The Best Of The Best Essay, Research PaperWe are in a universe of uncertainness and we can merely think and do anticipations about what tomorrow will convey us. The book 1984 by George Orwell, was written in 1949 with his anticipations about the hereafter in 1984, thirty five old ages subsequently. The portion that interested me the most was where Orwell explains how we will no longer believe on our ain and that our ideas and emotions would be controlled by the & # 8220 ; thought constabulary & # 8221 ; for illustration. It was interesting to read about what a individual thought in the yesteryear about today? s society and read how some of the anticipations came true.Freedom was taken off from everyone, they did what they were told and they had to obey, or rough penalties would take topographic point. A inquiry that Winston asked was & # 8220 ; are you treated more like a human being? & # 8221 ; ( Pg. 77 ) , And they were non treated like human existences it was as if they were similar automatons non even being able to believe on their ain, programmed to believe and make what they do.

Have this anticipation that he had made come true? Or would it of all time come true? No, is the reply to these inquiry. To this really twenty-four hours we have freedom and hold our ain ideas, could this of all time go on in the hereafter? I don? t think this will of all time happen, we will non be controlled by others and hold our original ideas taken off. The & # 8220 ; thought constabulary & # 8221 ; will ne’er be either, I say this because I don? t think there is a power high plenty to do people ignore their ideas or feelings. If this did of all time go on this adult male would be so truly inhuman that mankind itself would destruct each other or die out of ennui.& # 8220 ; Never once more will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you.

Never once more will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of life, or laughter, or wonder, or bravery, or unity. You will be hallow. We shall squash you empty, and so we shall make full you with ourselves.

” ( Pg. 211 ) . What they were making was dehumanising adult male wholly. Orwell might hold thought this could perchance go on in the hereafter because of World War ll.

, how Hitler had encephalon washed many people in to believing that Jews did non belong and that their population should be wiped out. If one adult male could make such a thing so why non believe a whole group or party of people could perchance make something in a similar manner.Although many of Orwell? s anticipations did non come true, there were rather a few that did, largely about engineering. For illustration we do hold telescreens, mikes and speak and writes and we are able to make fictile surgery. & # 8220 ; Our sawboness can change people beyond recognition.

& # 8221 ; ( Pg.143 ) . Peoples presents can change their face to look like a wholly new individual, like how it was mentioned in the book. Privacy was invaded with telescreens and mikes, which were placed everyplace and our privateness is invaded now non as harsh but still invaded with concealed cameras and other devices that invade 1s personal life. Manipulation like he said would take topographic point it did and still does.

With the new engineering around us laziness occurs and one relies on person or something to make their work alternatively.Reading this book made me believe about the future in front of us and what may come of it. Will we be capable to hold our ain original ideas, thoughts, and feelings? The inquiry will stay unknown until that yearss comes it could be in old ages or it could be go oning right now without us even cognizing it, or it could ne’er go on at all. All we can make is conjecture and admiration.

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