trial kit is perfect for your first experience in the world of natural and pure
skin care. This collection of all three of our products will last for
approximately two weeks and will give you the opportunity to dive into the
realm of Sedem Mannas.


Skin Cleanse Oil – nourishing and energizing potion 0.25oz / 7.39ml e

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Life – silky smooth active botanical serum 0.125oz/ 3.69mle

Serenity Crème – magical crème of botanical grace 0.16oz / 5mle



life and Storage:

opened, the shelf life is twelve (12) months. Proper storage and care of your
Sedem Mannas Skin products includes keeping it away from extreme temperature (cold
or hot) and keeping it out of direct sunlight. We use special pigmented glass that
is thicker and more durable than the standard glass; it is smell-proof, blocks
harmful UV light and is visually discreet. Furthermore, all of the jar lid
systems, the screw top and glass-on-glass lid, are completely airtight. Your
products are totally protected.

About us

Dreamy Symphony of Beauty.

These beautiful blends of botanical oils and butters will grace your
senses with a symphony of beauty.

Sedem Mannas set out to balance your skin so that you may have a
more effortless, harmonious relationship with the skin you are in. We created
these beautiful potions from deep within our hearts with the purest botanical

Sedem Mannas was created by Iliyana Ilieva. She gathered a small
collection of exquisite botanical pure skin care products that awaken, embrace
and adorn your sacred selves. . Iliyana grew up in a small town in Bulgaria not far from the Rose
Valley where Rose Otto essential oil is sourced. This unique essential oil is
used in our serum and crème. We also use Zdravets and Lavender essential oils,
which are sourced from Bulgaria, in all of our products.  This skin care is truly for plant lovers, for
minimalists, for purists. The natural and organic ingredients are sourced from
around the world. Each bottle is formulated, hand blended and lovingly poured
by Iliyana.

Our creations are organic, wild-crafted, raw, gluten free, GMO free
and animal friendly.

We make each product with care and attention. We want our customers to
fully understand what is in each product. Every ingredient is an active
ingredient. Our products are pure and potent without added fillers or diluters.

They do not contain any artificial colors, fragrances,
petrochemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PRGs, SLSs.


Native to Bulgaria is the zdravets plant.  Zdravets is praised for its skin rejuvenating
properties and its ability to reduce hyperpigmentation.  In fact, zdravets is the Bulgarian word for
health.  Zdravets essential oil is used
in all of our products and the leaf of the plant is our company’s signet.  Every zdravets leaf contains seven lobes or
protrusions and each of those represents a characteristic of our products.  All of this illustrates the first word of our
company’s name, Sedam, which is the Bulgarian word for seven.

Manna is said to be a gift of life from heaven.  Nourishing, natural, restorative and
pure.  To us manna does not simply refer
to physical food that your body requires, but to something much deeper.  An elixir that provides your body with all of
the essential components that are needed on a cellular level to make your skin
firm, nourished, healthy, rejuvenated, youthful, radiant and glowing!  This brings us to the second word of our
company’s name, Mannas, our artistic take on a plural version of manna.  We are dedicated to providing you with the purest
most natural and nourishing skin care products that can be created, Sedam

“My life completely changed as I became aware of all chemicals,
toxins and unnecessary additives in our daily products. I wanted to create products
that are pure and simple, that deliver the skin beautifying nutrition, balancing
minerals, nourishing fatty acids and brightening vitamins. Being kind to the
planet and yourself will only make you happier. I formulated my skin care line
with pure botanicals and healthy ingredients for your skin.

Less is more! I truly believe that keeping your skin care routine
simple yet effective is a key to balanced beautiful skin”.

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