The Awakening Essay, Research Paper

In the Awakening, by Kate Chopin, Edna Pontellier is a married adult female with kids. However many of her actions seem like those of a kid. In fact, Edna Pontelliers? ? life is an sarcasm, in that her immatureness allows her to mature. Throughout this novel, there are many illustrations of this because Edna is continuously seeking for herself in the novel.

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One illustration of how Edna? ? s immatureness allows her to mature is when she starts to shout when Le? Vonce, her hubby, says she is non a good female parent. ? ? He reproached his married woman with her inattention, her accustomed disregard of the kids. If it was non a female parent? ? s topographic point to look after kids, whose on Earth was it? ? ? ( 13 ) . Edna, alternatively of stating her hubby that she had taken attention of her kids, began to shout like a babe after her hubby reprimanded her. ? ? Mrs. Pontellier was by that clip exhaustively awake. She began to shout a small? Kshe thrust her face, steaming and moisture, into the crook of her arm, and she went on shouting at that place, non caring any longer to dry her face, her eyes, her weaponries, ? ? ( 13,14 ) . These cryings made Edna look as if she was still a kid and that she is tired of being treated as a kid by her hubby. These cryings besides showed her she did non like where she was, a mark of adulthood. Her cryings typify her first waking up.

Although the following forenoon, after Edna had cried the dark earlier had to travel and state adieu to her hubby because he was go forthing on a concern trip. Edna acted jejunely around him once more when he gave her half the money he won the dark before. ? ? ? ? It will purchase a fine-looking nuptials nowadays for Sister Janet! ? ? she exclaimed, smoothing out the measures as she counted them one by one, ? ? ( 15 ) . Edna is spoiled by all of her hubbies money.

Another illustration of how Edna? ? s immatureness allows her to mature is when Edna swam like a babe when she went swimming for the first clip, and she had over estimated her power. ? ? Once she turned and looked toward the shore, toward the people she had left at that place. She had non gone any great distance? Kshe made no reference of her brush with decease and her flash of panic, except to state to her hubby, ? ? I thought I should hold perished out at that place alone. ? ? ? ? You were non so really far, my beloved ; I was watching you. ? ? ? ? ( 48 ) . This shows the reader that Edna is still like a babe in that her hubby was watching her while she was swimming. Edna had no thought that she could even swim out that far. This helps maturate Edna because it helps her realize that she can command her life.

Another illustration of how Edna? ? s immatureness allows her to mature is when she begins to believe about Robert once more. While her hubby is off on concern, Edna neglects her responsibilities on Tuesday? ? s and does non remain place to see her invitees. Alternatively, Edna goes out into the metropolis, and at the clip was considered foolish and immature to be making. Edna would travel out and see Mademoiselle Reisz at her house. She would travel to her house and read letters that Robert had written to Mademoiselle Reisz. ? ? Show me the missive and drama for me the Impromptu. You see I have continuity. Does that quality carbon monoxide

unt for anything? K? ? ( 106 ) . This shows that Edna is now get downing to emotionally maturate. She is now learning and merely get downing to happen out about her true feelings towards Robert Lebrun. ? ? ? ? I love you, ? ? she whispered, ? ? merely you, no 1 but you. It was you who awoke me last summer out of a life? Vlong, stupid dream? Know you are here we shall love each other, my Robert. We shall be everything to each other. Nothing else in the universe is of any effect, ? ? ? ? ( 179 ) . Edna feels as if she has matured so much in the novel that now she knows that Robert is her soul mate, her true love, and her emotional adulthood. She was merely able to happen this adulthood after rip offing on her hubby.

Another illustration is that demonstrates Edna? ? s route to adulthood through immatureness is when she refuses to travel indoors. One dark she chooses to travel sleep exterior in the knoll. Her hubby tells her to come indoors, yet she refuses to make so. She tells him she does non desire to travel indoors, and this shows the reader that she has a head of her ain and one time once more is larning to do her ain determinations? V doing these determinations is demoing adulthood on her portion.

One more illustration of how Edna? ? s immatureness allows her to mature is by the manner that she allows her infatuation for Arobin to acquire in the manner of her normal mundane life. She allows her infatuation for him to acquire in the manner because she starts to listen to him more, and pass more clip so she should with him. Her hubby despises him, yet Edna continues to move jejunely and still see him. Edna gets to a point in her infatuation of Arobin that she wishes she slept with him and she even dreams about it. ? ? She regretted that she had non made Arobin remain a half hr to speak over the Equus caballuss with her? K it was no labour to go intimate with Arobin, ? ? ( 126,127 ) . That shows her immatureness even more so because she is a married adult female. ? ? It was Arobin that took her place. The auto drive was long, and it was tardily? Khe filled his lucifer safe, but did non illume his coffin nail until he left her, after she had expressed her willingness to travel to the races with him once more, ? ? ( 125 ) . By her remaining with Arobin, and withstanding her hubbies? ? wants, which is immature, she is in a manner maturating? V this demonstrates the sarcasm in Edna? ? s life, to be mature she must foremost be immature. She is larning to do determinations on her ain. ? ? Madame Lebrun might hold enjoyed the outgoing, but for some ground Edna did non desire her. So they went entirely, she and Arobin, ? ? ( 127 ) . Again Edna is moving jejunely, and unwisely by traveling with Arobin entirely, which will assist her to maturate.

In decision, for Edna Pontellier to maturate, she had to first act jejunely which made Edna? ? s life a complete paradox, continually beliing itself. ? ? The voice of the sea is seductive, ne’er discontinuing, whispering, clamouring, mutter, ask foring the psyche to roll in abysms of purdah? Kthe H2O was deep, but she lifted her white organic structure and reached out with a long, sweeping shot. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enveloping the organic structure in its soft, close embracing, ? ? ( 189 ) . Edna ended her life in the sea, her concluding waking up.


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