The story of Invisible is presented to the reader in four chapters, by voices of different narratorsspeaking in different periods of time from different narrative points of view. Thus the first chapter of the book iswritten – narrated by Adam Walker in the first person singular and past tense, covering the events from 1967starting from his meeting Born and Margot to the horrifying murder he witnessed. On the other side, the secondchapter of the book is much more complex than the first one. The time of its action is 2007, and it is narrated byJim, describing the events from the moment Adam had contacted him for the first time, to the moment when hesent him the second part of his book. The second chapter actually makes clear that the first chapter is the firstpart of the book that Adam Walker wrote and sent to his friend from college, named Spring. Besides Jim’s firstperson narrative, the chapter also contains the two letters written by Adam and the entire text of the second partof Adam’s novel, named Summer, which actually makes the bigger part of the chapter.Adam uses secondperson narration and historic present tense to describe the events of the summer of 1967 that he spent in NewYork sharing a flat with his sister and working in a library. Summer presents probably the strangest and the mostcompromising topics in the book talking about the specific features of Adam’s relation to his family after thetragic death of his brother, and also about his rather strange, passionate and incestuous relation with his sister,which had started to develop in 1961 and reached its climax in the summer of 1967. The third chapter consists ofthe continuation of Jim’s narration up to the point when he goes to meet Adam and finds about his death, theletter that Adam has left him and the third part of Adam’s book named Fall, consisting of brief, reportingsentences, written in third person singular and in present tense what gives the narration a feeling of permanentacceleration, with the events that seem directly connected one to another, without any unnecessary details. Thetext itself describes the events from the fall of 1967 from his arrival to Paris to the moment of his deportationback in the USA. Finally, the fourth chapter of the novel Invisible brings a sort of conclusion and calming downto the entire narration. It consists of two parts: Jim’s narration, a brief letter that Cecile wrote to him and a partfrom her diary describing her meeting Rudolf Born in 2002.

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