The state of traffic in Metro Manila is a major issue in this country, the Epifanio De los Santos  Avenue (EDSA) was rather the biggest issue. Comparing it to the state of the traffic then, The current state of traffic here in Metro Manila evolved rapidly. It has served as a detriment to both the working class people as well as people who must attend important events. Traffic brings headache to many, in fact, accidents are prone to happen when traffic occurs. About 300,000 vehicles pass through EDSA daily resulting to heavy traffic. Singapore’s traffic management is proposed to solve the issue of traffic in EDSA. The project of Congestion pricing elaborates the raising of higher charges levied during rush or peak hours.  According to United States Department of Transportation — Federal Highway Administration (2017), Congestion pricing, value pricing, congestion charges, etc. is a way of harnessing the power of the matket to reduce the waste associated with traffic congestion.Several issues of heavy traffic in EDSA was merely caused by a huge amount of vehicles passing through the 23.8 kilometer highway. Discipline is very much needed when in road, the lack of discipline brought by the users of EDSA defines the rate of accidents that is happening in the moment. Lack of implementing strong policies cause the lack of discipline which reminds that implementing strong policies such as higher fees will greatly help the users to abide by the given policy.Singapore is known as the third world who became first world that also took time to achieve. Using its Traffic management to deduce traffic in EDSA is likely to be effective yet would take time to see the results. According to CNN, Singapore uses a similar scheme, known as the Electronic Road Pricing, which helped maintain a 45 to 65 kph average speed for vehicles on expressways as congestion was lessened. Congestion pricing targets to reduce 30% of daily users of EDSA, that enables the system to flow more efficiently and the occurrence of accidents to be lessen. It proposes to use electronic passes pre-loaded with a cash amount and is installed in each units. It is likely to be less hassle but continuous expenses.While netizens were not to pleased to hear that there would be another charge for passing through roads, they highly disagree to the policy and disregard the fact that it would help to lessen the traffic. According to Orbos, there are other suggestions for decongestions from other countries , like South Korea, yet Singapore’s proposal approached holistically. Wherein, it starts with a behavioral concern or people. Singapore also utilizes the use of technology, strict enforcement of policies and proper education to gain knowledge. Orbos’ also acknowledges people’s concern on the price range, “It’s not going to be too unreachable for common (people), but it will be enough for us to rethink our schedules”, he said, assuring everyone a friendly price range.In conclusion, Congestion pricing might be of a great help if implemented, and it would create a massive change in EDSA.  A change in ways that traffic will be bearable and accidents will be less. Orbos clarified that this solution will only be temporary until the infrastructures are fixed and is to be connected in all ways.

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