full options of ticket auto booking etc. such attempts aid in doing a stander and good will in the market.


AAT would be holding several strength such as, low client top employ ratio and every bit good as there is an first-class group of staff who are extremely trained and client attentive. a repute in market topographic point, commercial houses and multinationals is considered to as a strength.AAT will be genuinely alone, high terminal and service offering.

Fiscal program:

Al Aziziya travels was established in a twelvemonth 2011 with a capital of 3.3 million. The first twelvemonth net income and loss history showed a loss followed by 2nd twelvemonth P & A ; L history demoing a loss but with an betterment of 44 % . By the terminal of 3rd the company had a singular net income with an betterment of 185 % . AAT sells 300 tickets per month and is purposes at selling 500 to 700 tickets per month by the terminal of 5th fiscal twelvemonth.


Ever since the find of the spherical nature of the Earth, began a revolution in the manner human sort travelled. Over the old ages the dramatic development of the agencies of conveyance meant that even the vastest distances could be travelled in the affair of hours. Today traveling is n’t approximately undergoing a boring journey but about sing the alteration as one traverses through the distance seeking to make his or her finish.

What is a Travel Agency?

A travel bureau is a retail concern, that sells travel related merchandises and services to the clients on behalf of the providers, auto lease, sail line drive, hotels, railroads, sightseeing, Tourss and bundle vacations that combines several merchandises. In add-on to covering with ordinary tourers most travel bureaus have separate sections devoted to keeping travel agreements for concern travellers & A ; some travel bureaus specialized in commercial & amp ; concern travels merely.

It besides serves as a general agent for foreign travel companies, leting them to hold offices in states other than central offices.

Travel bureau ‘s map is to move as an agent that is to sell travel merchandises and services on behalf of the providers. A bundle vacation or ticket is non purchased from a provider unless a client requests that purchase. The vacation or ticket is supplied to them at a price reduction. So the net income is therefore the difference between advertised monetary values and the monetary value which the client wages at which it ‘s supplied to the agent.

More and more people travel today either in international or national footing through a varied agency of conveyance and with the outgrowth of budget and economic travel carries and air hoses it seems to merely be on the rise, so now there is no concern to be in better than travels and touristry.

Company Profile

Al Aziziya travels is a travels and Tourss Provision Company besides known as a travel bureau. It provides fining and booking services at single and corporate degrees. We are a travels ticketing and booking acquisition and facilitation house. Every twelvemonth 1000000s of riyals are spent on travel. Travel is no longer the boring journey it used to be, but bad response from travel agents and inappropriate counsel and hapless engagement and fining systems can do it a nerve-racking event. We make your trips and travels fantastic experiences right from booking to look intoing into your hotel of pick at your finish.

With expert accomplishments and enthusiasm, our employees and agents utilize their creativeness and accomplishments to assist you with all your travel related demands and guarantee you paint memorable minutes in your travel books. All we ask our clients and clients to make is to sit back, relax and acquire to packing up because we guarantee that the remainder goes through in the smoothest manner possible.

Today ‘s mean individual spends more on travel of all time earlier in fact it is such a large determiner of the net incomes that 9.2 % of the full universe ‘s GDP is from travel and touristry entirely.

The chief focal point of the concern will be to offer corporate clients a comprehensive and cost effectual travel capableness, delivered with first-class service, something that is frequently hard to come by this really competitory industry. Critical to the Company ‘s success in this country is the committedness to cognize each Client and their peculiar demands, to enable the most cost-efficient agreements to be made for each travel event.

Travel consultancy is a large concern merely every bit much as travel itself we provide travel consultancy through our on-line presence every bit good as by our close societal web integrating. The cyberspace today forms a major medium of travel planning. Our on-line portal caters to a multiplicity of visitants at one time in coordination to our offices. Customers and clients can see our offers and monetary values online along with bundles every bit good as behavior ticketing and engagement online through our advanced ticketing and engagement services. Our m-booking services allow nomadic engagement where in clients could book reserves through their nomadic devices… “ We bring the universe at your fingertips… ”

More and more people resort to consultancy in footings of Tourss and travels prior to fining and booking we provide adept consultancy in add-on to our engagement and ticketing services.

Our Planned Expertness

Al Aziziya travels bases for the simple ground that we know the Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs of travel — the etiquette, the right people to work with, and the ways to pull off within any budget. We are experient, organized, detail-oriented, inventive, people-person, possessing mature judgements, patient and have the expertness to orchestrate your perfect travel experience.

A successful travel bureau demands to hold agents who are experts at multi-tasking, taking in engagements from multiple clients while proposing them appropriate options. An appropriate travel agent is with you through the full engagement and ticket procedure guaranting that you have the best of what is to be offered. He has the full travel and comparative schematics sorted out mentally, armed and ready to help the clients and clients.

We besides have a good sense in repairing bundle Tours we have custom Tourss for universe experiences to leisure trips, Hajj and Umrah bundles, customized household vacation bundles, offering you merely the right experience you ‘ve ever dreamt off.

Our travel agents are prudent and cautious plenty to utilize their creativeness to give you the best out of those nest eggs. So your budget could likely be plenty to acquire you to the finish of your dreams this summer because with Aziziya travels we make your dreams come true.


The chief aim for Al AZIZIYA TRAVELS is as follows: –

To sell 3200 tickets in a twelvemonth for starting motors & A ; one time we accomplish it, duplicate it along with a batch more customer-oriented BONUS bundles.

To cover with all sorts of clients runing from the day-to-day citizen to the concern category.

Develop strategic confederation with service suppliers internationally and nationally like Hajj and Umrah bundles. Tour operator both inbound and outbound.

To do going a Fantastic experience.


Al Aziziya Travel ‘s mission is to supply the clients with the highest quality out-of-door adventure.A We exist to pull and keep customers.A When we adhere to this axiom, everything else will fall into topographic point.


To function our client ‘s demands quickly and expeditiously.

To keep an first-class working relationship with our suppliers.

To keep a professional image at all times.


Al Aziziya Travel provides single and group travel to leisure and corporate clients. Focus will be on commercial houses. Services and merchandises provided by us includes travel audience, pre arranged Tourss, usage bundles, airdrome transit. Al Aziziya Travel seeks to distinguish itself as a premiere tour specializer travel bureau in a greater hub of commercial houses.

Company Ownership

Al Aziziya Travels will be registered in Saudi Arabia as a partnership company, shared between 5 active spouses who will be responsible for the net incomes and losingss incurred during the concern operations harmonizing to the investing made by them. The initial investing which will be done by us will be 3.3 million.

This concern is owned by its laminitiss:

Akthar Mohammed

Shadab Agha

Ahmad Sajjad

Faiz Ahmed

Anwar Sadath

The partnership will be divided between the spouses as given below:

Name Of Partner


% of Share

Entire Amount

Akthar Mohammed




Shadab Agha




Faiz Ahmed




Ahmad Sajjad




Anwar Sadath




Key to success

Grab some commercial houses with volume of domestic and international concern peculiarly industrial houses, foreign Bankss and pharmaceuticals companies.

Communicate the distinction and quality of our offering through personal interaction, local print and other media.

Develop of repetition concern base of local clients.

Customer attending, client attending, client attentionaˆ¦aˆ¦

Company Location

Al Aziziya Travels is a service oriented partnership company with its chief office located in Al-Khobar right at the bosom of the Eastern Province, our office location provides easy entree for our clients to see and discourse their travel demands every bit good as choice up tickets. It ‘s easy entree and propinquity to all major countries is one of the chief grounds for choosing it as the office. It helps us to take a unequivocal measure towards heightening your travel experience.

Stairss in puting up:

Establishing new bureau we have two picks either to travel through whole procedure of acquiring IATA ( International Air Transport Association ) blessing or purchase IATA bureau licence. Geting IATA bureau licence means acquiring a franchise. However in the system of obtaining a franchise is non available in Saudi Arabia. Most of the commercial clients waver to make concern with non-IATA bureau due to many grounds and deficiency of installations like they ca n’t hold ticket stock of an air hose ; they have to direct EXO ( Exchange order ) to IATA bureau for travel merchandises. It is really hard to acquire good productive history without acquiring IATA blessing.

Therefore we will be get downing our travel bureau by obtaining the appropriate licence and IATA enfranchisement Now the first & A ; first thing to be done is the enrollment of the bureau.

This requires us to demo a minimal bank balance of SR 1 million & A ; the blessing of the Saudi Tourist Authority of the several at the same time.

After this we need the blessing of the Civil Aviation section, which will come over & As ; look into the credibleness of the bureau and the background of the proprietors.

Once this is done, we need to get the licence or blessing of the IATA ( International Air Transport Association ) , to publish the tickets or buy the tickets from the several air hoses that we wish to work with.

This certification is in acknowledgment that the company is financially sound & A ; can run into the criterions of professionalism & A ; quality is laid down by the authorities organic structure.

The IATA division holds the ticket stock of all major international air hoses & A ; therefore can supply instant ticket services to all the clients.

GSA – General Gross saless Agent

An air hoses GSA is a 3rd party. It ‘s a travel agent that provides selling and gross revenues services to an air hose under the air hose ‘s trade name, normally in states where the air hose does non hold service to ( or have a limited service to ) .

The GSA brings a local substructure, market cognition and gross revenues procedures and is able to supply gross revenues and marketing aid to an air hose without the air hose holding to incur the disbursal to construct up their ain staff in the state.

These are the air hoses we will be working with

Nas Air

Jet Airways



hypertext transfer protocol: //www.google.com/url? source=imgres & A ; ct=img & A ; q=http: //www.flylowcostairlines.org/img/airlines/123-nas-air.png & A ; sa=X & A ; ei=iugdTb25O4WCOoW30eMI & A ; ved=0CAQQ8wc & A ; usg=AFQjCNGf0uuyRRG6FlAZuCr887qLEHsZAQ hypertext transfer protocol: //www.google.com/url? source=imgres & A ; ct=img & A ; q=http: //www.webjet.com/site/images/Jet-Airways-Logo.NEW_jpg.jpg & A ; sa=X & A ; ei=gOYdTfKkCMLtObjXtN8I & A ; ved=0CAQQ8wc & A ; usg=AFQjCNHsav3b0mFT1cfru_p6X1pNzMM3UQ

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.google.com/url? source=imgres & A ; ct=img & A ; q=http: //www.vandriegroup.com/uploads/pics/KLM_logo_01.jpg & A ; sa=X & A ; ei=zOkdTe2ZCNCWOoyghesI & A ; ved=0CAQQ8wc & A ; usg=AFQjCNHCBAJ4jK63dQLFT-Iwl9z63_uysQ hypertext transfer protocol: //www.google.com/url? source=imgres & A ; ct=img & A ; q=http: //www.arabian-airlines.com/pics/emirates_logo.png & A ; sa=X & A ; ei=a-sdTZrABcehOonDgOYI & A ; ved=0CAQQ8wc & A ; usg=AFQjCNHcq3Q3hapKnprRUDl5UkunZSYtDg


Economic Analysis

In order to happen the feasibleness of the market in Saudi Arabia, the undermentioned analysis has been undertaken which will assist us develop our schemes and draw decisions.

Economic Analysis

Harmonizing to the Index of Economic Freedom published by Heritage Foundation 2010, Saudi Arabia ‘s economic freedom mark is 64.1, doing its economic system the sixty-fifth freest in the 2010 Index. Its mark is 0.2 point lower than last twelvemonth, reflecting modest diminutions in three of the 10 economic freedoms. Saudi Arabia is ranked 8th out of 17 states in the Middle East/North Africa part, and its overall mark is above the universe norm.

Economic Statisticss

Currency – Saudi Riyal ( SR )

Trade Organizations – WTO, OPEC


GDP – $ 592.886 billion ( PPP ; 22nd )

$ 469.426 billion ( nominal ; 23rd )

GDP growth- -0.6 % ( 2009 est. )

GDP per capita- $ 23,814 ( PPP ; 38th )

$ 18,855 ( nominal ; 41st )

GDP by sector- Agribusiness: 3.2 % , Industry: 60.4 % , Services: 36.4 %

( 2009 est. )

Inflation ( CPI ) – 5 % ( 2009 est. )

Labor force- 6.922 million ( 2009 est. )

note: approximately 80 % of the labour force is non-national

Labour force

by business – Agribusiness: 6.7 % , Industry: 21.4 % Servicess: 71.9 %

( 2005 est. )

Unemployment- 11.6 % among Saudi males ( 2009 est. )

Main Industries- petroleum oil production, crude oil refinement, basic

Petrochemicals, ammonium hydroxide, industrial gases, Na

hydrated oxide ( acerb sodium carbonate ) , cement, fertiliser, plastics,

metals, commercial ship fix, commercial aircraft

fix, building

Ease of making

Business Rank- 13th


Exports- $ 180.5 billion ( 2009 est. )

Exports Groups- crude oil and crude oil merchandises 90 %

Main export Partners- USA 17.2 % , A JapanA 15.3 % , A South Korea 10.2 % ,

A ChinaA 9.4 % , A IndiaA 5.9 % , TaiwanA 4.6 % ,

A SingaporeA 4.4 % ( 2009 )

Imports- 86.61 billion ( 2009 est. )

Imports Groups- machinery and equipment, groceries,

chemicals, motor vehicles, fabrics

Main import Partners- USA 12 % , A ChinaA 10.4 % , A JapanA 7.6 % ,

GermanyA 7.3 % , A South KoreaA 5.1 % ,

ItalyA 4.7 % , A IndiaA 4.5 % , A UKA 4 % ( 2008 )

Public Finance

Public Dept- 20.3 % of GDP ( 2009 est. )

Revenues- $ 167.7 billion ( 2009 est. )

Expenses- $ 164.3 billion ( 2009 est. )

All values, unless otherwise stated, are inA US dollars

Macro Trend Analysis

Current GDP per capitaA of Saudi Arabia scored by a universe record-breaking 1,858 % in the Seventies siting on the dorsum of the planetary oil roar. However, this bubble was unsustainable and accordingly the GDP per capita shrank by 58 % in the Eighties. However successful variegation attempts helped register a growing of 20 % in the Nineties.

This is a chart of tendency of gross domestic merchandise of Saudi Arabia at market pricesA estimatedA by the International Monetary Fund with figures in 1000000s of Saudi Arabian Riyals.


Gross Domestic Product

US Dollar Exchange

Inflation Index

( 2000=100 )

Per Capita Income

( asA % of USA )



3.59 Saudi Arabian Riyals





3.62 Saudi Arabian Riyals





3.74 Saudi Arabian Riyals





3.74 Saudi Arabian Riyals





3.74 Saudi Arabian Riyals





3.74 Saudi Arabian Riyals



For buying power para comparings, the US Dollar is exchanged at 3.41 Saudi Arabian Riyals merely. Average rewards in 2007 hover around $ 76-92 per twenty-four hours.

As of August 2009 it was reported that Saudi Arabia is the strongest Arab economic system harmonizing to World Bank.


As of 2007, non-oil fabrication contributed 10 % to Saudi Arabian GDP and less than 6 % of entire employment.

Through 5-year development programs, the authorities has sought to apportion its crude oil income to transform its comparatively undeveloped, oil-based economic system into that of a modern industrial province while keeping the land ‘s traditional Islamic values and imposts. Although economic contrivers have non achieved all their ends, the economic system has progressed quickly. Oil wealth has increased the criterion of life of most Saudis. However, important population growing has strained the authorities ‘s ability to finance farther betterments in the state ‘s criterion of life. Heavy dependance on crude oil gross continues, but industry and agribusiness now account for a larger portion of economic activity. The mismatch between the occupation accomplishments of Saudi alumnuss and the demands of the private occupation market at all degrees remains the chief obstruction to economic variegation and development ; about 4.6 million non-Saudis are employed in the economic system.

Saudi Arabia ‘s first two development programs, covering the 1970s, emphasized substructure. The consequences were impressiveA – the entire length of paved main roads tripled, power coevals increased by a multiple of 28, and the capacity of the havens grew tenfold. For the 3rd program ( 1980-85 ) , the accent changed. Spending on substructure declined, but it rose markedly on instruction, wellness, and societal services. The portion for diversifying and spread outing productive sectors of the economic system ( chiefly industry ) did non lift every bit planned, but the two industrial metropoliss ofA JubailA andA Yanbu — built around the usage of the state ‘s oil and gas to bring forth steel, petrochemicals, fertiliser, and refined oil merchandises — were mostly completed.

In the 4th program ( 1985-90 ) , the state ‘s basic substructure was viewed as mostly complete, but instruction and preparation remained countries of concern. Private endeavor was encouraged, and foreign investing in the signifier of joint ventures with Saudi public and private companies was welcomed. The private sector became more of import, lifting to 70 % of non-oilA GDPA by 1987. While still concentrated in trade and commercialism, private investing increased in industry, agribusiness, banking, and building companies. These private investings were supported by generous authorities funding and incentive plans. The aim was for the private sector to hold 70 % to 90 % ownership in most joint venture endeavors.

The fifth program ( 1990-95 ) emphasized consolidation of the state ‘s defences ; improved and more efficient authorities societal services ; regional development ; and, most significantly, making greater private-sector employment chances for Saudis by cut downing the figure of foreign workers.

The 6th program ( 1996-2000 ) focused on take downing the cost of authorities services without cutting them and sought to spread out educational preparation plans. The program called for cut downing the land ‘s dependance on the crude oil sector by diversifying economic activity, peculiarly in the private sector, with particular accent on industry and agribusiness. It besides continued the attempt to “ Saudizize ” the labour force.

The 7th program ( 2000-2004 ) focuses more on economic variegation and a greater function of the private sector in the Saudi economic system. For the period 2000-2004, the Saudi Government aims at an mean GDP growing rate of 3.16 % each twelvemonth, with projected growings of 5.04 % for the private sector and 4.01 % for the non-oil sector. The authorities besides has set a mark of making 817,300 new occupations for Saudi subjects.

Ad outgos have reached new extremums due to emphasis on value-added fabrication.

The Saudi authorities will go on in its attempts to make occupations for Saudi citizens over the following 5 old ages and beyond. Indeed, with 100,000 subjects come ining the work force each twelvemonth, occupation creative activity will stay a precedence for the foreseeable hereafter.

Population Analysis

The population of Saudi Arabia was estimated at 22,023,506 in July of 2000, a figure turning at about 3.3 per centum a twelvemonth. Saudi subjects account for near to 75 per centum of the population. The staying occupants, about 6 million people, are exiles comprised chiefly of foreign workers. About 90 per centum of Saudi subjects are Arabs. The remainder of the autochthonal population, harmonizing to CIA statistics, are Afro-asian.

In 2000, the birth rate stood at 37.47 per 1,000 population, compared with a decease rate of 6.02 per 1,000. Harmonizing to a Saudi nose count taken in the early 1990s, a small over 50 per centum of the population is male. While work forces make up a bulk of the population, due chiefly to the high concentration of males among expatriate workers, adult females are expected to populate longer. Womans on mean unrecorded 69 old ages in Saudi Arabia, while the work forces live 66.

An overpowering bulk of the Saudi population is immature. In 1999, harmonizing to the Saudi Ministry of Planning, 46 per centum of the population was under 15. Another 38 per centum was under 40. Those over 40 accounted for merely 16 per centum of the population. Attempts to suit the lifting Numberss of immature grownups come ining theA workforceA each twelvemonth have been merely partially successful, and the consequent rise in unemployment has begun to worsen the implicit in tensenesss between the state ‘s richest and poorest citizens.

Up until the 1960s a bulk of the Saudi population were either mobile or semi-nomadic desert inhabitants with no fixed places. However, after crude oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in the 1930s, province grosss rapidly began to lift. As the oil industry matured, the economic system rapidly modernized and mobile herding faded as an economic base. By 2000, 95 per centum of the Saudi population was settled.


New guidelines were late approved for publishing tourer visas to aliens, doing it easier for travel companies in Saudi Arabia to set up group Tourss. The Kingdom ‘s attempts to suit non-Muslim, recreational travellers merely began in 1998, when a circuit group visited the land for the first clip. It was an archaeological circuit limited to get married twosomes and adult females over the age of 45. Expanding the touristry industry amid the state ‘s restrictive societal environment will non be easy. Still, the authorities hopes that between 2000 and 2004, it will allow some 3 million tourer visas to aliens, bring forthing grosss deserving about US $ 2.67 billion.

A bulk of the land ‘s touristry presently comes from Muslims executing the “ hadj, ” the pilgrim’s journey to the state ‘s holy sites. All Muslims are instructed to do the pilgrim’s journey at least one time in their lives. In 1999, the authorities moved to spread out the travel rights of foreign Muslims, leting them to venture beyond Mecca and Medina. In March 2000, it is estimated that over 1 million aliens and 700,000 Saudis made their manner to the western part of Hejaz to see the holy metropoliss.


Saudi Arabia has a really limited revenue enhancement government, as it relies largely on oil grosss, customsA responsibilities, and licensing fees to bring forth authorities gross. Saudi subjects, instead than paying income or belongings revenue enhancements, pay what is called the zakat, an one-year 2.5 percent appraisal of a individual ‘s net personal wealth. Gross from zakat aggregation helps pay for societal services, such as wellness attention and instruction. Foreign companies and freelance aliens in Saudi Arabia are non obliged to pay the zakat, but are, on the other manus, charged withA income revenue enhancements, which range from 25 per centum on income under US $ 26,667 to 45 per centum on income over US $ 266,667.

Saudi Arabia besides charges duties on imported goods which range from 12 per centum to 20 per centum. In order to derive entry into the WTO, the authorities will hold to take down these duties to a upper limit of 7.5 per centum.


Saudi Arabia has one stock exchange theA TadawulA and its fiscal markets are regulated by theA Capital Market Authority ( Saudi Arabia ) . The stockA market capitalizationA of listed companies in Saudi Arabia was valued at $ 646 billion in 2005 by theA World Bank.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and is an of import tool frequently used to foreground where a concern or administration is, and where it could be in the hereafter. It looks at internal factors, the strengths and failings of a concern, and external factors, the chances and menaces confronting the concern. The procedure can give you on overview of where the concern, and the environment it operates in, is strategically. This is an of import, yet to simple to understand, tool used by many pupils, concerns and administrations for analysis.

The undermentioned SWOT analysis captures the cardinal strengths and failings within theA company, and describes the chances and menaces confronting Al Aziziya Travels ( AAT ) .


Low client to employee ratio.

Excellent staff who are extremely trained and really client attentive.

Repute in market topographic point commercial houses and transnational should be strong.

A truly alone, high terminal, service offering.


A new participant in a competitory market.

The battle to continuously offer new and exciting trips while keeping the degree of quality that is established over clip from insistent trip offerings.

Having a client base located throughout the K.S.A forestalling AAT from in the flesh communicating.


Turning market that has yet to be adequately addressed.

Turning figure of immature professionals with the recent dotcom roar.

The ability to distribute fixed direction operating expense costs over an increasing figure of offered trips.


A slack in the economic system will impact the travel industry.

The entryway of other service suppliers into AAT ‘s niche.

Market Analysis

Al Aziziya travel programs to concentrate on its initial attempts on acquiring maximal commercial houses and on the bundle travels. Package Travel primary falls chiefly under Hajj & A ; Umrah and leisure class. We hope to gain the maximal gross from the leisure class.

Our mark clients will be from commercial houses and Multinational executives. Since all the commercial houses has its ain designated agent, we will hold to delve our portion through sheer professionalism attitude towards valued clients.

Selling Scheme

Al Aziziya travels ( AAT ) will utilize several different signifiers of communicating for their publicity or to be more precise selling scheme. AAT ‘s demographic relies to a great extent on the Internet for information which will function as a basis for mark marketing.A While AAT will be holding a web site, we recognize that resources are required to keep the site every bit good as continually better it.A The web site will be invariably tested to find that it is coming up as one of the top consequences when cardinal words are entered into a hunt engine.

Another signifier of publicity is magazine advertising.A The advertisement will happen in magazines whose readership has similar demographics as AAT. The magazine advertizements will be usedA to increase visibleness of AAT and place it as the top service supplier in the high-end difficult escapade market.A

As clip advancements and a loyal client base is established, AAT will trust on electronic mail newssheets and direct mail to the clients that are on the mailing list.A The newssheets will portion specials ( both trips every bit good as particular trades ) to this choice group of customers.A The end of the newssheets is to incentivize the past clients to fall in AAT for another trip with a particular trade.

As operations advancement, the AAT will go on to mensurate our advancement relation to rivals and to the growing of the market ( s ) in which we operate. Though the primary mark market has been defined, there may be new possibilities to function extra sections. As the merchandise is defined and the scheme distinction is defined based on competitory strengths, AAT will be better able to find whether accommodations in positioning are necessary. Access to of import information refering the market, rivals, etc. , is available.

The selling scheme will be to develop long-run relationships with clients. AAT will maintain a database from which to obtain of import demographic & A ; psychographic information. As the concern becomes profitable, programs will be implemented to spread out. There is virtually no bound to the figure and assortment of trips AAT can supply. Trips can take topographic point on every continent and in most states. The end is to set up AAT as an international supplier of top of the line hard-adventure travel.

Marketing Aim

Maintain positive, steady growing each one-fourth.

Experience a growing in new clients who turns into long-run clients.

To be recognized as the Prime Minister journey supplier.

Market Needs

Choice: A broad choice of different types of trips runing from Hajj and Umrah to hanker distance leisure trips

Handiness: The client can be located anyplace every bit long as they have entree to the airdrome

Customer Attention: The frequenter will be impressed with the degree of attending that they receive.

Competitive Monetary values: Although AAT will be supplying a luxury service with prestige value, it will be monetary values competitively with a few other high terminal service suppliers.

Market Tendencies

The travel industry is in an upward growing manner. There are several grounds for this addition. First, a comparative healthy domestic economic system over the last several old ages and the devaluation of currency in other part has made travel less expensive for the Saudi occupants.

Another ground for the growing of travel industry is increased deregulating. That is when the authorities seeks to let more competition in an industry. Deregulation has increased the demand of distinction and has, in many instances, lowered the monetary values of airfare and other travel related services. Extra tendency include caps on bureau committee by many of the larger air hoses from 9 per centum to about nil on the tickets ensuing in decrease of net income borders. They merely charge 6 per centum as a service charge.

Market Growth

Harmonizing to the statistics this market is poised for growing. The growing can be attributed to several factors. The first factor is an increased grasp for travel. More and more people are acknowledging the value in passing their free clip off from place, take parting in activities that they enjoy.

Another variable factor that is lending to this market growing is that Saudi ‘s including the exiles continue to work longer and longer work hours, they besides are looking for escapade travel holiday or for a holy visit in Makkah and Madinah that whould give them a peace of head. When they take clip off from work, they choose an activity that they exhaustively enjoy, to a big grade because holidaies occurs slightly infrequently.

Target Market Strategy

Execution of effectual marketing/sales schemes to accomplish desired market portion.

Concentrate on commercial houses and Multinationals for corporate concern.

To be competitory in pricing with other bureaus.

Short seminars will be conducted to edify with the installations available for the necessary often guidance/information for the commercial client.

Penetration will be made through assorted channels to near the elect category by doing contracts with members of different nines e.g.

Communicate the distinction and quality of our offering through personal interaction like frequent visits and regional selling.


Since the last 2 old ages, the international air hoses in Saudi Arabia have decided to lodge to a standard rate when it comes to the seating. What people by and large knows is that there are three categories usually in a flight that is economic system, first category, concern category. However harmonizing to or every bit far as pricing is concerned, there are five different classs in economic system category entirely based on the engagement of the ticket by the client. For eg- If Saudi Airlines have 600 seats, out of which 350 seats are for economic system category, 150 for first category & A ; 100 seats for concern category. Now out the 350 seats in the economic system category it will be divided into five classs of 70 seats. A ticket can be booked in progress to the upper limit of 11 months. The first 70 seats booked will be 1000 SR, the following 70 will be 1250, and so 1500, 1700 and 2000. So we conclude from this illustration that the earlier the engagement is done the cheaper the rate and is non precisely based on the category of the seats.

Now coming to the pricing for the Hajj and Umrah Services, it will be our privilege to supply this service. The monetary value bundle for the Hajj and Umrah additions every twelvemonth with the addition in the Muslim population and it will be hard to monetary value competitively when we foremost enter the market. The remainder about the bundle will be mentioned in our merchandise section.

Fiscal Objective

A dual digit growing rate for each future twelvemonth.

A decrease of fixed operating expense through disciplined growing.

Continue to diminish the variable costs associated with the production of trips.

Topographic point

Al Aziziya Travels is situated in one of the busiest rendezvous in King Khalid Street 2nd Al Khobar antonym to Rolex salesroom. Presently this country is non served by any other travel bureau. This street is known to be the commercial hub for exiles.

Degree centigrades: Users oshibaDesktoplocation.jpg

This topographic point is ideal for this type of concern as all the large guns in assorted Fieldss have their caput offices located here, which can ensue in us subscribing up contracts and capturing great trades.

Customer service

Obsessional client attending is the mantra. AAT ‘s doctrine that is established throughout the organisation is whatever demands to be done to do the client happy must happen, even at the disbursal of short-run net incomes. In the long tally, this investing will pay off with a ferociously loyal client base who is highly vocal to their friends sing referrals.


The travel bureau market is competitory and engineering like cyberspace and Computerized Reservation System ( CRS ) are rather effectual with full options of ticket, auto engagement etc. Airlines have taken advantage of the cyberspace by offering tickets online at discounted rates like E-tickets.

AAT Travels is researching the market to place possible chances for future gross revenues in the quickly altering environment. AAT ‘s long term, end is to set up itself as circuit operators in both inbound and outbound.

Our rivals will be:

Rivals Name


Ameco Travels

Al Khobar

Al-Gosaibi Travel Agency


Ace travel


Humah Travels


Najran Travel


Zamil Travel Agency


Zahid Travel Agency


Al Eid


Competition is really tough among the bureaus due to the prevailing fortunes. Customers and commercial houses can exchange the bureau on 50 riyals difference.

Al though there are many rivals in the market but will seek to get our market portion through sheer professional attack towards valued clients pricing scheme and service criterions.

The bureau will besides prosecute an aggressive selling run through personal visits and relationship which will develop through the old ages of our travel industry experience. Gross saless individuals will see daily to commercial houses. AAT ‘s end is to develop personal acquaintance between its employees and the commercial clients.

Technical Analysis

A Travel Agency can non repair the rate of the ticket as they wish, it ‘s the air hose that sets the rate. These air hoses provide the rates to the several travel bureaus via a peculiar package. For eg- Sabre Travel Network which will be used by our travel bureau.

What precisely is SABRE Travel Network?

Degree centigrades: Users oshibaDesktopSabre_Travel_Network-logo-E5984D6097-seeklogo_com.gif www.sabretravelnetwork.com

Sabre Travel web is the line of engineering developed by Sabre Inc. that serves travel bureaus straight. Sabre Travel web began when the Sabre computing machine reserves system was installed in Briarcliff manor, New York in 1960. It began the reserve system for American Airlines. Its parent company, Sabre Holdings, spun off from American as The Sabre Group on March 15 2000.

It is a package that automatically alerts or informs the agents of the handiness of an fresh ticket thereby further bettering the bureau ‘s efficiency. It displays relevant and appropriate information to the agent at the desktop build uping them with information to do a better, more informed purchasing determinations for their travellers. It is highly easy to utilize and has a batch of synergistic characteristics.

It is easy because it has a extremely intuitive user interface that streamlines the work flow and eliminates the demand for preparation.

What are the characteristics?

Ability to alarm an agent at the desktop when an fresh Electronic Ticket ( ET ) is available. This lucifer is based on the rider name DK figure, and bearer codification.

Ability to automatically trip the qui vive during the storing of the menu utilizing PQ based on a successful lucifer.

Ability to automatically trip the qui vive combined pricing WP and shop menu entry with RQ qualifier based on a successful lucifer.

Ability to see the inside informations of the Fresh ET on the right side of the copycat once the agent chinks on the qui vive or types in UES.

Ability to see WER response in the Classic View when the agent chooses to see ticket inside informations from Unused ET watchful list window.

What IATA is?

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.google.com/url? source=imgres & A ; ct=img & A ; q=http: //www.indochinatravelservice.com/News/Images/iata.jpg & A ; sa=X & A ; ei=hNQcTazEL8WBOqK3iOwI & A ; ved=0CAQQ8wc & A ; usg=AFQjCNFPjXxYX4OnWKqPIr39irJXmH9HTw www.iata.org

The International Air Transport Association is an international industry trade group of air hoses headquartered in Montreal, Canada where the International Civil Aviation Organization is besides headquartered.

IATA ‘s mission is to stand for, take, and serve the air hose industry. IATA represent some 230 air hoses consisting 93 % of scheduled international air traffic. Currently, IATA is present in over 150 states through 101 offices around the Earth.

Once a travel bureau militias or purchases the ticket as per the demand of the client from Sabre Travel Network it will be given a pin codification for that peculiar ticket. Each travel bureau has its ain user name and watchword to entree Sabre Travel Network who is the intermediary between the air hose and travel bureau. Then the pin codification is entered into the IATA package provided by the IATA. Once the IATA gets the verification from the travel bureau it will publish the ticket from the machine which is once more, provided by IATA.

Fiscal Analysis

Income Statement 3 old ages figure ( SR )





Gross saless

Airline Tickets




Transport Service




Entire Gross saless




( – ) For Airlines ( 93 % )




( – ) For Sabre ( 1 $ /ticket )




Net Gross saless




Lupus erythematosus: disbursals

Wages and Benefits
















Leave Salary




Selling Promotion








Electricity & A ; Water




Audit Fee












Assorted disbursal




Depreciation on furniture and fixture




Depreciation on Vehicles








Entire Expenses




To Net Net income or Loss

( – ) 29,200

( – ) 16,290


Number of tickets sold per twenty-four hours scope from 9 to 12, bring forthing mean gross revenues SR 15,000 a twenty-four hours, which is multiplied by figure of yearss in a month followed by figure of months in a twelvemonth. There will be difference in sale from month to month. We expect greater gross revenues in vacation season of both summer and winter.

Cost of sale involve the direct cost related for sale ‘s like public-service corporations, stationary, telephone, electricity and H2O ECT.

Balance sheet as of 31st Dec 2011 sum in SR





Share Capital


Furniture and Fixture 15,500

Less: Depreciation 950


Net Loss

( 29,200 )

Vehicle 1,55,000

Less: Depreciation 12,000


Current Liabilitiess



General services administration


Current Asset

Cash at Bank


Cash in Hand






Balance sheet as of 31st Dec 2012 sum in SR





Share Capital


Furniture and Fixture 14,500

Less: Depreciation 950


Net Loss

( 16,290 )

Vehicle 1,43,000

Less: Depreciation 12,000


Current Liabilitiess



General services administration


Current Asset

Cash at Bank


Cash in Hand






Balance sheet as of 31st Dec 2013 sum in SR





Share Capital


Furniture and Fixture 12,600

Less: Depreciation 950


Net Loss


Vehicle 1,19,000

Less: Depreciation 12,000


Current Liabilitiess



General services administration


Current Asset

Cash at Bank


Cash in Hand






Cash Flow Statements – 3 Old ages in SR






Get downing Cash Balance





Cash Inflow

Income from Gross saless





Entire Cash Inflows





Cash Escapes

Cost of Gross saless





Operating Activities

Fixed Business Expenses





Entire Cash Flow





Cash Flow

( 7250 )




Ending Cash Balance





Analysis of Financial Statement

Our fiscal theoretical accounts include the followers: –

Income Statement

Cash Flow Statements

Balance Sheets

The Income Statement depicts the Net Net income for the first three forecasted old ages after the beginning of the concern in January 2011

The Cash flow Statements for the first three forecasted old ages represent the influx and escape of hard currency into and from the concern.

The Balance sheets are made as of 31st December for the forecasted old ages. They show the entire plus and entire liabilities. In the Balance sheet we have summarized the old statements. It is from these fiscal statements that we come to cognize the fiscal state of affairs of the concern. This statement is chiefly for the fiscal analysis of the concern.


As per our projected fiscal statement we are taking at an expected addition or jutting addition in gross revenues of 5 % to 15 % in the 2nd twelvemonth and 3rd twelvemonth.

The biggest challenge we have now and in the hereafter is to keep the quality of our services and guarantee the maximal satisfaction of our respected client.

Ignoring the fact of addition in cost and disbursals the chief focal point is on turning the selling portions, net incomes and gross revenues.

It ‘s a challenge to enroll the right sort of IATA professional workers who can work in a travel bureau.

Al Aziziya Travel makes perfect engagement and fining determination for the client whether it be a last minute engagement or an unfortunate delay and cancellation and engagement.

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