In “The Case Against College” . Caroline Bird inquiries the necessity of college and the instruction it provides. She states that college is accepted–without inquiry.

She holds that conventional wisdom and grounds show all high school alumnuss will be more responsible. and better than those who do non travel. Bird’s column is devoted to rupturing down the college establishment. She fails to acknowledge the many benefits and intents of college.Bird points out that there are many college alumnuss selling places and driving cabs. She fails to advert that there are many college alumnuss making medical research. pull offing corporations. learning kids and practising jurisprudence.

She writes. “We’ve been told that immature people have to travel to college because our economic system can’t absorb an ground forces of untrained eighteen-year-olds. ” ( pg. 39 ) . But. where did this info come from? Is this fact or sentiment? She goes on to state. “But disillusioned alumnuss are larning that it can no longer absorb an ground forces of trained twenty-two-year-olds.

either… . ” ( pg. 40 ) . The universe is traveling to ‘absorb’ these people whether they attend college or non. no affair what their age.

Isn’t it better that they are absorbed with some preparation and instruction that goes beyond the rudimentss of high school? I think so. I think a college instruction does make a better individual.With the exclusion of certain big leagues and Fieldss of survey such as jurisprudence or medical specialty. college does non needfully fix a individual for any career. College teaches an person to develop his or her ability to larn. The head is much like the musculuss of our organic structures ; it needs to be taxed in order to better. College offers the chance to develop survey accomplishments.

research the humanistic disciplines. faith. doctrine and scientific discipline. It causes people to analyze more closely that which they take at face value. Aren’t most Americans misled about the history of our state? Secondary school Teachs us to be loyal.

Black engagement in our history hardly receives an honest reference. Slavery is glossed over and romanticized. Merely the Americans who go to college of all time have an chance to take categories such as Western Civilization. Afro-american History and U. S. History. It is these Americans that learn the Civil War may hold been lost to the South if non for the Black engagement.

and their many finds made by Blacks. In college. we learn to inquiry that which we have learned. College can quicken an appetency for the truth.Bird negotiations about unidentified surveies that ridicule what college has done for alumnuss several old ages after completion. She quotes alumnuss as stating that college should hold “helped me to explicate the values and ends of my life.

” Have these people forgotten that they are independent? Don’t they realize that the raison d’etre of higher instruction is to supply chance? The old proverb applies ; you can take a Equus caballus to H2O. but you can’t do him imbibe ; good. you can inscribe a pupil in college but going educated is up to the person. What about those college alumnuss who are selling places and driving taxis. Are shoe gross revenues clerks and cab drivers less of import to the universe than bankers and physicians? The instruction received in college is a remedy for ignorance. It causes people to oppugn the universe. to develop their ain values and understand that there are many different positions on any given subject. These are desirable traits in people whether they are shoe gross revenues clerks or congressional representatives.

Ms. Bird obviously started to oppugn college after her ain college instruction. Possibly we do need to re-examine college. Rather than inquiry its necessity we should measure its intent. Far excessively many parents and high school pupils think college will be the reply to a successful calling. College’s existent or good intent is to supply the foundation for a successful life.Bird suggests that we look at college as more of a consumer merchandise.

She suggests we decide if college is right for us based on cost vs. value. future returns and continued dependence. Sing college in this mode is like sing matrimony as a concern agreement. This position lowers college to a degree shared by telecastings and cars. No consumer merchandise can better the cloth of a person’s character. College has that ability and does non belong on the shelf or in a dealer’s salesroom.

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