The main purposeof this questionnaire survey is to collect and analyse the data gathered fromemployees with a business development function across all the company units. Takinginto account several factors (e.g.

object of the study, target group and typeof questions), the best approach would be to conduct an online survey. The choiceof a self-administered method, through an online questionnaire, is based onboth the characteristics of the population of interest and the nature ofinformation that are necessary to collect. Firstly, it would be easy to reachthe target group because employees have both an easy access and familiarity tointernet. Secondly, the information that needs to be collected, could beconsidered as sensitive data because the questions of the survey will be mainlyfocused on internal organizational and business issues. As a consequence, it isimportant to ensure that responses will be kept confidential.Furthermore, anonline survey is relatively easy to administer and analyse and it would bepossible to use a survey company that could design the questionnaire with arelatively low investment. The survey willbe sent to the professional e-mails accounts of the employees with a reminderto compile the questionnaire within a specif period of time setted by the firmor a mechanism to reach employees who have not completed the questionnaire. Nevertheless,the main problem with a self-administered approach is the lack of control overresponse.

As a consequence, it would be appropriate to develop a strategy inorder to maximise the response rate which should be around 80% of surveyedemployees. An useful strategy to increase the level of response is to producean adequate letter of presentation of the survey where the most relevant informationare provided in the most effective and appropriate way to adress the targetemployees. Therefore, it is essential to explain in a clear and concise way howto complete the online questionnaire.

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