In The Bible Among the Myths. Oswalt provinces. “If the historical footing on which the supposed disclosure [ the Bible ] rested was false. so why should we give any particular acceptance to the thoughts resting on that basis” ( p. 31 ) . Please post a 400-word response to Oswalt’s statement. Seek to reply whether or non one could swear a historically false papers to be theologically accurate? If non. why? If so. how? While beginnings are non required. you may back up your reply from the Bible. your text editions. or other beginnings as you see fit.

When I hear the word “myth. ” I can non tie in it with the Bible in any given manner. My definition of the word has ever agreed with Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. which defines myth as “A individual or thing holding merely an fanciful or unobjective being ; an baseless or false notion” [ 1 ] . The Bible is in no manner that. It is the divine and merely infallible word of God and to turn out that any portion of it is false or a myth would agitate the very foundation of Christianity. Its beginning has no association with human wisdom or any devices associated with it. Through the Bible. the Holy Spirit Teachs and imparts wisdom and cognition to us. 1st Corinthians 2:13 says “This is what we speak. non in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit. explicating religious worlds with Spirit-taught words. ” [ 2 ] In kernel. in order for person to understand the religious truths in the Bible. 1 has to hold God’s spirit interior of them. Scientists and those out to turn out that the Bible is full of myths are animal minded people and will non understand the truths that come from it. Scholars and theologists claim that the Old Testament is full of narratives.

They besides believe that the Bible has been discredited. but the facts and finds of history and archaeology confirm the contents of the Bible to be true. The fact that Israel became a state after go forthing Egypt validates truth in the Bible. History besides shows that Jesus was a Judaic sermonizer stating those he came in contact with about His male parent God. claimed to be the Son of God. and was crucified on Calvary. The Bible gives an history to the yesteryear with amazing truth and prophesies those things to come like no other book. 2nd Pet. 1:16 says “We did non follow smartly invented narratives when we told you about the power and approach of our Lord Jesus Christ. but we were eyewitnesses of his stateliness. ” [ 3 ] In add-on 1st Timothy 1:4 shows the Apostle Paul reding Timothy to teach his people “to devote themselves to myths and eternal family trees. These promote contentions instead than God’s work–which is by religion. ” [ 4 ] He besides warned in 2nd Timothy 4:4 that people would “turn away their ears from the truth and turn aside to mythology. ” [ 5 ] Carnal minded people will non to the full understand the reading of God’s word but can happen many events that authenticate it. including the most astonishing miracle of all time recorded. the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. [ 1 ] Merriam-Webster. com. 2012. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. merriam-webster. com ( 12 February 2013 ) . [ 2 ] 1st Corinthians 2:13 ( NIV )

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