The Movenpick is an elegant Hotel situated in Ghana. It is
sited right in the heart of the city overseeing the incredible Accra skyline and
essential hotspots. Built in 2011, it has gradually built a solid reputation
over the years for affordability and comfortable destination. It includes
several ensuites, executive ball rooms and lounges. It has a restaurant that
serves breakfast, lunch buffet, evening fine dining.A critical look at the current business situation can
provide a brief into the company. First of using the SWOT analysis can help
build an action plan to fulfil strategic goals.StrengthsIts location and facilities is another major factor for the
Hotel. Located in the city centre,  it is
highly accessible due it being connected to major roads and highways. Close by
is capital`s airport and shopping malls. On top of that, there are acres of
large parking space, Free Wi-Fi and discounted spasAlso it has established a strong reputation in the market
which stems from excellent customer service and  On, its third for the best
value in Ghana.In addition, with the hectic 24 operation Movenpick manages
to maintain spotless rooms, making  sure
all requirements are met. Moreover its restaurants serves sumptuous varied local
and international dishesWeaknessesThe seasons have a major effect on the number of guest a
hotel receives. For instance during the festive periods the occupancy rates
rises rapidly. Hence the business gains more from this periods than all year
round. While during non-festive periods few tourist or locals are received
which results in low profit margins  One area, the hotel could do with improving is entertainment.
It does not enough entertainment facilities or activities to keep staying guests
amused hence could lead to get disgruntled and affect the returning tally. OpportunitiesOne way through which Movenpick can attract guests is by partnering
up with online travel agents to directs online guests to their websites. A
survey posted by Morgan Stanley shows that by the of 2017, 25% leisure travellers
and 23% business travellers will have used Airbnb and 51% have replaced
traditional hotels for itAlso its introduced loyalty programs that help retain
previous customers and attract new onesFurthermore providing a grand tour around the city and other
attractive destinations as part of packages. ThreatsThe presence of well-established international brands like Marriott
make it difficult to gain a sizable market shareThe Limited budget makes it difficult for the business to grow
and expandIssuesOne major issuing facing Movenpick are online travel
agencies. Although they attract potential customers for hotels, they take up
high percentage in commissions and eventually makes it less profitable for the
business.Moreover, the transportation side offers unsatisfactory
customer services. This mainly due to the availability of designated hotel
vehicles to transport guests from pick up location to the hotel, making the
journey unpleasant and hence can lead to customers diverting to other nearby
hotels Energy Management is another key problem, the bad habits of
some guests such as leaving on appliances in vacant rooms, poor renovation
& maintenance checks on electronic connections and usage obsolete
ineffective appliances makes it difficult to balance the books and reduce
carbon footprint Growth OpportunitiesAn opportunity for growth could arise from the opening of
budget rooms. These are low footprint small but high tech, highly designed
offerings. According to ” Younger travellers, hotels note, just
want a clean and efficient space to stay. They spend less time in rooms and
like to socialize and work in vibrant lobbies with a sense of community.”(2014)
Movenpick needs to reinvent their offering to target younger generation because
of their different values and ideologies. Mergers & AcquisitionsIt is crucial for Movenpick to maintain a huge portion
market share and one way this can be achieved is by merging or acquisition.
Transaction activities are even more challenging with the presence of
International Brands like Marriott and so one vehicle for growth is to acquire
smaller hotelsAppThe introduction of mobile app will give Movenpick a better
way of communicating with customers. On there the guests would be able to make
reservations, perform checks ins & out and even take a survey to provide
more information. This will enable the Hotel to communicate more efficiently
and provide better services.    Marketing
StrategiesA lucrative and effective marketing strategy is referrals
through guests, potential customers will more likely consider the hotel through
recommendations from close relations hence providing excellent customer service
will be crucial hereCreating strong online presence, encouraging direct booking
on websites to avoid commission charges, this can be done by dominating hotel
search in the area through collaborations with professional referrals such as
firms in the hotel industry & bloggers to create more prominent online
publications and good reviewsAlso during non-festive periods, Movenpick should look to
entice companies to hold out meetings or conferences in their premises. During
major events it should organise special packages for the targeted goers.    Lastly, it should look to acquire few more official Hotel
cars either by renting  or purchasing hosting
karaoke, stand-up comedy and parties will contribute in increase the re-visit rates
in Hotels 

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