The Brain & # 8211 ; Covering All Parts- Essay, Research Paper

The Brain & # 8211 ; Covering All Parts-

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The human organic structure is divided into many different parts called

variety meats. All of the parts are controlled by an organ called the encephalon,

which is located in the caput. The encephalon weighs about 2.75 lbs, and

has a whitish-pink visual aspect. The encephalon is made up of many cells,

and is the control Centre of the organic structure. The encephalon flashes messages out

to all the other parts of the organic structure. The messages travel in really all right

togss called nervousnesss. The nervousnesss and the encephalon make up a system

slightly like telephone poles transporting wires across the metropolis. This is

called the nervous system.

The nervousnesss in the organic structure don & # 8217 ; t merely direct messages from the encephalon

to the variety meats, but besides send messages from the eyes, ears, tegument and

other variety meats back to your encephalon. Some nervousnesss are linked straight to

the encephalon. Others have to make the encephalon through a kind of power

line down the dorsum, called the spinal cord. The encephalon and spinal cord

do up the cardinal nervous system.

The encephalon doesn & # 8217 ; t merely command your variety meats, but besides can believe

and retrieve. That portion of the encephalon is called the head.

Protecting THE BRAIN

Twenty-eight castanetss make up the skull. Eight of these castanetss

are meshing home bases. These home bases form the braincase. The braincase

provides maximal protection with minimal weight, the ideal

combination. The other 20 castanetss make up the face, jaw and other

parts of the skull.

Another manner the encephalon keeps it self safe is by maintaining itself

in liquid. About one fifth of the blood pumped by the bosom is sent

to the encephalon. The encephalon so sends the blood through an intricate

web of blood vass to where the blood is needed. Specialized

blood vass called choroid plexuses produce a protective

cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is what the encephalon literally floats


A 3rd protective step taken by the encephalon is called the

blood encephalon barrier. This barrier consists of a web of unique

capillaries. These capillaries are filters for harmful chemicals

carried by the blood, but do let O, H2O and glucose to come in

the encephalon.


The encephalon is divided into three chief subdivisions. The country at

the forepart of the encephalon is the largest. Most of it is known as the

cerebrum. It controls all of the motions that you have to believe

about, idea and memory. The cerebrum is split in two different

subdivisions, the right half and the left half.

The outer bed of the cerebrum is called the cerebral mantle. It is

chiefly made up of cell organic structures of nerve cells called gray affair. Most

of the work the encephalon does is done in the cerebral mantle. It is really wrinkly

and has many creases. The furrows and creases give the cerebral mantle a big

surface country, even though it is squeezed up to suit in the skull.

The excess surface country gives the cerebrum more country to work.

Inside the cerebral mantle, the cerebrum is mostly made up of white affair.

White affair is tissue made merely of nervus fibers.

The in-between part is deep inside the encephalon. It & # 8217 ; s head

intent is to link the forepart and the dorsum of the encephalon together.

It acts as a & # 8220 ; switchboard & # 8221 ; , maintaining the parts of your encephalon in touch

with each other.

The back country of the encephalon is divided into three different

parts. The Ponss is a set of nervus fibers which link the dorsum of the

encephalon to the center. The cerebellum sees to it that all the parts of

your organic structure work as a squad. It besides makes certain you maintain your balance.

them to the two encephalon hemispheres. The thalamus is located in between

above the lower encephalon and under the two hemispheres.


Most of the above mentioned parts of the encephalon were produced

early in development but the higher mammals particularly worlds went on to

bring forth a kind of & # 8220 ; believing cap & # 8221 ; on top of these parts. This

& # 8220 ; believing cap & # 8221 ; was divided into two different parts, the left

hemisphere and the right hemisphere.

If the left side of your encephalon is more developed like most

people & # 8217 ; s are, you are right handed. On the other manus if the right

side of your encephalon is more developed, so you will be left handed.

The right side of your encephalon is more artistic and emotional piece

the left side of your encephalon is your & # 8220 ; common sense & # 8221 ; and practical side,

such as calculating out math and logic jobs.

THE Cerebellum:

One of the most of import portion of the Human encephalon is the

cerebellum. The cerebellum is involved with the more complex

maps of the encephalon and sometimes is even referred to as & # 8220 ; the encephalon

within the encephalon & # 8221 ; . The cerebellum acts as a control and coordination

Centre for motion.

The cerebellum carries little & # 8220 ; plans & # 8221 ; that have been

antecedently learned. For illustration, how to compose, travel, run and leap are

all antecedently learned activities that the encephalon recorded and can

playback when needed. Every clip you pattern, the encephalon rewrites the

plan and makes it better.

You may hold heard the stating & # 8220 ; pattern makes perfect & # 8221 ; . Well

this stating is non wholly true ; another manner of & # 8220 ; practising & # 8221 ; is merely

to conceive of what you wish to make. Since the cerebellum can & # 8217 ; t really

feel, it will believe that you are making what your imagining and respond

by rewriting it & # 8217 ; s old plan and transporting out any other actions

needed for that map. This is one why to explicate wet dreams.


The intellectual cerebral mantle makes up the top of the two hemispheres of

the encephalon. The cerebral mantle is a sheet of gray affair which produces our

ideas, linguistic communication and programs. It besides controls our esthesiss and

voluntary motions, shops our memories and gives us the ability to

imagine, in short it & # 8217 ; s what makes worlds, worlds.


Today many experiments are being conducted that may

be interruption

through & # 8217 ; s for the hereafter. For case & # 8220 ; encephalon grafting & # 8221 ; is one

process that may be used in the hereafter. Brain grafting is to

graft a really thin bed of encephalon tegument from one individual to another.

This would ensue in control of Parkinson & # 8217 ; s disease and other ictus

related diseases.

Another extremist thought that has already been successfully been

tried on Macaca mulatta monkey & # 8217 ; s is, encephalon grafts. The moralss and legal

jobs for such a graft would likely ne’er allow this operation

be performed on worlds. This is because the individual would non be the

same, would non hold the same memories or the same abilities that the

host organic structure had had.

The last thought of the hereafter that we will name is called

& # 8220 ; unreal hearing and seeing & # 8221 ; . Artificial visual perception is achieved by

seting 64 little electrodes in forepart of the ocular cerebral mantle of

the encephalon. The electrodes are connected to a little camera that is

some where on the individual & # 8217 ; s ear. A computing machine is attached to the camera.

The computing machine sends the images from the camera straight to the

implanted electrodes. They flash as the image from the camera, therefore

enabling the individual to somewhat see.

Artificial hearing is much more complicated so unreal

seeing. First a electrodes must be planted in the encephalon. Then

through a mike a computing machine produces electrical pulsations that are

so sent to the electrodes in the encephalon.

But as of yet these processs are non practical foremost because

of the size of the computing machine, it can non be taken out of the research lab

back the cost of the bundle and 3rd the hazards involved.


After all of the work and research that we have done it is

really apparent to us that the encephalon is one of the most fantastic variety meats

that worlds could hold. It guides us through about every second of

our life. Even after researching huge and distant sky & # 8217 ; s to the

micro-organisms that exist today, the encephalon has ne’er ceased to astonish

us and likely ne’er will.


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unreal hearing: When a individual is able to hear but non of course.

unreal visual perception: When a individual is able to see but non of course.

blood encephalon barrier: A set of particular capillaries that are merely found

in encephalon. There purpose is to filtrate the blood so merely O,

glucose and H2O are able to come in the encephalon. Unfortuantly they

Don & # 8217 ; t prevent narcotics from come ining the encephalon.

encephalon: An organ that is pinkish-white in visual aspect and is located in

the skull. This organ controls about everything that the organic structure does.

encephalon grafting: Brain grafting is the procedure of taking a thin bed

of encephalon tegument from the giver and traveling to new host.

brain-stem: This is what the encephalon had used to be early development, but

now it merely controls our basic maps such as external respiration and bosom


capillaries: Tiny blood vass.

cells: What all living thing are built from.

cardinal nervous system: This the encephalon and spinal cord put together.

Besides see: encephalon, spinal cord.

cerebellum: This portion of the encephalon makes certain that all of your organic structure

works together. It besides keeps your balance.

intellectual cerebral mantle: This is one of the most of import parts of the

encephalon. It besides is produces our ideas, shops our memories, and


cerebrospinal fluid: This what the encephalon floats in.

cerebrum: The cerebrum is split in to two different sides. Left and

right. It is located at the forepart of the caput.

choroid retes: These particular blood vass are what produce the

cerebrospinal fluid.

cerebral mantle: This is the outer bed of the cerebrum.

braincase: This is the portion of the skull that holds the encephalon.

diseases: Illnesses that can be terminal.

electrodes: They are made out metal and emit electricity, normally

really small.

glucose: This is a combination of sugar and H2O.

gray affair: Chiefly made from the cell organic structures of nerve cells.

hemisphere: These are the two different portion of the cerebrum. Almost

all of the encephalon & # 8217 ; s work is done at that place.

endocrines: Chemicals that can alter the chemical make up of your

physical organic structure.

hypothalmus: This portion of the encephalon is located above the brain-stem.

It controls basic thrusts such as hungriness and sex.

myelin: The myelin is about right behind the brain-stem. It helps

you to digest your nutrient.

head: Not merely the encephalon but the existent consciousness that we have.

nervousnesss: Nerve pathwaies that the encephalon uses to direct messages to and from

different parts of the organic structure.

nervous system: The whole system of nervousnesss that attach to the spinal


variety meats: Important portion of the organic structure. The encephalon, bosom and lungs are

illustrations of variety meats.

Parkinson & # 8217 ; s Disease: This disease causes the victim to hold ictuss.

hypophysis: The pituitary green goodss endocrines.

Ponss: A set of nervus fiber that connect the back the encephalon to the


skull: The skull is made up of 28 castanetss. It is located

above the spinal cord. It besides contains the encephalon.

spinal cord: This cord goes down your dorsum. Almost all nervousnesss in the

organic structure are connected to the spinal cord.

thalamus: The thalamus a kind of relay room. It gets messages from

the lower encephalon country and sends them to the higher encephalon.

graft: To transfer is to take something from one individual and

set it into another individual.

white affair: White affair is tissue made from nervus fibers.

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