The poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” presents the attribute of a true  knight.

They are the men of honor, nobleness, courage and bravery who undertook dangerous travels. All of these traits were portrayed by Sir Gawain in the story. The character of Sir Gawin emphasized on his pride and honor  but failed by being dishonest on the latter part of the story.

             As Larry Benson in Art and Tradition in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight notes, Gawain starts the story as a “perfect knight” but later moves downward. (1996) This statement is very factual and visible. He is a loyal subject to King Arthur when he saved him from the deadly game challenge of the Green knight.  Everybody was stunned when he took the axe and  in one deadly blow, beheads the Green knight. Before doing so, he also showed high respect and courtesy to their leader by asking Arthur that he will do it: to cut the Green Knight’s head.

” Then Gawain at Guinevere’s sideBowed and spoke his design:Before all, King, confideThis fight to me. May it be mine.” (139-142)            Sir Gawain also illustrates his honor by showing up himself infront of the Green Knight at the Green chapel. This is to fulfill of their agreement in the challenge.

And that is to look for the Green Knight at the Green Chapel and receive a strike from his giant axe. He then went on a On the other hand, he had one big mistake in keeping the truth from Bercilak about the green girdle. This one flaw proved that he loves his life so much that he will lie in order to keep himself from death.  But that incident made him a modest knight.

Gawain was faulty and realized it.  He humbled himself by wearing the green girdle and accepting his own flaws and mistakes. ” In the train of treachery and untruth go woe and shame.I acknowledge, knight,  how ill I behaved, and take the blame.

Award what penance you will; Henceforth I’ll shun ill-fame.” (519- 524) eNotes, 4 Mar. 2010, Accessed 16 Dec.


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