The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg claims that there is no harm for underaged children to be on Facebook. Children could be targeted and fall victim to stalkers and sexual predators, personal information can be easily stolen, and Facebook is a place where one can be judged and criticized.Firstly, Facebook is lurking with stalkers and sexual predators. Children are easy preys for these kinds of people because they have young minds and will believe what these people might say. It will be like taking a candy from a baby for stalkers and predators.Furthermore, it is easier to access all kinds of information through Facebook. There are people that share links that when clicked it would steal your personal information. Adults fall victims to these scams and children are more susceptible to these because of their curious minds. The person who stole the personal information can spread it or sell it at a price. This would lead to stalkers and predators getting your information. For example, there was a news report about a 16 year old girl in the USA who was found dead inside a toilet of a department store after disappearing for a whole day because of personal pictures and locations disclosure. It turned out that her murder had stalked her on Facebook.What is more, Facebook is a big place for sharing pictures. A child would post pictures of themselves or things they and it is common for Facebook users to judge and criticize. Children are not ready for the emotional stress and public scrutiny. These criticisms could lead to low self-esteem and other negative consequences which would affect a child’s daily life.In conclusion, although Facebook can be seen by children as a fun way to communicate, it may lead to many disadvantages. Children are easy preys to stalkers and sexual predators. The site is a place full of scams where personal information can be stolen from irresponsible users such as children. Also, children are not ready for the emotional stress and public scrutiny they will encounter. Therefore, I think that children should not be allowed on Facebook.

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