The story starts off first with the narrator named Ponyboy, as he’s walking home from the movies alone which apparently is something he should not be doing. Ponyboy lives in a  very bad area. His Eastside neighborhood is patrolled by bullying other kids named Socs who are considered to be the rich kids from the Westside of town, as well as the Socs are the somewhat rival gang of the greasers. Pony’s a Greaser ,Greasers are the Socs favorite targets which is why throughout the book there are many occurences of the two groups getting into fights. Sure enough, Ponyboy is attacked by a group of Socials when he’s in a parking lot, just minutes away from his own home. Luckily Pony’s older brothers Darry and Sodapop and the other members of the Greasers come to his rescue and chase away the Socs,which shows the reader as the type of bond the boys share as they are part of the same group. We learn that   Pony’s parents were killed in a car crash which affects not only him but his brothers too.   On a Saturday night, Pony and Johnny go to the drive-in with Dallas and meet two Soc girls are there watching the movie too. Dallas picks on the girls while Johnny tells him to “knock it off.” Eventually Dallas leaves leaving Pony and Johnny alone. So the girls named Cherry Valance and Marcia, ask Pony and Johnny to sit with them and watch the movie. The girls were alone as well since their two boyfriends were drunk, which the girls did not like. Two-Bit arrives and starts flirting with the girl named Marcia leaving Pony and Cherry alone to talk. Pony mentions to Cherry about the event where Johnny was attacked by a group of Socs which left him in shock and apparently changed him ever since. They all eventually leave the movies, asking the girls if they want to go to Two-Bits home but the boyfriends come in and tell Pony and Two-Bit to back off.  Later that day, the event occurs where both Johnny and Pony get into a fight with some Socs. Pony boy ends up passing out from being drowned and Johnny stabs one of the Socs named Bob. This event causes Pony and Johnny to flee the area immediately.     Pony and Johnny go see Dallas, who tells them to jump on a train and head out of town and hide out in an abandoned church. He gives them some money and a loaded weapon for their protection. The two boys follow his instructions and spend five days in the church. They leave to go eat with Dallas but when they return the church is on fire! A bunch of school children are trapped inside and Pony and Johnny rush in and save all the kids. But a piece of burning timber falls on Johnny, and Pony is knocked out by the fire on his jacket which Dallas was trying to put out.Pony wakes up at the hospital where they find out there is a chance that Johnny might die.   The day after the greasers and Socs have a rumble where basically they all fight each other, rules were no weapons allowed. It was fair game and the Greasers ended up winning. The boys went to the hospital to tell Johnny, while they’re with Johnny, though, their feelings of accomplishment quickly fade and Johnny dies. In anger Dallas robs a store, cops arrive and Dallas pulls out his gun in retaliation but the police shoot him down, killing him. Pony witnessed it all.   In conclusion to the book, in court it’s decided whether Pony can still live with his brothers. Luckily they allow it which makes it seem like everything is returning to normal. However Ponyboy is doing bad at school and is going practically insane, we find out that all along the story was all in the past and Pony was writing it through an essay that was assigned to him. It narrates himself writing it starting off with him saying the first sentence on how the book first began.

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