The chemistry behind our biological processes is somethingthat has fascinated me for many years, which is why I decided to study Healthand Social Care. I enjoy the challenges that course presents and thepracticality of the subject.

Unit 22- Research methodology has improved myresearch analysis skills and has given me a greater understanding. I anticipatethat the knowledge I have learnt through studying this course will provide mewith skills that I can apply to my biochemistry course. The wonders ofbiochemistry have given me a specific interest into reading books like ‘Oxygen’by Nick Lane. This has provided a more detailed insight into biochemistry.

Ultimately,my desire to face the exciting challenge of studying biochemistry is based on acombination of the heartfelt need to improve the lives of others and a lifelongpassion for the tremendous complexity and ingenuity of the world we live in. Whilestudying Health and Social care in the City of Liverpool college I joined afirst aid course. I believe first aid is vital for my future career and gave mean insight of what working in the health sector will be reveal. Working in fastfood gave me an insight of skills I have required over the years that will helpperuse my future of career working in a hospital setting with the knowledge ofa biochemist. I have gained skills that consist of: maintaining ambitiousstandards of customer service during fast-paced operations, communicatingclearly and positively with colleagues and customers, building loyal businessthrough friendly interactions and consistent appreciation, took initiative tofind extra tasks when scheduled duties were completed.

Currently I volunteer atthe University of Aintree hospital, 12 hours a week for the past two years. Volunteeringprovides me an excellent opportunity to make new friends and work as part of ateam. Having the opportunity to work with doctors and being in the same vicinityeven thought I am not doing the actual work of their profession is somewhat ofthe experience of a lifetime.

The chance to really be with doctors and learningis exciting. It’s the insignificant things. It might seem like a trivial thingbut putting a simple smile on a patient face makes the patient. The patientmight be going through a challenging time whether it be the reason they arecurrently in the hospital or for other unknown reasons but the chance to makethem smile might be the exact thing to make their day or even week better. It’sjust the unimportant things in life that makes things better while volunteering.I have always wanted to work in a hospital setting; my parents have always beenterribly sick most of my life, and most of my time was spent looking after themand babysitting my younger siblings.

I would always miss a lot of social eventsand not have my friends when I was younger however I learned from this and surprisedmyself how fulfilling I found it looking after people. While spending time inhealth care settings I would always be amused by the knowledge the consultants,doctors, nurses and the other professions gave out. I inspired me to work inthis setting.

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